Friday, May 19, 2017

Bye Baby Birds

We had a little lesson on life and death today. So, I went out to check on the birds this morning. They are super cute. I wanted to bring one in just for fun. But he didn't want to be held. The one that flies away is Elliot. He flew away from me, the parents were diving towards him chirping, I thought they might attack me. Elliot tried to fly and went under the kid's slide and got across the lawn before I got him. "Okay! Sorry, sorry! I'll put you back!" And then I picked up Douglas, he's the nice bird that doesn't seem to mind us holding him. So as I held Douglas, I decided to move the nest. They've been on the north side of the tree, so we can't see them from inside the house. I thought it would be fun to see the parents coming down to them, so I moved the nest to the west side of the tree trunk. Elliot didn't like me moving it and flew into the bushes. Douglas sat there sweetly. I couldn't see where Elliot was so I left him there as I went inside to finish getting kids out the door. About a half house later, a guy came to fertilize the lawn. Usually they ask if there are any animals in the back yard but he didn't this time, and I forgot to think about the birds. Anyway, I saw him back there pulling the hose around to the far lawn and then I was like "Ah! The birds!" I ran out and grabbed Douglas, who was still there. As the guy pulled the hose, it dragged along the tree trunk right where the nest was before I moved it. Wow! I was inspired! I had been thinking to move it all week so we could see them, I was glad that I did it before the hose could get them. Then I tried to find Elliot - I didn't want the fertilizer fumes to get him. Tess came over to get Wesley - they had late start today, and she helped me find Elliot. I brought both of the birds inside and showed them to Natalie and Owen. They are sweet sweet little guys. So I felt glad I saved them from the hose. After the fertilzer guy left, I put them back out.

Probably 20 minutes later, I was at the sink and looked out the window at the nest... and couldn't see them. Hmm. I went outside, they were gone. I thought that maybe they didn't like the new location and had flapped their way over to the bush. And they are near impossible to see, so I looked for a few minutes but couldn't see them, so I went back inside. I just went along with the morning, but still watched for the parent birds to see if they gave a clue as to where the babies were. I went outside to empty the garbage, checked on the guinea pigs, kept my eyes open for any little birds hiding, and then as I walked back towards the house, I happened up on the body of a little decapitated bird. Ohhh! Oh no!! I was so sad. I had seen the neighbors cat in our backyard earlier this morning and chased it out a few times. Darn it, he got the baby birds!!! Man! I questioned heaven with a frustrated heart "Well, what was the point of all that?!?" They had been doing so good and made it through the cold nights, almost ready to fly! Only to come so close and just get eaten by the cat?!?! Boo! I spent the next 20 minutes walking around the back yard with Owen, looking for the other dead bird. I was pretty sure the cat would have been able to get both of them, and I didn't want the kids to find the dead body, so we walked back and forth and back and forth across the lawn and dirt. I didn't find the other bird body. I was so sad though, I had just had them safe in my hands, I wish I would have brought them inside!! Regret, what ifs, and if only's began to fill my thoughts. Along with thoughts of "why do I care? They're just birds, it's just nature taking it's course. We feel an interest cause we just happened to stumble upon them, but it's happening all over the place. Cats eat birds!" (We don't like cats today). I kept watching the back yard, hoping beyond hope that maybe the other bird was alive. Then, I noticed two parent birds flying down behind one of the trees in the back yard. Hope! I hurried out to see if I could see anything, and THERE HE WAS!! Bird #2 was alive! He was sitting on a pile of leaves tucked between the fence and a tree trunk, looking up at me with a "you have no idea what I've been through" look on his little bird face. Hooray!! But the cats prowl along the fence there on the property line, little birdy, you are not safe, no one is! What do we do? I tried to put a big rock on either side of the trunk thinking that might keep him safe from the paw of a cat. But no, the cat could get in there I bet. So I reached down and grabbed the little bird. I began to walk toward the house, planning to let him hide in the bushes where he was so well hidden earlier this morning, when swoosh, the little guy took flight right out of my hand! He flew! He got enough height to perch himself right up onto a low branch of the pine trees, yay!! He's up in the tree! He's safe! Up and away from the cat, he's gonna make it!
He looked so proud of himself, don't you think?
A little while later I came out to see if he was still there, and he was. I was happy to get a few more pictures. Now he's flown away and he's on his own. And if a cat gets him we'll never know.
Good luck with your life little bird! The sadness and loss I felt for the little dead bird was quickly turned to joy for the one that made it. It made me think of heaven and life. A scripture in LDS scriptures says in D&C 18:15 - "And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!" I did feel joy when he flew up out of my hand into the tree. We'll have a funeral tomorrow for Douglas. I'm guessing it was Elliot that survived, he seemed more like a "I'm outta here" fighter, Douglas was too nice and would just sit there when we'd hold him. Sweet little birds, two different paths. One gets to stick around here in mortality for a while longer, the other is up flying with the angels. We are grateful we got to spend a few days watching both of you grow. Goodbye little baby birds!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring Snow

