Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Pictures

Here are a few snapshots from our Sabbath day - first off, the kitchen sink that greeted me at when I woke up at 8 am:
I washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen as I listened to this 1993 General Conference talk by Elder Joe J. Christensen. I played it for myself several times, hoping to make it all sink in, esp this quote by President Kimball:

I like what President Spencer W. Kimball has said on this topic: “The idle generation! Hours each day and nothing to do. … We want you parents to create work for your children. … ‘What can we do?’ they ask. Do the shopping, work in the hospital, help the neighbors and the church custodian, wash dishes, vacuum the floors, make the beds, get the meals, learn to sew. Read good books, … clean the house, press your clothes, rake the leaves, shovel the snow, peddle papers." Then he concludes: “Lawmakers in their overeagerness to protect the child have legislated until the pendulum has swung to the other extreme. But no law prohibits most work [here] suggested …, and parents can make work” (The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, ed. Edward L. Kimball, Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1982, pp. 360–61). 

In addition, help your children learn self-discipline by such activities as learning to play a musical instrument or other demanding skill. I am reminded of the story of the salesman who came to a house one hot summer day. Through the screen door he could see a young boy practicing his scales on the piano. His baseball glove and hat were by the side of the piano bench. He said, “Say, boy, is your mother home?” To which the boy replied, “What do you think?” Thank heavens for conscientious parents!

I need to be a more conscientious parent... Hyrum and Ethan were walking around being "bored" yesterday, I need to put them to work. Yeah, going to work again to make some forward progress in our family, cause it doesn't seem right for me to be doing a pile of dishes like this everyday by myself.

Our ward block time is at 11 now instead of 9, which means class starts when these two little boys are ready for their naps. Daniel woke up during the transition from the sacrament hall to the nursery. Owen was fighting to keep sleeping. My friend said they looked cute and took this picture for me so I could see how cute we all were.
Sacrament meeting was so good - the speakers shared thoughts on adversity and what our trials teach us, I shall try to put it on my spiritual blog soon. After church, we drove home and pulled into the garage, where we got a kick out of Daniel chillin on Lily's lap -
No, he is not in his carseat, and isn't secured at all. I'm a bit nonchalant when it comes to the seat belt law and I usually don't make them wear their seatbelts on the drive over to or home from the church, I just tell them to pile in. I love the look on Owen's face too.
He could definitely be a male model, although he might need to lose the pacifier. At home, Lily helped make rolls for dinner.
She wants to be a chef someday!
And last of all - THIS began today!!!!!
That is Joseph beginning to fill out his paper work to serve a mission!! I don't know how he is old enough for a mission, especially since I'm only 29. ;)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Leaky Water Heater

Yesterday evening, Corey came home after a full day but still had to get work done, so he snuck around the basement door and set up downstairs where he could hide from kids and get in some more hours. Ethan and Corey had been having a talk about if we'd allow him to go on a date before he is 16 next month. Eth wanted to continue the discussion, so we went into the basement. It was there that Ethan, while working on the bouncy ball puzzle, noticed the carpet around the table was wet. (I had finished the puzzle but it then got busted up a week ago when we had friends over, so we're doing it again and I'm accepting assistance this time.) Joseph had joined us in the basement and helped me slide the table off the wet part so I could soak up the carpet and see what was going on, but after we slid it over, there was rust and mold under the base of the table. It has a big 2 foot wide flat pedestal base. Oh great! So we picked up the table and moved it over to the unfinished part. Needless to say we didn't finish the date discussion. I ran upstairs and got a stack of towels and my trusty US Advantage. I did a bit of scrubbing and got it all out, you can't even tell. I'm hoping the mold wasn't at a point where it will be dangerous to our health, I should probably google that and learn about mold. At first we thought it was coming from the wall - cause we've had a leak from the ceiling come through the walls and down into this spot of the basement before. But we've also had a leaky water tank before - just over 4 years ago to be precise. So second task, after cleaning up the carpet, was to see what caused this wet mess. I got out my weights to soak up the water while I went to start a load of towels.
I thought that it was a leak from the wall and that the water had made it's way over to the drain so as to fortunately not flood the whole basement. I thought maybe it was from the ton of snow we had experienced that quickly melted... maybe it was too much for the rain gutters to handle and it soaked through some crack? I cleaned up the cement, kept soaking up water with the towels, and then went to start another load of towels and get some more towels for the carpet. It was then, at 11:30 at night, that I noticed the beginnings of a little trickle of water making it's way across the cement - water leaking from the tank! And not to the drain, but across the floor and on to the carpet! Ah HA! I found you! I found the culprit! You naughty water tank! Ok, what do I do to keep this water from getting on the carpet again? How can I build a wall? Tape? Paper? Plastic? Then inspiration hit - Hot glue! I skipped upstairs and then stayed up until 1:00 am trying to build little levees with my hot glue gun. I dried the cement, tried to glue walls to dam in the water, I made several barriers and paths, gluing as I watched the trickle coming again, making it's way across the cement. I was very pleased when it followed the glue path and then yay! down into the drain, I did it! The carpet will not get wet anymore tonight. Although I did dream about all this mess last night. I also checked the status again to be sure it wasn't getting the carpet when my sleep was interrupted at 3 am.
Poor old water tank. He looked spent and tired, I can't blame him. His spouse (aka the other water tank) passed away 4 years ago. This guy has fulfilled the measure of it's creation and is now ready to go the way of all the earth. I decided to call a plumber and text our neighbors/landlords in the morning, which I did. And we are grateful for the blessing for renting, cause our amazing landlords and friends took care of it all in a jiffy. The plumber was here at 11, tank was on it's way at noon, all installed and upgraded and looking amazing by 2. They updated the whole thing, and now our water filter on the fridge works! Shhh, I don't want the kids to know though, I'd rather they not discover they can get water from the fridge, since it's right by the study carpet (very poor floor plan design there...)

