Saturday, December 9, 2017

GMS Woodwinds Recital

We didn't go out on a date last night because there was a neighborhood Christmas party at the church. I'll post that later, I need to get a few pictures off of Corey's phone. But since we missed last night we went out tonight. And it worked out nicely because Corey and I were able to go see Mel perform in a recital and it was very nice. Here is her performance ~

And here is a group picture of all the students that performed.
Afterwards we took Melodie out for her birthday dinner date. Her birthday is on Tuesday, seventeen years old. Crazy. We went out at Chuck a Rama. We decided it's not the best place for conversation on a date, since you keep getting up at different times and going back to the buffet. I ate beets, which I don't think I've eaten since forever ago when I was a kid and would totally gag on them. I'm learning how to eat my vegetables! I also allowed myself to enjoy a bit of the German Chocolate cake - I let myself have cake on birthdays. So I had it today and will skip it on Tuesday.
Mel's not coming to Chuck a Rama for any dates with boys, but she didn't mind the buffet interruptions or eating too much in front of us. So that was a nice date. She's almost 17! Three more years and she'll be TWENTY!!! And we all know how fast 3 years go by, get ready Mel, the fast train of live is coming for you. You better start a blog or make sure you're keeping things written in your journal, or you're gonna wake up in 40 years and not know what happened to you!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Lily at the Wax Museum

Today was an important day for Lily - the 3rd grade "Wax Museum!" Last night I put Lily's hair in small tight sponge rollers to make it short, just like Amelia's. Abi and Sophi wanted curlers in their hair too, so that was fun playing salon with my girls. This morning I was excited to help Lily get up and ready for her big day. First thing - take out the curlers!
We were all laughing so hard. I remember putting these kind of curlers in my hair when I was a kid. And my hair would look just like Lily's. She was a really good sport about it. I used to be so embarrassed of what my friends would think, I probably would have cried if I looked like this - just so crazy different. Her hair felt like sheep wool! But little Lily has Joseph and Wesley's confidence and she jsut laughed with us.
After breakfast we put on Lily's cap, with some curl coming out from under her pilot cap to give it just the right touch.
I helped her know to stand with one knee bent so she wouldn't faint or anything - this is gonna test the endurance of this little 8 year old! We arrived at the school early and were ready to be some of the first people to see the "statues". Corey worked from home today and came with us, Corey's parents were there too
With 4 of us adults taking pictures, this important day in Lily's life is sure to be amply recorded for her posterity.
Hey, statue! No smiling!
She was a cute little Amelia. She borrowed the jacket and cap from one of the recess ladies, her teacher let her use the scarf, the goggles were from Corey's dad, the boots were recently given to us from a neighbor as hand me downs, and Abi and I found those pants at Kid to Kid and thought they looked perfect, and they did fit her perfectly! It all came together very nicely
Lily striking a pose again after a wiggle break.
Corey visited with his parents for a bit after we had finished going through the line, and I tried to keep these kiddo under control even though they were bouncing balls into the kitchen and bugging the cafeteria workers!
They are funny kids. Parent tip for control - you gotta keep moving, cause if you stop, they won't, and it might get crazy if you don't have them in a contained space.
Daniel rolled one fo his little balls under the fridge. I didn't get it out, and didn't see the cafeteria workers at that that time, so I just left it. Someone will find it eventually. So that was the big Wax Museum. Lily was excited and it was everything she had hoped. And now it's Friday and we survived another week of school, hooray, it's the weekend! We have a Christmas party at the church tonight, I'm sure I'll take some pictures there that I can share tomorrow. December is already wizzing by, it's gonna be Christmas before we know it.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Decoration Distractions