Last night we had an inch or two of snow.  I woke up at 4 am and saw the snow out on the balcony and just laid there awake worrying about the birds! Now it's 8 pm and it's snowing again...
This morning I hurried out to check on the chicks after it started to get light and was relieved to see that the snow didn't collect under near the trunk, so they were safe, phew! Lily checked on them before school and begged to bring them in. "They look really cold!" Sweetie, there are lots of birds outside in this temperature, they'll be fine. Baby birds have special feathers to keep them warm (I'm googling and learning a lot about finches at the moment.) It was also good to see lots of bird droppings around them, made me know they are being taken care of.
That's a picture we took of them this afternoon, they are so cute!!! Mel couldn't resist picking one up. He didn't like it very much and flapped his wings and went fluttering across the ground trying to get away from her. That's just what you're supposed to do, little finch. Good job. She caught him and gave his feet a bit of warmth for a minute as she admired his cuteness.
We've decided they are both boys, and we've named them Douglas and Elliot. But we can't tell them apart.
And now I've been calling Daniel my baby bird. He's got the same look in his eyes as the birds, a lot of "Be gentle with me, I've got no defenses! I'm totally helpless here!" 
They just wait, trusting that food and help will come. But, Daniel, I'm glad you don't have to sleep outside on the ground overnight.  
Daniel eating the knob on a chair for nourishment? These baby humans would never survive in the wild. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bird Watching

So, on Sunday evening we had family over for dinner. We were eating outside, and as we went in and out from the back door, I heard a bird chirping. We have a little vent opening out there that goes to the bathroom on the main floor. We've had birds there before we all assumed that is where the chirping was coming from. Fun! We have a nest in our house! Then a little bit later, I was in the basement getting some chairs, and heard the sound louder. Odd... then I learned that the chirping was not coming from the vent, but from the basementwindow sill. We looked down but couldn't see where the bird was, so I went down and opened the basement window and then was able to see the little bird hiding under a leaf. Tiny bird, still with it's down feathers on it's head and wing feathers growing out. We thought it must have fallen from the vent down into the window. We searched for a worm to feed it, the kids went to google to search how to rescue/feed/etc a bird. And I got the ladder so we could try to maybe put it back (after everyone got a turn holding it). 
Pretty exciting! Real nature right in our backyard! So I put the bird up in the vent. It didn't look like there was a new nest up there, but I could tell there had been one there... but it didn't look fresh... maybe the nest is further back? So I glued some cardboard over the bottom of the hole to hold the bird in a little better and we hoped it would hop back home. We kept the ladder out so we could check on the bird later and in the morning to see if it was okay. Then, like right after we put it up in the vent. Ethan was walking by one of our trees close by the kitchen window and noticed something fall to the ground. He was very surprised to find another little gray bird. It was alive and fine, and the kids said it was exactly alike the first one! They got the first one out of vent. I eventually came to take a peek. Yup, those two do look identical. About that time, Melodie came back to report her internet research findings. She said we shouldn't try to feed it anything, some worms can be poisonous. She also said sometimes the birds jump out of their nest as they practice flying, and they just hop around on the ground while the parents watch. Maybe the first bird hopped over to the window from this tree? Okay... well so what do we do now? We put them down on the ground and watched where they went. They ended up snuggling together by the trunk of the tree where the second one dropped from. We just decided to leave them there for the night, with a prayer that the neighbor's cats won't get them!