One last thought - so I had a major breakthrough about being in control over the weekend, and how the thought "I am not in control" is one of my limiting beliefs. Last night as I was scrubbing the carpet, the thought came, "See! You aren't in control! You can't stop problems like this!!" But I called it out "No, I am in control. True, I can't stop stuff like this from happening, but I can choose how I respond. I can me in control of me!" That thought helped me handle the unexpected mess better, and I'm sure I'll keep having little battles with the voices in my head as life keeps happening, cause life is messy. But it's okay, it's part of the learning and growth that we are here on this earth to experience.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Don't Give Up On You

I put a new picture up in my exercise area. It's a picture of myself when I was 5.
Look at that cute little kindergartener me! I also have a picture of my hero Shannon - giving me two thumbs up and other morning she's cheering me on when I do my treadmill sprints.
And there are a few sticker quotes by SpongeBob on the mirror "I'm just so excited!" and "I'm ready for my close up!" Trying to give myself some positive self talk as I workout!
The inspiration behind the kindergarten photo is this facebook video by Truth Bomb Mom - a quick video that is a nice reminder about checking in on the things we tell ourselves –
I thought about how I get in a rut with feeling discouraged sometimes, esp during "that time of the month", and I know it’s hormones, but I just feel like "who cares" and like giving up, so recently I listened to one of the Killer's songs - Rut - while I was on a treadmill walk. Brandon Flowers has said is about his wife when she was struggling with suicidal thoughts. We all have negative thoughts like that. The song is from her perspective and the chorus line says “Don’t give up on me, cause I’m just in a rut. I’m climbing but the walls keep stacking up…” When I first heard it, before I knew what it was about, it made me think of Corey and his business MM. “I’m doing my best to fill them but the cracks are starting to spread…. I’ve done my best defending but the punches are startin’ to land….” Corey's been trying so hard for so long to get MM going, but after each crack/punch/problem he fixes or overcomes, there is another usually even bigger wall in the way. It’s so hard, but as the song says “I’ll climb and I’ll climb, and I’ll climb and I’ll climb, I’ll climb and I’ll climb” repeat. Ugh, it just doesn’t end and if it's not MM it'll be something else... life's challenges won’t end until we’re dead, so keep climbing. But I love that song, Rut, for the message of determination and perseverance it gives.

So I was looking at myself in the mirror as I walked and I was talking to myself, and I was surprised that I got a little teary and I told myself “Don’t give up on me, cause I’m just in a rut”. Thoughts that our life is a mess and we'll never get out from under it.... or thoughts that our house is trashed and the kids are too busy or clueless to help... all these negative thoughts in my head, sometimes the punches start to land and I feel pretty beat up and over my head. BUT - I wouldn’t tell my 5 year old self to give up or that it's hopeless. I can do this! And I’d call out anyone who WAS speaking negative things to that little kindergartener me and warn them to stop. And guess what Tiff, that little girl that absorbs the negative thoughts in your head is YOU, she IS that little girl, she is ME! So I'm going to try and call ’em out and stop those mean and negative things in my head. Which came full circle in my thoughts, leading me back to the EJC and the Courage Challenge I did, which I've started up again (and I'm loving it! If anyone wants to join me at the EJC?) In October Holly helped me learn about acceptance and that we need to accept ourselves and talk to ourselves and we would talk to a child – with support, love, and encouragement. So, now with that photo of my younger self there by my treadmill mirror, I'm going to work each day to remind my current sometimes overwhelmed self to say good things to my little 5 year old cute self and encourage her on her goals and dreams. Don’t give up on me!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Super Blue Blood Moon

