Thursday, September 18, 2014

I Choose Happy

I got a doozy of a comment on this blog yesterday morning. I went back and forth about whether I should even mention/record this little happening. Cause I don't like to feed ugly things or dwell on them. But I haven't been dwelling on this, and it didn't even bother me cause I know who I am. It did cause me a brief pause and I google searched a bit for the name of the commenting offender... and in the end I looked at him with a bit of confusion and pity, much like Harry Potter does to Voldemort in the 7th movie,
...or like how people will look upon Lucifer at the last day (Isaiah 14:12-19, particularly verse 16). But, I guess I've decided I will share it a little, cause here I am typing it up. ...But Corey gave me good advice, to keep it ambiguous, so that if there is a happy someday in the future where this person wants to change for the better, they don't have to worry about coming over here to clean things up (hence, just went to the comment and removed it "forever").

So, here's what happened. Yesterday I enjoyed my quiet hour after carpool and before elementary school send off and exercised, and then came to the computer to log it. And as I sat at the computer and looked at my email, I saw I had three comments to this blog, all from the same person and on the same post... an individual I do not know on an old post back when we were living in Costa Rica in 2010 - (quick background context to this post that was commented on ... Corey had just left for Chile that morning, I was on my own for 2 weeks in Central America with 7 kids, and 5 year old Wesley fell and cut his lip pretty bad. ~ I ended up deciding to wait until morning and not to go to the hospital that was an hour away through the jungle with all the kids in tow because it was late, they were all in bed, I didn't have a cell phone, etc etc, it was quite the stressful event for me. Plus Wes had fallen asleep as I tried to formulate a plan of attack. Anyway, so I didn't take him anywhere and just prayed for it to heal on it's own, and the comment I just got on the post, since we're here 4 years later, was basically a very colorful way of saying I messed up. (Is that ambiguous enough). I'll get specific here (Corey tell me if you think this should go too...) but he/she added that they hoped they could eat my brains. So yeah, wow! I called Corey to tell him, cause I had to tell someone the rude things that had been aimed at me (not to dwell on it though! I was just making small talk)
His reaction was the same as mine "wow." followed a few minutes later by "People are really brave and direct when they're anonymous." and then we turned away and carried on our happy and busy way striving to best serve our family and neighbors and left this person to live whatever life it is they've chosen for themselves.
I also found it interesting, cause I'd just read on Stephanie Nielsen's blog about her receiveing rude comments (at the end of that post) ~ I loved these thoughts she shared:

...I am learning everyday that haters are gonna hate no matter what I say, what I type, what photos I take, and choices I make. But listen up!  I am confident in who I am as an adored daughter of a loving God.  He directs my life and if I am smart, I will listen and obey. I recognize that we all make bad choices, and I certainly have. But, I am not ashamed of who I am and my roll as a mother, woman and wife. I am not ashamed of my Mormon faith and it's beliefs.
I ask (God) for an increased amount of love- especially for the people who attack me and my family on social media. I am sad for them because I know they are not happy. And I know that I am happy, and no matter what they say, they can never ever change that. 

It honestly didn't bother me, cause I know me. I know I'm trying to be a good person and a good mother. I love and feel so blessed to be a stay at home mom and homemaker. I'm married to my best friend who is awesome in every way, and life is pretty much wonderful! I love living my life. "I am happy!" And happy people will keep on being happy while haters gonna hate, I guess. I don't know why anyone would want to be a pain-body though. It just seems so... so... painful. Here's to hoping that more "anonymous people" on the internet pause and come to themselves and start to choose happiness, politeness, and nice-ness! It's actually a very good and happy place to be. Here's a little diagram with tips for anyone just getting started with being happy, and if anyone is not interested in being happy, well there's tips for that too:
I also read this post from Matt Walsh and I enjoyed his first rule for humans before we go foraging through Google:

1. The internet is not an alternate dimension where the laws of morality, ethics, and basic human decency are magically suspended.
The internet is what happens when you go on your computer to find information, or to communicate, or to view a video of a three-toed sloth crossing the street in Costa Rica. At no point in this process do you forfeit your humanity. You are a human being doing things on the internet, and those things often impact, to some extent, other human beings. So whatever you do or say on the internet, it’s just like you’ve done it or said it in real life. Why? Well, because this is real life. This is not a dream. It is not a fantasy. This is real, I am real, you are real, everything that happens here is real.

So, have a happy day here on planet earth with your real life. It's the only mortal life you've got, so make it a good one!!!
(and for some reason I found that video of the sloth somewhat disturbing and equally hilarious - he goes stiff as a board and I could almost hear him cheer out "I can fly!!")