Yesterday morning we all went out to check on the birds. They were still by the tree, hooray! They were very camoflauged. You can see one pretty clearly and the other one is there in front and to the right a little bit.
Ok, well, I guess we'll just leave them there and pray for the best. I couldn't reach the nest with the ladder anyway. There's not much we can do but let nature take its' course. After the kids left for school, I sat by the kitchen nook and bird watched the morning away. I noticed a few birds flying around the tree. They all looked the same, I got my camera and caught a few pics of one of the birds:
We've decided we think the baby birds belong to the small red finch class. There were three of these finches flying around the tree this morning. I watched as one bird perched on the branch and kept an eye out while the other went down to the babies, and then sometimes two of them were chasing each other away. I'm hoping the babies really are both from the same nest, I'd feel horrible bad if I put babies from two sets of parents together and the tougher/meaner parent won't let the other parent near their baby bird! 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

I have had a nice Mother's Day. It started off with Daniel waking me up a lot at night, which is unusual for him. I think it's cause his nose was stuffy and he had a hard time breathing. Around 4:30 a.m. he was fully awake so I cleaned out his nose and we went downstairs where he could sit on the floor with toys and I could try to rest on the couch. I spent the next hour and a half being almost asleep and then Daniel would cry so I'd go adjust him or put his toys closer. Around 6:00 I said "Daniel! You're supposed to be nice to me today! It's Mother's Day!" to which I imagined I heard him reply "Dear Mother, this is what Motherhood day is all about! Being tired and up during the night with me! I thought this was the most appropriate way to honor you." "Well, ok, you're right. Thank you my sweet baby." So that was when I gave up on sleep and we went and took a bath. Then I got the kids up and ready and we left to church on time (on time =15 minutes before it starts). Corey woke up and tried to wake up Ethan and Joseph "Come on you two! Let's try to beat the lady with 9 kids today..." Ha! I won again! But I was glad Corey was still home cause I forgot Daneil's bottle and was able to call him for help. At church Corey was a good mother to Owen during class time. Lots of our friends walked by the nursery and saw this as they peeked in. and I'm not the only one who snapped a picture. Pretty cute. Corey joked that he was in deep meditation.
Daniel was awake most of the time at church so he was ready for a nap when he got home. Wesley begged to hold him as he sadly told me "Daniel's never fallen asleep on me!" Daniel snuggled right up to his neck <3 p="">
Then his eyes slowly glazed over and soon he was doing long blinks and Wesley rocked him in the chair and he was out.
Corey's family came over for a potluck BBQ dinner at 5. We enjoyed food and visiting and presented her with family photo session with all of us in 2 weeks on June 1st. Yay! Also, as we were all outside we heard a bird chirping and finally found a baby bird in our basement window sill. It didn't look hurt at all, so we're not sure what to do, but I decided I don't really want to be involved (see my previous experience with a lost baby bird). So we'll see where that leads tomorrow. I called my mom kinda late tonight and wished her a happy mother's day and we visited for a while. She is rock solid/salt of the earth, I love her. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Quick Hike

Abi really wanted to do something today again, ugh! What's up with this need she has to leave the house and do stuff!?! (j/k) I'm sure I used to enjoy doing stuff myself once upon a former life, but I've suppressed those things for my sanity's sake. If I still wanted to leave the house everyday, I'd probably go nuts cause it's such a hurdle to leave with the little ones in tow, and then I'd just get depressed and curl up in a ball and hide in the closet. But, on Saturday night, after Corey and I got back from our dinner date, it was still light outside and the kids were still happy watching their date night movie and Daniel was asleep with Melodie, so I snuck over to Abi and whispered "Do you still want to go on a hike? Let's go!" And we snuck out the basement door to throw any kids that were following (cause I didn't want to hike with toddlers) and phew we made it out! Off we went for a 2 minute drive and we started up the trail at 8:09. Selfie!
It took us 20 minutes to get up to the lake. We watched the sun set and took some photos for about 10 minutes.
The purple mountains majesty matched the purple of Abi's jacket. What a lovely area, we live in a beautiful place.
Then we hustled back to the car and got there before 9 just as it was getting dark. We made it back without having to use our flashlight, love these (almost) summer evenings. Yes, Abi, I love hiking, I love the mountains, and we'll try to get out a lot more this summer, I promise (but I have no idea how my dear mother had the strength to take us camping so often when I was a kid!)
Last month a friend posted on facebook about how the: "Second annual ladies backpacking trip was a blast! We had a fabulous time completing a 25 mile three day trip through the upper part of the Grand Gulch in Bears Ears National Monument. Lots of cool Anasazi dwellings, rock art, and artifacts along with some beautiful scenery. So glad to have great friends to share these experiences with!" And I saw all these friends from my neighborhood and I was like "Hey! one invited me?" (sad) Sure, I know I wouldn't have been able to make it work to go along anyway, but still! I felt like the sad dog in this farside comic...
And what does that say? Second annual!?! That means no one invited me last summer either! Yes, I was pregnant with Daniel at the time, but boo hoo for me, so sad. I'm one left out mama. I want to hike the Grand Gulch. :(
I'm sure that in another life I was an avid hiker and knew this lovely state of Utah and her mountains front and back. And I know that, if I really did have to choose, I'd definitely choose Daniel over doing 3 day hikes with friends. So, no pity party Tiff, you're doing what you want to be doing. Not to mention that I also know that a lot of these wonderful friends would have loved to have more children but haven't been able to. I'm super lucky and blessed to have what I've been given. They are all great friends and great moms and I'm so lucky to be raising my family in an area where they and their great kids influence my family. I love being a mother. As a high school friend Alisa said on facebook tonight (beating the Mother's day rush tomorrow) "'s the most rewarding job there is.... and I would not be complete without it." Motherhood is my mission! I would not be complete without it. I know someday I won't have a baby to nurse (though the thought of that could make me cry since having a baby in arms is almost all I can remember now!) :'( But life will go on and as I get old and can't bear children anymore, I have big goals to stay active and fit to keep up with you kids. And we'll go on lots of great hikes like we did today, Abi, I promise. But for now, let's head back home and kiss Daniel!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