I was so excited to see the Lunar Eclipse this morning, but darn clouds - the whole SL valley was covered! So I guess i might as well continue with my usual morning routine: I watched it on YouTube while I walked on the treadmill. But atleast I was able to get a photo of it this way! Behold the screenshot from my phone -
Kind of a bummer, but I did have a fun time exploring the topic of why it was a called a "Super Blue Blood Moon" - and google lead me to this fun stuff!
BBC meteorologist Simon King explained the phenomenon and revealed the best place to see the event.
Simon King said: “So, we’ve got something really cool happening tonight, and it’s a Moon trilogy. It’s called a super blue blood moon. So let’s break that down, start off with the ‘super’ part. 
“Now, of course, the moon orbits the earth, in an ellipse, so sometimes the moon is close to the earth than other times and we call that the Perigee, and that’s going to happen through Wednesday night.
“So the Moon might appear a bit bigger and brighter than usual. The ‘blue’ part of that saying is that every month we have a full moon, but on some occasions, because of the lunar cycle we have two full Moons. So we call that second one a blue moon, here the phrase, ‘once in a blue moon’ because it’s quite a rare occurrence. 
“And then the third thing is the ‘blood moon’. And that is because also on Wednesday night there is a total lunar eclipse, and that is going to make the Moon turn a little bit red.” - source
We saw the blood moon in September 2015. That memory and computer images will have to get us by until we get to try and see one again in person next year - the next one for Utah is January 20, 2018.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The 8th First Lost Tooth

Sophi got home from kindergarten this afternoon and I gave her some lunch. She wanted a sliced banana. She has this little song she sings that they learned at school (that drives her teenage brothers' nuts cause it's "so annoying"...) where she sings "Bananas UNITE! Peel banana, peel peel banana... Slice banana, slice slice banana... Eat banana, eat eat banana" etc etc. So she asked for toast and when I asked what fruit she wanted with her lunch, she said "sliced banana" and proceeded to sing the little song. I left her eating and was upstairs cleaning when I heard her having a sudden panic attack. She was calling for me and telling Natalie to find me - "Mom!! MOM!!" Sophi and Natalie were both calling and looking for me downstairs, and couldn't hear me calling to them as I came down from upstairs. I'm right here! What is wrong?

"There's blood!" she said as she walked toward me holding up her hand that had a bandaid on it - she had cut her finger last night when she was helping her dad "cut bananas, cut cut bananas" for some fruit salad. I looked at her finger, then realized she wasn't holding up her finger, but she was holding up a little bead or something between her fingers. I thought she was just crying with her mouth gaped open, which happens often, but then I noticed she was trying to show me the blood in her mouth. "Oh!" I cheered "You lost a tooth!" Sophi's first tooth! When she realized it was a good and normal thing she calmed right down and I told her to just spit out the blood. "That must have been really loose! It's not often kids loose a tooth when eating a banana! Usually it's an apple or something hard."
So, fun for you Sophi, you're growing up. That's the eighth first tooth of our kids, and first for Sophi, her first tooth lost. Let's hope you're molars are lost before they get cavities again. December got the best of me and I have slacked again on checking her flossing. I"m almost back on top of things and I checked her this week and I think she might have another cavity started (cavity 1cavity 2, and cavity 3 from last year). I hope I caught it in time, doh, we'll see.

And yes, as you can see from that photo, our little Sophi is wearing eye patches again. The eye doctor had her start wearing patches in 2016, and after a few months she got the okay to stop. Then this past fall, I got a note from the school saying that she did very poorly on her eye exam and that was with her glasses on. They gave me a paper that I had to get signed and returned. I feel like a school kid again, having my parents sign permission slips. So I had to take to her eye doctor for him to sign saying I had her checked, so I did as I was told like a good little girl and we went in to the eye doctor. It was about time for her yearly check up anyway. And yes, he said her left eye wasn't very strong. Bummer thing is that I had just gotten her two new pairs of glasses in August. So, too bad for me. She got a new prescription and I needed to get new glasses. That was in October, is it bad that I just barely got around to ordering those? Doh! But he also said to have her start wearing eye patches again, and I was quick to order those right away. So since I was obeying one of the two things he told me to do, I gts to wear the eye patch every day for 2 hours. That started in October and will continue through May. She doesn't like it and is really happy when a day slips by with me missing my alarm to put it on her. It's just to help you out sweetie, and I know it's annoying. You're a good girl for sticking with it.