The kids have continued to get out Christmas decorations. Abi recently put a big sconce thing on the dining table that has a lot of plastic ornaments in it. Daniel and Owen love to get the ornaments off the tree and throw them around like bouncy balls, so the big sconce is just a big temptation. Owen was getting on the table this morning to get ornaments and throw them. "No, Owen..." and he'd look at me and smile and reach for another one. So, I took it off the table up high where he couldn't get it, and he started to fuss for it. I then thought a good distraction for him and his little friend. One that I wouldn't mind as much as ornatments all over the floor: easter eggs! So now instead of a sconce with ornaments, we have trick or treat pails full of easter eggs for Owen and Daniel to play with.
Natalie is liking it too. We're having a big holiday mix-up around here!
A neighbor recently gave these to us. She was getting rid of them and remembered how much Natalie was admiring her daughters pink pumpkin bucket this past Halloween. Very thoughtful of her. So that's what the kids have been playing with today. Eggs all over in every room.
The house is a mess, but that's okay. December is a beast all it's own and I'm not fretting about being on top of the housework until the tree and all it's clutter is put back away. I'll probably put it away on December 26 or 27th. Does that make me a scrooge? I need to try a little harder to get into the Christmas spirit.

What else? One more thing - last night Corey shared this 60 minutes video with me and the kids, about a man from South Africa named Brett Archibald who fell overboard during the night when he was sea sick and he was lost at sea for 28 hours before being rescued. Corey's story for the kids was about how he faced the things that were obstacles to him. First a reef shark showed up and was checking him out. His first reaction was one of fear, but then he thought - "A reef shark! It's going to swim back toward a reef! I'm gonna grab him and ride him back to the reef where I will be able to stand up and wave for help!" As it was though, he was just a small head bobbing in the ocean that no one could see. As he was floating on his back later, some seagulls came upon him and started going after his eyes. At first he was just trying to fend them off, then he decided to go on the attack - I'm gonna catch one and I can drink it's blood for food. So, Corey's story for the kids was - when problems come at attack us, don't hide from them, but try to be like Brett and think of how you can use those problems to survive. (Though not sure how to face jelly fish?) Great interview here - Part 1 and Part 2 - "We all worry about the wrong things. Friends, family and faith - that's all that matters." Incredible story.

It goes along nicely with some things I learned during the courage challenge about fear. Holly had a little acronym that I liked - Fear can mean two things: Forget Everything And Run! ...or... Face Everything And Rise. And one more talk about fear was this BYU devotional talk given by BYU President Worthen in September titled "Fear Not". It was excellent! I especially liked the story about Sheri Dew and trying out for the basketball team - under point #3.

Of course, might not be the best analogy for us (business wise) cause neither of those plans worked out for Brett anyway, doh! And he was like an hour from death (from salt water and swollen tongue). It really was a miracle he survived. It will be a miracle when we get out from under the weight of this business burden. Though it was very appropriate that last night we were talking about seagulls and it was just one year, again on December 6, after we discovered the BLR Yoda Seagulls video. Now when I think of Seagulls poking at yoda's head, I'll think of this guy.  Darn seagulls, stop it!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Vegan 2017 - The Film

I'm in the zone with diet and weight this week. It feels really good to feel like I'm living according to my own standards, how I wish and want to live but sometimes it's just hard. And on those days that it's hard to resist treats or "normal food" as my kids call it, I kinda beat myself up with negative self-talk in my head. I watched this video on Monday, got me super inspired to eating right. I was this girl last year after Daniel was born. If I was her right now I'd just be 2 months away from the end of my goal. I'm not going to join any competition, but I do have a goal to be that lean and defined. She's inspired me that I can do it. I watched a lot of her other videos on Youtube - she says it's 90% diet, 10% exercise. And of that 10% exercise, it's 7% weights and 3% cardio. I can do that! I'm in the zone with diet, so I can do this! Just watched this video. Good stuff! Go Vegan!