What a Mess

Ugh, the mess in my house has been pretty constant these past few weeks. Sure, the main floor will get a breath of fresh air on occasion. It got decently picked up when Ethan had friends over last weekend. But usually it's just, ugh. And upstairs, the bedrooms are always messy, the clean laundry I wash is never folded and put away by anyone, despite my instructions. Hy and Wes' room.
Girl's room... It is never clean (Doh, is this just an example of the power of words? How my saying "It is never clean" then curses it to never be clean?" Ok, I need to work on the power of my words...)
I didn't take a picture of Ethan and Joseph's room cause I picked it up a bit last night. Don't worry, it won't take them long to hurricane it up again. We need help. So, this morning, I left the bedrooms and laundry upstairs, it's been that way for a month, it'll be that way a little or a lot longer. I went downstairs. Time to face the mess that I knew was there waiting for me (cause I walked away from most of it last night.) Yup there it is:
A plate of left over french toast that someone enjoyed as a late dinner. This was Ethan, cause I saw him eating the french toast. But we had orange chicken for dinner, evidenced by the 8 bowls of uneaten rice left scatter across the kitchen counter tops. so the french toast must have been his dessert.
And here's the bowl he mixed their eggs and milk in, still left out by the stovetop... I walk away from messes in the bedrooms, I walked away from this kitchen mess last night... I guess the kids are following my example cause it appears that we all just walk away from messes? The messy find that really got me was this:
I found this plate on top of the microwave. That is where we put treats we want to keep safe or share with everyone. This is a plate with a raw egg scrambled and now dried and stuck onto it, safely tucked away. All I could do was sigh and shake my head as I tried to fathom WHY? Why do they go out of their ways to make messes? AND make the messes hard to clean up? What is the point of this waste? I ask you! AHHH! I simply do not understand the complete lack of logic that led to this. Please, my CHILDREN! (Ethan I'm guessing this was you since you were the last one I knew to be using eggs last night for your french toast) I have enough messes from the 5 and under group, (cue Owen)
This little guy is still figuring things out. That is why, when he eats an apple, he takes a bite, chews it up, and spits it out all over the floor... 
I can deal with that, I expect that from the one year old. And I do appreciate your guys' help cleaning up after the little kids. But I beg of you, please, I don't need my teenagers to be contributing needlessly to the mess in this house! I need you to HELP! Do you see this kitchen?!?! Lets get a wide angle view~ 
Do you see that sink? The kitchen sink and it's plethora of dirty cups which are mass produced by lots of little kids and their little sips of water?
Oh, I'm still thirsty (grab another cup~ ) Better. No, still thirsty. (grab another clean cup, repeat x100) My goodness. And I found this surprise in the basement, since everyone follows the "no food out of the kitchen" rule so well. A crumbled poppy seed muffin in the bottom half of the baby's little tikes cow toy. Nice. (Lily!)
I need help. sigh. smh.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sleepy Trios