And on a final note - don't forget to pause tomorrow morning to behold the amazing Total Lunar Eclipse! For SLC total eclipse begins at 5:51, maximum eclipse at 6:29 a.m. It's amazing! Our solar system and the universe, it's all amazing - we are a vulnerable little blue marble in the desert, I'm grateful to know God watches over us and keeps us alive and floating out here in the nothingness!

Monday, January 29, 2018

See You In the EJC

Well, I'm looking forward to becoming unstoppable again. December did me in and I stopped being amazing. I tried to give myself a pass, and I told Corey he can't judge my ability to run a household by the way it or our life looks after the holidays. But here we are after a month of recovery and I can't use that as an excuse anymore. I've finally caught my breath, so it's time to kick it in gear. I got an email from Holly about a Design Your Year Best Year Yet workshop, and I signed up on Friday, the 26th of Jan. I'm ready to tackle life. Cause my new year is coming up! It starts on Thursday, haha, so time to prep!
Something new this time is a daily conference video call, which I enjoyed this morning. I'm excited to do the work and be accountable again.

A few fun pictures from this weekend - on Friday night Corey and I went to Chuck a Rama for dinner, and I really loved the salad bar. It inspired me to try to create our own, which I did with lots of chopping vegetable help from the kids - wasn't it pretty!?!?
It was a feast for the eyes and the taste buds, I was in salad heaven. My parent's came and joined us, and we also had two friends from Brazil over. Later that night, Corey was watching Forks Over Knives on the laptop in our bedroom. The last time he watched it was last summer. It's a pretty compelling documentary, Corey's agreed to give a plant based life another chance.
While we watched the film, Abi got creative with her little sisters. Abi, I think your feet shrunk.
Sophi! Your feet as so big!!! What is going on, the kids are looking strange...
I wondered if all those new vegetables had some weird effect on them? Superfood! It looks like they made Sophi and Lily grow super fast!
Silly kids.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Puzzles vs. To Do List

Hey there. I feel like I almost get caught up here and then the time flies past again and I'm a month behind again. It's been 11 days since I last had a chance to sit at the computer and gather my thoughts.  So I was about to get caught up but then we did a spur of the moment week trip to Park City over Martin Luther King holiday, which is yet to be blogged. I try not to be the party pooper when it comes to family vacations, but I confess I was bummed to not have a weekend with all my little chicks at home to try and catch up or, heaven forbid, actually get ahead on things. But instead we went swimming for 4 days and watched tv. We did do a 500 piece puzzle while we were up there. That was one thing I brought and wanted to do, since my love language is quality time. And cause I tried up at Wolfcreek but no body got into it and we didn't get far at all. That was a 500 piece puzzle of frosted sugar cookies. But then they accidentally opened it up in the car on the drive and pieces fell all over and got stepped on and so I didn't bother with trying to find all the pieces and that one went into the trash. At Park City it was a colorful puzzle with house and street shops. It was my second attempt at family bonding and it worked better. Lily helped me most, then Hyrum got into it a little, and Abi. It was on a small table so only 2 of us could work on it at a time, 3 tops. But I got my fill. It was fun just sitting together at a table spending time together an cheering each other on when we find a where piece goes. And since we're back at home now and I can now get all those things done that I want to... I've decided it's a good opportunity to continue to waste time by keeping up our new hobby of doing puzzles. Poor Natalie has had to take over doing dishes this afternoon cause I was too busy wasting time.
She was just chit chatting away with me in her sweet little 4 year old voice, she's so cute.
She really wanted to do the dishes. "Dishes is an important job to do!" She tried to load the dishwasher. I let her play dishes for a few then I went and helped. But anyway, back to puzzles! Check out this one that we finished tonight! I bought this one on Saturday at the dollar store - 500 pieces and get this - it is just a puzzle of who knows how many one dollar bills and one penny on it.
This is how most of it looked this morning. I had pieces organized by their size and tried to categorize them by what I could see on them - be it a number, or the green series of numbers, or by the part of the word on it - United States of America or One Dollar...
We started it on Saturday. We did the border and the green circles. Hyrum worked on George Washington faces, but those were harder to figure out. Easy to spot, but hard to put together. The black circles with upper case letters were our next "easy" part. Everything else was hard. The 1's in the corners were the last pieces put in - Ethan and Wesley (who are two other people who both also have more important things to be doing) finished it tonight - 3 days later and we're done! We found pieces on the ground and in different rooms a few times, thus we were amazed that there weren't any lost or missing. I spent too much time on it today but it's kinda fun (and addicting). I have this other one I'm working on downstairs that is really fun - 500 piece bouncy ball puzzle. This is one that I would take apart and do again, it's fun to do and to look at.
So we did the dollar bill puzzle at the kitchen table, but when Ethan and Wesley finished it they wanted to bring it up to show me and they put it on a cookie cooling rack and it kinda broke, so they were fixing it on the carpet.
It comes apart so easily, ugh, the pieces lock together very loosly. Don't mess it up. We all said that if it got busted before we finished, it would be game over and we'd just throw it in the trash. Too hard, not worth it!
I was glad that I didn't have to finish it, thanks team. I'm sure they felt a great sense of accomplishment. I didn't put the last piece in, but I feel proud too. I helped them move it onto a more secure board - a pink art case.
This was a hard puzzle and we never want to do it again. So we might frame it and put it in Corey's office, to channel financial prosperity to his business efforts. All I'll say about that is that it is hard and Corey said it's the hardest thing he's ever had to do, and he's in the thick of it still, trying to figure out a way forward. Take one day and one piece at a time. I guess that's the only way we can go forward and figure things out.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Googly Eyes

