Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sleepy Trios

Three little girls snuggled together in bed last Tuesday morning:
Having all three of them sleeping in the same bed was what I had envisioned when we put the full sized bottom bunk bed in there. I did not, however, think of them all stuck together in a pile. They are supposed to each lay straight, with their heads each on a pillow side by side in a line. So the little girl reality here doesn't actually look very comfortable to me. But none of them seem to mind. Lily is the one squished in the middle there.
This picture above rarely happens. Usually it's just Lily in the bed, (though often she sneaks into our room onto the floor during the night). Natalie in usually on the floor in our room, too. The toddler bed thing wasn't working for either her. Sophi didn't use hers much either, she'll rotate sleeping on the floor in Hyrum and Wesley's room to Joseph and Eth's room. In Hy and Wes' room last Wednesday:
The toddler beds were just there taking up space, so I moved both of them out. Last night they made a "club" in their room in the area where their toddler beds use to be. I moved them out to make more room for play, so I guess this is good. They've got their clothes hung up above them for today. Cute.
On Sunday before I got Owen out of bed to get ready, I snapped a picture of him with his Dad. And do you see another little profile in the bed there?
Owen has been waking up at night the past while and will cry and cry and scream bloody murder at the top of his lungs until we get him out, which led to this other sleepy trio pic after Corey got him Saturday night. Now Corey's baby boy trapped!
Owen will fall back to sleep in our bed or on the floor if we lay there with him. I lay on the floor with him last night. When he first woke up I was nursing Daniel so I couldn't get him, and then he started screaming sooo loud I was worried Daniel would wake up. I finally got away from D to help O, but I was worried Daniel would wake up and start moving around - he's become a real mover this past week, so I have to try to keep him fenced in on the bed with pillows and blankets guarding the edge or he'll fall off. That just happened once this week, but I'm still not good at remembering to guard him in there, he had two very close calls yesterday!

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