Hmm, curious... my post last Wednesday was on Vegan stuff too. The week before that I shared vegan stuff it was on a Tuesday, I seem to get on this soapbox every week - maybe I'll try to save any Plant-based preaching for Wednesday and limit myself to one soap-box post a week. We'll it "Vegan Vednesday" - say it like Dracula. We'll try to turn him into a vegan too

Monday, December 4, 2017


It snowed this morning, the first snow of the season. I saw the snow forecast on my phone last night and was worried that we'd get totally dumped on, which would be sad for me because we don't have a snowblower at the moment. And the kids are always running late, which means they would be busy trying to get out the door and would not have time to help me shovel. Thankfully it wasn't very deep, just an inch. So I shoveled the driveway by myself at 6:30 before Joseph left. It's late start Monday, but the seminary had a morning side with Al Fox that he went to. Then it snowed another half an inch before the rest of the kids left at 8. So I got to shovel the whole thing again. Abi was nice and came out and helped me that time. So we're breaking out the snow boots and snow pants and gloves and hats and coats and scarves and etc etc! Where to store all the winter clothing, that is the dilema of the day. As we got the winter stuff out of storage, I found two little mittens that I got for Owen last year and we put them on little Daniel! And he thinks they are super fun! He's been walking around the house clapping and grabbing things and opening and closing his fist, super cute!!!
He makes us laugh! Oh it's fun having these little people in our life. I love it. He was busy toddling around and being goofy until the television turned him into a trance.
Ok, time to turn this tv off and go eat dinner. (We love you Daniel!)

Saturday, December 2, 2017

2nd of December 1998

Today is December 2nd! And not a year goes by without me remembering December 2nd and what happened on this day. Here is a picture of the moment I had dreamed of for over 3 1/2 years...
Although for the first 3 years of that three and a half years I didn't know the day would be December 2nd. I just knew it was going to be a loooong time. So, you see, Many years ago, 1995 to be precise, a boy named Corey and a girl named Tiffanie were very much in love. But they were young, and Corey had a priesthood responsibility to fulfill. Back then, young men served missions at 19 years old, not at 18 like today. So he turned in his papers to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Here he is after he was "set apart" as a missionary. aka - no more girl hugs! Thus the "at an arms distance" picture.
In July of 1995 he left for the Missionary Training Center (MTC). "Back then" your family and freinds could enter the MTC with you. I got to go with Corey and help him with his luggage.
And two months after that he was on his way to Santiago Chile. "Back then" your friends and family could go into the airport and walk right up to the gate to bid you farewell.
And here I am taking a picture with Corey's family. The picture above and the one below were the final pictures that I kept in my photo album and looked at, longingly for 3 years, trying to remember that moment from so long ago.
So with Corey, it was MTC in June, then September 12, 1995 at the airport (thank you to my old film camera for the date on the photo!) That was the last time we saw each other. 1995 goes by, we wrote many letters. 1996 and 1997 go by. I was sure he was still a real person, but one, then two years into it and it all just kinda started to feel like a dream. At one point for several months, I was working 4 jobs to save money so I could serve a mission. "Back then" girls had to wait until 21 years old to serve, unlike 19-year-old sister missionaries today. Corey encouraged me to go, mostly cause he knew if he didn't steer me in that direction, I might take that to mean that he was asking me to stay, which would most likely mean I was planning on getting a diamond ring from him shortly after his return. And Corey wasn't ready for that kind of pressure! He already felt obligated enough, poor kid. Although, in my defense and now with 11 children born to us, I like to blame my "Corey obsession" on the kids. I think in their premortal realm they followed me around and sang like a choir of angels in my head and heart every time I saw Corey. So I leave on a mission to Tempe Arizona, Spanish speaking. I enter to the MTC in May of 1997 for 2 months to learn EspaƱol.
I leave for Arizona at the beginning of July 1997. Get this - Corey comes home from Chile mid July, just weeks later! Yeah, we just barely missed seeing each other! I think it was a blessing, but I was also totally bummed. So we kept writing letters and sending packages (this was in the days before email was the standard form of missionary communication). And once I was a missionary, I knew the time between transfers and I was able to kinda figure out when I'd be released. It was supposed to be on November 18th if I was to serve 18 months, but our mission transfers were November 4th or December 2nd. I was super excited to go home and be with Corey, but for some reason I decided to stay the extra two weeks. And then, the big day finally came. I remember waking up that morning in slight disbelief that the day had come. I remember being on the plane, in awe that I was going to actually see Corey!!!!!  I would see him in an hour! And then I did see him. He drove to the airport with my family so we could drive home together. We stayed and visited for a little while and he asked if I was busy that night. We went out on a date after I was released from full time missionary service - we wet to temple square to deliver a package to a sister missionary from Arizona who was serving here in SL. Being together with Corey again was as wonderful as I had remembered. It was like we just picked up where we had left off (hence us getting married just over 2 months later!) It was like we'd never been apart, even though we both knew we had been, we had just been apart for THREE AND A HALF FREAKING YEARS!! And that it was really hard!! I'm grateful now, mostly cause it's behind me and I never have to do that again. I think that going through that hard long trial might be something that has helped us to have a strong marriage. So anyway, yeah, December 2nd, that was the day my life with Corey began again.