So, just another Friday night... with my kids being funny weirdos. Melodie, as usual, was the creative mind behind this one. She somehow got a hold of the googly eyes that Sophi had given to Lily for Christmas. While most people would look at a package of googly eyes and think "craft", Melodie looks a things with a different perspective. She called her sister over to take a picture for her
Melodie apparenly is more of a Calvin creative type... Lol, that strip is a classis.
Perhaps she can keep a pair of eyes in her pocket to use at school so she can take a nap during class and not get caught! She was laughing pretty hard. "Abi! Come here! This is so funny!" And Abi joined in. They laughed and laughed
They thought they looked like the train faces from Thomas and friends - ha!
The kids all come running when they hear fun happening. Here's Lily's googly eye face
And Wes was up next - he struggled to get them to stay on.
Mel and Abi's eyeglasses held on the googly eyes on the face better for them, so they were able to look more rested. Wes's face was a bit strained as he tried to hold it with his eye lids
Still pretty funny. I like hearing the kids laugh and be goofy together.
Another funny face that Mel was responsible for recently - this was actually in November - she thought she'd try to give her little sisters nightmares by making these creepy faces - one on a closet sock drawer, the other on the bed post in the girls' room. In the closet... "Hello little girl..."
Mel! Your sisters can't get dressed in here with this face looking at them!!
"Hi, I'm a freaky closet face watching you change your clothes?" Yeah, he's gotta go.
Then there was this scary guy on the bed -
We all agree these guys are freaky.
Mel, you're a weird one. Creative, but weird. Did you know that WEIRD and WRIDE have the same letters, just rearranged? Perhaps the weird part comes with our name.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Last Night

We went up to Park City again tonight after the kids got home from school. Ethan and Hyrum got to get in one last swim, then they came back home with me and Owen and Daniel. Wes, Abi, Lily, Soph, and Natalie are spending the night. Wesley gets to sleep over and miss school tomorrow, cause he didn't sluff on Tuesday. The elementary kids don't have school tomorrow, so they get to sleep over too. Joseph and Melodie didn't come up tonight - flute lesson and homework and such. They are becoming responsible adults. The rest of us had fun one last time up in Park City.
Owen didn't swim, but Daniel did. Ethan got him ready and they took him down, but I learned afterwards that Eth didn't put on a swim diaper, he put on a regular diaper. Needless to say, Daniel had gained about 10 pounds by the time he was done in the pool
So all the older kids all swam. By the time I got there with Owen, Natalie was done so she played air hockey with Owen and also helped me with a puzzle. They had a big Disney puzzle that Natalie started, it had weird odd shaped pieces and was way hard. We didn't get very far. Natalie would take things I'd finished and take them apart and do them again - like Snow Whites face. I left the parts we put together out on the table just in case the next person that comes along wants a little help as they start doing it. Owen cheering for himself, yay! 
Corey has slept over in Park City this whole week except for Wednesday. He has so much work to do, I think he's enjoyed the quiet solitude. Not that it's a break, he's just working a ton. I brought most of the stuff home. I left Corey with a bag to throw in all the extra stuff tomorrow morning when they check out, hopefully the kids will be good helpers and it won't take them too long, he's got to get on the clock. I'm still praying for us to be delivered somehow from this financial situation.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Quiet Day