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

End of Ninja Warrior

We did our fair share of American Ninja Warrior viewing this summer. Our Monday night Family Home Evening activities have mostly been us watching ANW together. Then the boys spend the rest of the week outside practicing their obstacles or downstairs doing pull ups. We were pretty disappointed by the outcome of season 6 - (stupid rope jungle!!) (...and we didn't like the silk slider on stage 1 either) but last night made up for it. There was a three hour special "America vs. The World!" - well, few countries of the world.

We were very happy to see Brian Arnold finish stage 2 and stage 3! He was the first American ever to finish stage 3, and it was awesome cause two of the Japanese guys finished stage 3 and one European guy. Pretty awesome stuff. We missed the first hour (still doing the fhe lesson) and our lesson on how the kids are going to need to work to help pay for their music lessons and stuff and need to use their time wisely, so after that we got to put it into practice... we were just going to watch one hour, but it was so intense and it's the last show of the season, so we all justified it and kept watching . The kids couldn't sit down, it was too intense. Then during the commercials they'd scream and run around thumping their chests or go downstairs to do some pull ups since they were so excited and pumped up!!!!
The competition went to stage 4 for the first time, a "climb off" tie breaker between Travis Rosen and Sean McColl - Sean won it for Europe by less than a second on the 70 foot rope climb. It was intense.
And that was that. Good job team USA. We decided it's okay for Sean to take the win, he deserves something for that face plant he did off of the metal spin in Stage 2. We were all pretty impressed. Fun times. The kids will continue to play ninja warrior outside, I'm sure, until the snow comes. It's a good way for them to spend their time - exercise and creativity. They are preparing to take on "the world!!!"

Monday, September 15, 2014

All Dressed Up

Lily prettied herself up this Saturday ~ wearing one of Melodie's ballet dresses (which I really do think is very pretty) but on top of that prettiness, she did her own makeup to boot! I found her hiding by the dresser in her room, covering her face with both hands and holding Mel's crayola markers (not washable). Of course I had to go parade her around the house so everyone could see "You guys, look at Lily! She did her makeup all by herself!" She was greeted with big smiles and her siblings and dad saying "WOW!"
Lily! Your make up is so, so ...striking!
Luckily it was not permanent. Still, I was a little concerned that it wouldn't come off before church. But Lily took care of it by herself and after scrubbing her little face with wet toilet paper it mostly came all off. Well, except it still looks a little red around the eyes, kinda like sunburned. It was hardly noticeable. Cute silly kid. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jazz Jig

Saturday was judgement day for the jazz boys. Auditions for Caleb Chapman music were at 3:00. Ethan arrived back from his trip to Brazil at 10:30. After saying hi to everyone, they began to cram. Joseph was confident and prepared, having put in lots of practicing time all summer. Natalie did a little jig as he played...
(Her jig was so cute!!!! She pumps her little arms and runs in place or turns in circles, so cute)
So, Joseph was ready, these two... not so much. 
Hyrum should have done more over the summer, but he's just starting out, Corey thinks he'll be okay. Ethan had his sax in Brazil... but opted to play video games instead. Judgement day. He was in tears there on the couch above, hiding behind his horn. Corey said it's good to have them stress about this kinda stuff and think their world is crumbling, much better than the alternative of bad things that lots of young people these days get into. Ethan was reading the scriptures on the drive down to the studio, he was praying for mercy, and that he wouldn't cry during the audition. His prayer was answered and Corey said he did fine (he's a little dramatic) Good to have him home, I was missing the drama! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Abi's Party

So Abi had a birthday party a week ago. Decorations simple with the usual things I have in the birthday box which is their name and age on window.
New this birthday we started a new thing, and have hopes to continue with all the other kids' birthdays - the idea is putting up pictures of the lucky birthday kid at each age:

I put them on the walls and window. Treats and a cake for the party were set out, and we were ready to go as soon as the kids got home.
Here they are! ...And it's party time!
Seven candles in a frosting #7
~make a wish 
 The kids all went outside on the trampoline to eat their cake and ice cream.
Then it was time for the cupcake pinata. I told Abi we couldn't go anywhere for the party (since I was running a household with Corey out of town for a few more days still) so we got a pinata and called it good. Abi was very excited.
I got the cupcake pinata at walmart ~ Joseph and Melodie were great helpers and ran the pinata end of it. and it all went well... until...
...the pinata part that looped onto the hook broke as the third kid was up to bat. After instructing him to not swing so we could attached it, he swung and hit me in the back of the head.  Kinda hurt. Then we got it fixed, then he swung again, and then the rope broke. So that was the end of our attempt to doing the pinata the "traditional" way. We tried to think of how we could break the pinata in a game way...
I let Joseph be in charge of that too. Started off with "duck duck cupcake" - where you chase the person with the pinata in hopes of tripping them and breaking the pinata a little bit. 
That didn't work very well, since no one tripped and the pinata was still in tact.
so after a few rounds of that, we went to plan c: Put the pinata on the trampoline and everyone get under and try to push kick it off the trampoline, in hopes that it will kinda break.  
That didn't work either, as kids were not careful as they tried to kick the pinata and Wes got hurt. Meanwhile, Natalie saw her chance to loot the bowls of cake left unattended.
Ok, Another new game - Plan D - Punch the Cupcake. Everyone try to punch the cupcake, Jospeh will try to protect the cupcake. GO! That was Joseph's idea, he didn't like it very much, Hyrum was the worst and was going nuts and was punching him instead of the cupcake. Ok, Cancel that plan too.
Now the kids were getting frustrated and worried they'd never see the hidden candy. So we ended the game and just threw the cupcake in the air. It exploded upon landing. And then Hyrum attacked it and the candy went flying.
Game over. Phew! I didn't think we were gonna survive that one.
Then we only had an hour left of the party and they all went down stairs to play with Abi's toys, which she didn't share very well. All in all, the overall goal was achieved in that Abi felt happy that she had a birthday party. Other than that, the eating and games and pinata did not go as planned. But we survived and I was able to check off Abi's party, and I decided each kid gets one friend party between ages 1-10. So Abi's done, Wes is done, Lily and Sophi still get one sometime, but I'm not a party person... it gets a little out of control! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Little Monster

Natalie is a cutie. She's also a little monster. These pictures just show the cutie side of her.
These were from a Sunday a few weeks ago (Aug 17th) - her first time wearing a bow! ...and I was so impressed that she didn't try to take it off at all. Thank you Natalie - you looked so cute!
(She was being weird in nursery)
Aah! Isn't she just SO CUTE in this little dress!! And with the bow, she is just irresistible! And as for the monster side of her, that comes out whenever I try to put her down for a nap. ...and during the day time in general when everyone else is gone at school. She's making sure I don't get very much accomplished.
She's my cute little monster. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fofee Bir-day!

Sophia is 3 years old today! Happy birthday Fofee! We made her a purple cake and the kids enjoyed putting sugar sprinkles all over it. Sophi was really cute blowing out the candles, we had to do it a few times cause that was Sophi's favorite part too. Look at that concentration.
Sophi knew what a "birthday" meant since it was fresh on her mind with Abi's recent celebration. The kids have been telling Sophi "It's almost YOUR birthday!" and then she'll repeat to herself "Fofee Bir-day, Fofee Boon!" She would also come up to me during the day and ask "Fofee Birday, Fofee loon?" ("boon" and "loon" = balloon) cause always have balloon on birthdays around here. "Yep, Fofee Boon! You're right Fofee!" Here she is with her loon!
She loves the "Sophia" princess Grandma Wride gave her, and she had Sophia kissing the duplo boy from Grandma Hibbert's present. Loved her new clothes and hair accessories too.
And her siblings built her Hello kitty Mega Blocks set.
Yes, she got lots of pink stuff and lots of pretty stuff, just like little girls should. Happy Birthday Sophi!

Friday, September 5, 2014

9 Kids in Pictures

I finally updated the pictures of the kids on the wall. The biggest challenge was finding a frame that hold 9 pictures. I opted to get 3 frames that hold 3 pictures each. And the pattern was a diamond shape of the gender ratio (see the pattern?) I can see it when I come down the stairs.
Makes me smile. The other one made me smile too, so I moved that to the study where I can still see it from the kitchen. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kid Report

Corey will be home soon, I've almost survived, just another day and a half to go. Things have gone well for him, not that I know any of the details yet, that's just what the few skype messages sent have conveyed. Here's a quick kid report on what the 8 kids I have here on my end - Joseph gave the bassoon a go this afternoon. He was playing his jazz music on it, kinda funny.
Melodie's been diligent with her practicing as well, doing flight of the bumble bee, sounds hard.
Hyrum and Wes were playing Bash Ball today, a game Joseph made up with the nerf "bash ball" Hyrum got for his birthday.
Abi's been stashing away all her birthday loot, and sharing a little bit of it too.
Lily's fingernail fell off (got it pinched in the shed door a month or so ago) she's a tough cookie. She didn't even cry when she got her immunization shots, and she let me get a sliver out of her foot without even screaming at me for digging at her heel, unlike one of her older brothers who shall remain nameless.
Sophi took a couple of baths today. She likes baths. And Natalie likes to hit people on the head with toys or touch musical instruments that are left around not put away and cause other kind of chaos like that.
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