Friday, December 1, 2017

O Christmas Tree

Abi wanted to put up the Christmas tree last week after Thanksgiving. I told her we couldn't do it yet... it's got to either snow or atleast be December before the tree goes up. There hasn't been any snow, but since it is now December, I had to give in. So the kids brought up the tree and put it up. We also have a white tree that we usually put in the side room, but I told the kids we have to wait on that until we fix the overload of furniture in that room which has been there since Corey moved out of this office two months ago. Wow, time goes by quickly. Anyway, the little kiddos are super excited! Natalie has already been sleeping under the tree in her room.
We put some mini trees in their room earlier this week. Natalie slept under that and in the morning there was a present - a toothpaste box, unwrapped, with a note that said "To Natalie From Santa (aka Lily) Ho ho ho!" Inside were some plastic gems that the kids have been playing with. Natalie was excited. Today she was asking if it was Christmas yet.
Santa is not coming yet sweetie. But atleast we're "ready" now! So you little kids can put your minds at ease!
We'll see how long the ornaments last - they have to make it through a whole month of being down within toddler grabbing reach. The kids pull them off and play catch with them (little kids) or break them for no reason at all other than seeing if their powerful hands are strong enough to crush the glittery plastic ball (Ethan). Corey is working late tonight, I went to the temple and struggled to stay awake the whole time. I just can't sit still or the battle with weariness begins. I'm find during the day cuase I stay up and moving. But sometimes I have to slap myself or call a friend to talk if I'm driving cause I get drowsy. And definitely no sitting still in a room with the lights off like in the temple. Ugh. 

Business wise - probably shouldn't share this here, I don't know, but it's the truth of our life - Corey took out a loan yesterday with horrible interest to pay for some business bills. I said successful/rich business people are successful cause they know when to say when, when their efforts have been enough and they need to stop giving more. But Corey said he's not doing this for the money, he's doing this cause he's tired of making excuses - giving excuses as to why he's not paying bills and employees. So the answer again is more debt for us. I really do feel like we're stuck in the ocean, waiting to die a slow and possibly painful death with no rescue ship in sight. Yeah, I'm sure we'll still be alive as this holiday month ends and another calendar year begins, cause that's what's happened every other end of the year. And I think that someday this business won't be the source of stress and worry. But still, ugh. Maybe that's why I'm feeling like such a scrooge. Hard to focus on giving when I'm all stuck in my head with worry and wondering how we'll get by. I know I need to get outside of myself and help lead our children in giving of ourselves (but that's kinda all you do as a parent for your kids all day every day anyway...) and I want to do the Light the World thing, but it's probably going to be just simple things cause we're just getting by - with $, time management, and previous commiments. Happy December, we'll see if we can make it one to remember and not just one of surviving the holiday. :/