Back to reality today - I brought all the kids home last night so that Corey can spend some alone time up in Park City, allowing him to take care of his many tasks uninterrupted. So everyone went to school, it was a normal busy school year morning. JMEH all left for school at 6:15, then I took Wes and his friends to school cause Wednesday is my carpool day. I wake up Abi before I go so she can babysit, I get back at 8 to help her and Lily and Sophi get ready for school, they leave at 8:30. Owen and Daniel usually are awake by 8:30. Natalie sleeps in later. We watch soms PBS kids, eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. Today she and I worked on a 300 piece puzzle. She did a good job making the green leaves on the cherries.
Owen was flying around his spaceship toy (actually Lily's lego from Christmas but he hijacked it). A funny thing is he doesn't say it right. He put's a "t" at the end of it instead of a "p". It makes us all laugh, the teens act shocked at their toddler brother's profanity. You and your spaceship are okay Owen, you keep flying!
Corey had a day alone in Park City. I asked if he enjoyed the quiet time. He did, but he doesn't enjoy working all the time. Not much of a choice right now. Poor guy. So, he gets to enjoy a quiet day tomorrow again and then tomorrow night after the kids get home from school, I'm going to take them up to swim again. WALSN (WesAbiLilySophiNatalie) are going to spend the night. I'll take all the kids up that want to go swim one last time, but then the high schoolers have to come back down for school on Friday. They sluffed on Tuesday, Wes went on Tuesday, that's why he gets Friday off. Been a regular busy week, but it has been fun to spend some of it up there.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

More Swimming Pictures

It's been a quiet day here at home. Joseph and Mel went to school at 6:15 and then Wes at 7, and then it was just me and my two little boys. So, I'll catch up with a few pictures from Sunday. On Sunday morning, we woke up in Park City fairly early and headed down to the valley so we could go to church. (Hooray for new year change to the 11:00 meeting time instead of 9) We hustled to get the kids dressed, but some of them had coughs and others felt sick, so I stayed home with half of the crew while Corey took the other half to church. I listened to an AWESOME talk on byutv - a BYU Idaho devotional by Troy Dougherty titled "The Practical Work of Building Zion" and it was so good. I was like "Yes! This is what our family need to hear!" So after church we came back up to Park City. Corey told the kids we could go swimming. I didn't want to, I wanted to stay in the room and read them the talk or have the kids listen to it, with a dream of them all sitting and listening quietly and nodding in agreement at what he said and then they would all commit to not ever quarrel or be annoying, mean, or naughty again. But like anyone is going to choose to listen to my gospel lecture over swimming. But it's a Sunday! This is was Sunday's are for! Gospel discussions! I was able to make them listen to 15 minutes of it, and then after they'd endured enough of my torture (and to prevent them all from falling asleep right there) Corey took them to the pool. He felt it was a good family bonding time activity cause he was sure there wouldn't be other people at the pool. Or if there were, the big group of us coming would be enough to scare them away. That plan kinda worked, we did pretty much have it to ourselves most of the time. But still, I'd still have been happier if we had spent Sunday's doing a Book of Mormon read-a-thon. Oh well. So they all went swimming and I took pictures.
Daniel was super cute in the pool - Wes rubbed is tummy and Mel held him, it was cute to see them attend to him so affectionately. Mel took a break and went over to the big pool, trying to get Owen to jump to her. Can you tell what he thinks of that idea?
He protested by looking at her and spitting his little tongue in defiance at her. "I don't jump to no one but Dad!!" It was kinda funny.

Wes continued to play sweetly with Daniel.
Daniel you're so cute! He really likes the pool.
Sunday night I took a picture of the kids sleeping before I headed to bed. Mel probably listening to MoTab ~
Abi nice and relaxed. The kids all wanted to sleep in the window seats, I admit they look fun. We should have a dozen bunk beds built into the walls, that would be cool.
Hyrum and Ethan were in their palace bed, Joseph was on the pull out in their room. Unlike his two younger brothers, Joseph did not enjoy a comfortable's nights rest. And then we had 4 kids piled up on the pull out couch in the main room.
So that's what Park City looks like for us - swimming and sleeping and watchin' tv.
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