Three little girls snuggled together in bed last Tuesday morning:
Having all three of them sleeping in the same bed was what I had envisioned when we put the full sized bottom bunk bed in there. I did not, however, think of them all stuck together in a pile. They are supposed to each lay straight, with their heads each on a pillow side by side in a line. So the little girl reality here doesn't actually look very comfortable to me. But none of them seem to mind. Lily is the one squished in the middle there.
This picture above rarely happens. Usually it's just Lily in the bed, (though often she sneaks into our room onto the floor during the night). Natalie in usually on the floor in our room, too. The toddler bed thing wasn't working for either her. Sophi didn't use hers much either, she'll rotate sleeping on the floor in Hyrum and Wesley's room to Joseph and Eth's room. In Hy and Wes' room last Wednesday:
The toddler beds were just there taking up space, so I moved both of them out. Last night they made a "club" in their room in the area where their toddler beds use to be. I moved them out to make more room for play, so I guess this is good. They've got their clothes hung up above them for today. Cute.
On Sunday before I got Owen out of bed to get ready, I snapped a picture of him with his Dad. And do you see another little profile in the bed there?
Owen has been waking up at night the past while and will cry and cry and scream bloody murder at the top of his lungs until we get him out, which led to this other sleepy trio pic after Corey got him Saturday night. Now Corey's baby boy trapped!
Owen will fall back to sleep in our bed or on the floor if we lay there with him. I lay on the floor with him last night. When he first woke up I was nursing Daniel so I couldn't get him, and then he started screaming sooo loud I was worried Daniel would wake up. I finally got away from D to help O, but I was worried Daniel would wake up and start moving around - he's become a real mover this past week, so I have to try to keep him fenced in on the bed with pillows and blankets guarding the edge or he'll fall off. That just happened once this week, but I'm still not good at remembering to guard him in there, he had two very close calls yesterday!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Keep the Faith

I really should start up my personal journal again. I don't really feel like I should share all my thoughts here, yet I still want to keep track of how the story of our life is playing out and the struggles we're trying to overcome. And most of the time when I learn of the struggles that other people face, I would choose ours over theirs. So, I shall strive to be grateful for these growing experiences and will also say that today could have been a really bad day had I turned to carbs or treats for my stress relief, ha! Didn't let the Sugar Dragon get me, good job self. But it's been a little bit of a "Stay calm" vs. "Oh-please-Lord-this-looks-really-big/bad/scary-I-don't-know-how-we're-gonna-make-it-through!!!" kind of day. Corey is in Seattle this week for his consulting gig/job. We talked on the phone last night, which led to me committing to a plant fast again today - A "plant fast" is my version of fasting right now in hopes of not loosing my milk (cause I love nursing my baby!) I might be fasting for a few days just eating plants (fruit, veggies, nuts) which has a bonus in that it helps my Healthy Habits challenge! So, a few thoughts: from Ann Voskamp "Worry is the facade of taking action. Prayer actually is." So I've been praying. And listening to lots of "You're gonna make it!" devotional talks (cue Elder Holland) ...I still need to get to the one that this quote below is taken from, "Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders Among You"
This morning at 6:30 I started with this great talk by Elder Holland in 1999 "A High Priest of Good Things To Come". I listened to it while I went for a morning walk. It made me cry a few times.

Followed by Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence" by Elder Holland around 9 as I was cleaning up around the house.

I've always loved his insights as he questioned why the crossing of the Red Sea is the example the Lord used for "the spirit of revelation" in Doctrine and Covenants 8:2-3 (in talk at minute 20:20) And a new insight that came to me this time... yes, the adversary does how power to hedge up the way, but he can't conquer if we will it otherwise.

And I finished off this morning with a byu devotional by Matthew Richardson around lunch time. I liked the "you gotta believe story" experience he had with Elder Holland starting 24:40. There seems to be a common theme here... hey, I should go talk to Elder Holland too! :) I'm sure I'll listen to several other talks before the day is over or will probably re-listen to those three all over again. Elder Holland's "Cast Not Away" talk is my go to talk when I need my faith shored up. But remember "Hang in there" is not a principle of the gospel. We are to come unto Christ. I'm grateful for that insight that was shared by Kevin W. Pearson "Stay By The Tree" Everyday, everyday, everyday!