Thursday, November 30, 2017


So, this past holiday weekend on Saturday, Corey took the kids on an outing. They went to Momentum. They had a great time. I finally got a few of the pictures from Corey's phone, but it's taken me like all friggin morning cause there are 267 photos and videos! That takes me forever to filter through! So, these might not actually be the most important or best pictures that capture the event, but I'm tired of looking and it's taking too long. (It was going to take 68 minutes to transfer the pictures! and then 30 minutes into it, it crashed cause it said it was an unrecognized file or whatever, so they didn't save. So then I had to go through and transfer them in smaller sets, anyway, I was getting frustrated... Ok, enough about that) - Corey said it was great and that I would have loved it - seeing the kids working together and helping and supporting each other - Wes and Ethan holding the ropes for Natalie and Lily as they climb up on the wall -
Go Natalie, go!! I bet that was fun to watch her, such a little kid doing such a big kid thing.
She liked it, especially letting go and pushing off the wall to slowly float down. 
 down down down...
Caught by Abi!  
Lily back at the bottom, how was it? Pretty fun, right? Yay
Abi and Wes getting ready to go or something.
Corey took some of the pics and videos, which in focus and centered.
I think the other principle photographer of this outing was Lily (cause there were a lot of selfies from her)
Ethan and Hyrum going up the wall.
Wes helping Sophi harness up
Corey supporting Eth
Natalie watching, waiting for another turn.
Wes still tying knots...
And she's ready to go! This is fun! I'm up so high!
Sophi almost at the top!
Wes spotting Sophi - spotting isn't the right word... there's a different word for it in rock climbing, kids, fill me in, I can't remember what it is...
Corey just filled me in - "belaying". Wes is belaying Sophi. And he said you have to be 12 to belay. So Abi and younger never belayed anyone, just the big brothers and dad had to do that hard work. 
And this is the photo that let Corey know it was about time to wrap it up -
Once little girls are clinging to his legs and sitting on his feet, it's time to move on. He took them out for a treat. Waiting by watching something on Ethan's phone..
Fries and Frosty's = a happy place for kids.
Although this might mean they aren't going to eat much of my vegetable soup when they get home...
It would be fun to get a family pass to Momentum, cause Sophi's been asking about going again every day. And I know the older boys would like to go more often. That would be fun, we'll see what we can do.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

For The Animals

Today Ethan stayed home from school. He went to bed early last night cause he was feeling ill. When I woke him up this morning he still felt sick and tired and just couldn't get out of bed, so I let him sleep, and he slept until 11:30. He called me at 11:30 asking where I was. I was at Study group. Our discussion today was on The Ten Commandments. Among the things that came up during the discussion was hunting, and someone shared this excerpt by President Kimball in his October 1978 General Conference talk titled "Fundamental Principles to Ponder and Live"

Now, I also would like to add some of my feelings concerning the unnecessary shedding of blood and destruction of life. I think that every soul should be impressed by the sentiments that have been expressed here by the prophets. And not less with reference to the killing of innocent birds is the wildlife of our country that live upon the vermin that are indeed enemies to the farmer and to mankind. It is not only wicked to destroy them, it is a shame, in my opinion. I think that this principle should extend not only to the bird life but to the life of all animals. For that purpose I read the scripture where the Lord gave us all the animals. Seemingly, he thought it was important that all these animals be on the earth for our use and encouragement. 

President Joseph F. Smith said, “When I visited, a few years ago, the Yellowstone National Park, and saw in the streams and the beautiful lakes, birds swimming quite fearless of man, allowing passers-by to approach them as closely almost as tame birds, and apprehending no fear of them, and when I saw droves of beautiful deer [feeding] along the side of the road, as fearless of the presence of men as any domestic animal, it filled my heart with a degree of peace and joy that seemed to be almost a foretaste of that period hoped for when there shall be none to hurt and none to molest in all the land, especially among all the inhabitants of Zion. These same birds, if they were to visit other regions, inhabited by man, would, on account of their tameness, doubtless become more easily a prey to the gunner. The same may be said of those beautiful creatures—the deer and the antelope. If they should wander out of the park, beyond the protection that is established there for these animals, they would become, of course, an easy prey to those who were seeking their lives. I never could see why a man should be imbued with a blood-thirsty desire to kill and destroy animal life. I have known men—and they still exist among us—who enjoy what is, to them, the ‘sport’ of hunting birds and slaying them by the hundreds, and who will come in after a day’s sport, boasting of how many harmless birds they have had the skill to slaughter, and day after day, during the season when it is lawful for men to hunt and kill (the birds having had a season of protection and not apprehending danger) go out by scores or hundreds, and you may hear their guns early in the morning on the day of the opening, as if great armies had met in battle; and the terrible work of slaughtering the innocent birds goes on. 

"I do not believe any man should kill animals or birds unless he needs them for food, and then he should not kill innocent little birds that are not intended for food for man. I think it is wicked for men to thirst in their souls to kill almost everything which possesses animal life. It is wrong, and I have been surprised at prominent men whom I have seen whose very souls seemed to be athirst for the shedding of animal blood.” (Gospel Doctrine, 5th ed., Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1939, pp. 265–66.) 

One of the poets stated in this connection: 
Take not away the life you cannot give, 
For all things have an equal right to live. 

—and I might add there also, because God gave it to them, and they were to be used only, as I understand, for food and to supply the needs of men. It is quite a different matter when a pioneer crossing the plains would kill a buffalo to bring food to his children and his family. There were also those vicious men who would kill buffalo only for their tongues and skins, permitting the life to be sacrificed and the food also to be wasted. 

When asked how he governed so many people, the Prophet Joseph Smith said, “I teach them correct principles, and they govern themselves.” We look to the Prophet Joseph Smith for proper teaching. He said once: “We crossed the Embarras river and encamped on a small branch of the same about one mile west. In pitching my tent we found three massasaugas or prairie rattlesnakes, which the brethren were about to kill, but I said, ‘Let them alone—don’t hurt them! How will the serpent ever lose his venom, while the servants of God possess the same disposition and continue to make war upon it? Men must become harmless, before the brute creation; and when men lose their vicious dispositions and cease to destroy the animal race, the lion and the lamb can dwell together, and the sucking child can play with the serpent in safety.’ The brethren took the serpents carefully on sticks and carried them across the creek. I exhorted the brethren not to kill a serpent, bird, or an animal of any kind during our journey unless it became necessary in order to preserve ourselves from hunger.” (History of the Church, 2:71–72.)

So I looked up that talk above after I got home, then I got on a vegan tangent on Youtube. Ethan was my captive audience today (last week was Hyrum) and Eth watched this compilation of Vegan things with me, cause he was in the kitchen eating, ha! He agreed it was sad all the animals that die and also said "Humans are jerks." At minute 48 there, a man who is a holocaust survivor and he compared how the slaughter house shows a disregard for life the same way the Nazis did - hearts of cows, hooves, and other body parts all neatly stacked. Both the meat and animal industry use a highly efficient and dispassionate process and seem to feel no guilt about what they are or were doing. It is a long video, so we didn't see all of it but it stayed up on my computer and I'd get in another 10 minutes here and there. Ethan turned it on again tonight when I was washing dishes. I listened, and Lily came in and watched when an alligator got killed and it reasonably made her really sad. Sorry Lil. I didn't mean for you to see that. She then went over to the computer where she typed up then printed about 40 of these. She meant to do 5, but didn't think the printer was working, but it's just slow, so she accidentally printed 40. Cute girl. She wants to put them around the neighborhood. Become Vegin!
Tonight I finished watching it, it showed a clip about ostrich bags, which led me to this peta ostrich video. I feel really bad about the ostrich farms - and for a $4000 hand bag?!? Really? Poor creatures. and of course they show us the adorable baby ostrichs, so sad. Poor sweet little things. If I ever see some one with one of those bags, I might try to nicely inform them and encourage them to really think about where it came from and the animal that died for it. Although, in a near death experience book I read a few years ago, the guy died and his spirit was walking through the hospital and went into a doctors office. As his spirit walked through the leather sofa in the office, he was able to know in an instant the cows it came from, where they lived, their whole existance. Same with the trees that made the wood desk he walked through. He was told that the animals and trees were glad that they were able to be of use to the children of God. And I think it could/should be okay to use them a little bit, but me thinks it's gotten a bit out of control in our world. And I don't know why animals being used for shoes, car interiors, etc hadn't registered in my aspiring vegan head. We have a few leather things around here, but now I'm going to go for only purchasing plant-based items. "Vegan fabrics" - I didn't even know that was a thing until today. You learn something new every day.
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