4 pm - listening to Elder Evan Schmutz - God Shall Wipe Away All Tears
5 pm - Elder Holland again "Tomorrow the Lord Will Work Wonders Among You"

Saturday, May 6, 2017


So today Hyrum discovered an app (via Studio C's Instagram page) so he downloaded it and started taking pictures and now we've all been laughing so hard... it makes you look old or young and gives you a toothy smile, it's so funny. Let's start with Hyrum since he took his own picture first:
So the top right is the original, and the rest of the collage is toothy grin, old person, girl or guy features. Some of them are really funny, others are a bit disturbing, such as Owen's below.
Freaky, right? We couldn't bring ourselves to do a collage of Daniel, but it would probably be similar to that old 8 mo old pic of Owen, like some psycho chucky doll. Aside from the occassional disturbing photo, they're mostly crowd pleasers. So here are the rest of the pictures: Wesley
Natalie's grandma and toothy picture really made us laugh!
Corey ~ This one made us all laugh. Corey said after looking at the old man picture: "Yep, that's exactly how I feel..." followed by "Are you sure that was even with a filter?" Lol
And here's mine. I think I'm going to have to cut my hair off when I get older... I think long hair on me would be a bit too witch - like on me as a grandma...
And Joseph. Corey said that Joseph's girl pic looks like a girl that hasn't been going to seminary.
Joseph was shaking his head at how the tooth picture made his teeth look so crooked. Get that app some orthodontic work! Anyway, we've all be laughing and having fun, pretty silly.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sugar Dragon

So, I've been doing the little healthy habits facebook challenge thing with my friends during April. I've been doing really well and have been in the zone most of the time these past 4 weeks. I'm happy to say I made it out of the 140s! I haven't been here since after Sophi was born. I guess I was doing so well that I thought I'd be okay taking a little break this morning....

So last night I went to a bridal shower. I didn't eat any of their treats (cause it was after 7pm) but the lovely hostess sent me home with goodies. Then this morning didn't go as planned, and I wasn't able to exercise before the school rush, as I sat down to take a breather after it was over I thought I'd take a little comfort and relax as I enjoyed one or two of the cookies. And oh, they were so good - chocolate chip coconut walnut cookies and they were just the right chewy texture, they were so good, the perfect cookie. And then then I thought they were just small as far as cookies go, I could probably eat two and count it as one serving.... so I didn't just have one, I had two, then three, then 4. Ok Tiff, that's all. Stop. But she gave me a chocolate frosted brownie too... so I should probably just get rid of it now while I can - it's only minus 3 points so far... but before I knew it I was in a full on free fall eating a ton of junk. My Sugar Dragon had been awoken and was in full fury. (Sugar Dragon is from Whole30 lingo) I was eating treats in my kid stash that I had been easily resisting for weeks. I ate chocolate muffins and KitKats and rice krispie treats, I knew I'd lost control (someone stop me!) and was loosing respect for myself.
About that time I also happened to notice that I was in SUCH a bad mood! I was mad and irritated and didn't want to talk to kids and just wanted to be left alone. I still hadn't exercised but thought I could redeem it with a jog outside but I couldn't get away. I ended up just doing a 15 minute walk on the treadmill, that was all I could get in. I have -17 for the day (yikes) but was able to get my water drinking up so I'll report 20 tomorrow, but it was not pretty. I don't like feeling like I did today, especially when I can compare it with last week: I felt amazing last Fri - Sun after I OD'd on lettuce and tomatoes for 2 days as I fasted with my family (I fasted by eating only vegetables for 2 days, as I tried to fast but also attempted to not loosing my milk yet, although I can feel the time drawing near...) The difference in how I feel is very tangible. I am not going to let that sugar dragon come out of it's cage again for the rest of the month. My tastebuds think they love it, but I need to say no. I just don't like how I feel.
So, that is my take away from my bad sugar experience today. I can't trust myself to just take one bite and since I don't like the person it makes me become after I eat 100+ bites, I think this is where we are going to part ways. So long Sugar Dragon! You gotta stay in your dungeon.

One other thing, I went over to my parent's house for a blessing today. We all fasted for Corey and his work last week and also for my brother in law who is looking for a job too. My mom asked if Corey has had a blessing lately. I said yes, I believe he has been getting them regularly from his father. Then I thought "But I haven't had a blessing in a while, I could us a little boost..." So I went over there at 6 tonight and my Dad gave me a blessing. I'm not sure when was the last time I had one, but it was nice. This is all giving us experience, it will be okay. :) And I also made verbal plans to go up to Idaho with my mom and dad on August 21st to see the Solar Eclipse. Aug 21st is a Monday and will be the first day of school for the kids at Skyline and Churchill, but this Solar eclipse is a once in a lifetime opportunity! So I might let the kids that want to miss it sluff school and come up to Idaho with me and the elementary kids (Abi, Lil, and Sophi don't start until Wed the 23rd) It's going to be really cool! We're excited.
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