Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Getting It Done

So, I think I might have become unstoppable. Recently, as I've mentioned a few times, I joined a little online community of moms where I'm participating in a "Courage Challenge" by Holly Rigsby. (watch that little video on her fb page - "Excuses or results. You can't have both." - Holly. Yeah!) The challenge I'm doing is also called "Unstoppable You". Kind of a cheesy title, sure, but hey, maybe that was just the most appropriate word to describe the transformation that would be taking place! So I signed up for this challenge on a whim on Saturday night over two weeks ago. I really enjoyed the accountability during the spring and summer Health Challenges I participated in on facebook with friends. So, in a video, Holly said this would provide accountability, so that's what caught my attention. I usually just ignore things where you have to pay for access, but I like Holly (and she has a 6 pack!) so shoot, I figured I would give it a go. My thinking is that if this is able to help me be accountable and reach my ultimate weight goal, well then it would be worth it! So I signed up for the challenge and set myself up the next day with their online community. And we're half way through week 3 and this has already been a major game changer for my life. We have access to online lessons and videos and are set up on apps for her to coach us and I think it's pretty amazing! For example: My bedroom AND my bathroom (and for both of those that includes my clutter magnet dresser top and usually covered with clutter bathroom counter!!!) ...ALL of it has been cleared and clean the past week! We're talking 7 full days of being consistently clean. That is a miracle to me. Her program isn't about teaching people how to clean their house, it's just about how to do what is important to you. And right now getting our home and life in order has been a major goal of mine and has also felt like a totally impossible feat. My goodness, like I've seriously been trying to come up with a system for years! But I haven't know how to tackle it and how to follow up with it, but now I know and it is awesome!

I had quick planning sessions with each of the kids on Sunday, kind of a "week 1" for us. We're just focusing on getting out of bed, following a morning routine, and doing chores. Corey observed my questioning and coaching each of the kids. After I was all finished, he said "Well you're on fire!" Yes I am! I actually have a doable system in place. Yes, this is a miracle. "I'm invincible!!" - the black knight (name that movie). Next Sunday we're going to get an after school and evening routine set up for each of the kids. But it's just great, cause it feels doable and I'm doing it! Another thing that is important to me right now is to catch up on the blog here. And guess what, I just finished all my August entries! Pictures posted and memories recorded, check! I'm going to finish up September within a week and then October, and who knows, maybe I'll be able to stay on top of this thing every day now! Amazing.

Two quick thoughts from the community that I have written up on post-its for our fridge where our family calendar is now residing:
"If you don't sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice"
That one is right by the door handle, which is good, cause it reminds me not to be tempted by things that I might want in the moment but don't really want the fruit of. It's like either way we have to sacrifice something. So I can sacrifice ice cream for the body I want, OR I can sacrifice the boy I want for the ice cream. Which one do I really want? And the key is to NOT sacrifice what you want! Sacrifice and give up the temptations, don't sacrifice our goals! Kids, you can sacrifice sleep in the morning to get to school on time and avoid stress that will carry on throughout the day from being stressed - OR - you can sacrifice the good grade that comes with not having excessive tardies (and calmness that comes from not running late) for 5 or 10 minutes of more sleep that is not going to make you feel much more rested anyway! No one ever hits snooze two times only to wake up with the third alarm in a happy rise and shine mood, thinking "Ahhh! NOW I'm ready!" When you hit snooze, you are cheating yourself of a good morning and you are lying to yourself that sleeping longer will help you feel better. It doesn't work that way. Corey would disagree with me on this point, saying that sleeping-in in the mornings is one of the happiest moments of his day. Yeah, we're gonna work on that, sweetie! But you have a few more mornings, I'll get the kids going first. The other quote:
That helped Wesley last week when he had to go to school without his back pack again (quick summary of that mid-post here.) That also helped me as I looked back on the rough and stressful summer (and two years (more like 10)) that Corey has had with work. Cause look at that, he's still alive! So far he's made it through 100% of his rough and stressful days (which is also why he wouldn't let Wes stay home from school cause he was missing his backpack... "Do you know how many times I haven't wanted to go to a board meeting?!? You just gotta do it! You can't hide from your problems!" So Wes wiped his tears and faced the day. Good job Wes. Yes, we can face our problems. Like when the little girls take all my scripture study books and notes off of their newly consecrated desk and pile them on the couch..
So that they can play with their polly pocket dolls.
A neighbor dropped off some toys they weren't using anymore, including some new Disney pocket dolls and some animal figures and things Lily and Sophi were able to fit into their game, such as this dragon (gecko) lair that was at the ball in a cage. It's a nice lizard
Hans and Anna enjoying tea. I love the cross play - we've got Calico Critter toys here, strawberry shortcake food, and I like the collie dog.
Elsa and Flynn kickin' back and watching tv.
Cristoff and Cinderella dancing at the ball, while another Cinderella gives Sven a carrot.
I had to take a picture of their set up before I moved it all over to a shelf where they could play without messing up my area. Now it's back in order and while I love to see their imagination in action, I do not want them to use by study desk again. But I love them and their game and it wasn't hard to clean up. So one thing I've learned from Holly is to be aware of and then most importantly accept them, love yourself as you face the "problems" that come into your life and encourage yourself as if you were talking to a child or a dear friend.
If you read this far, here is a post from my spiritual blog with those thoughts on acceptance that I shared with the EJC last week where I try to describe my "aha" moment. I'm excited to take life by the horns! I finally am learning how to get it done!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New Smile

Guess who got their braces off!!! Come on, Hyrum, show me those pearly whites!
Doesn't he look cute!?! I told him he looked so cute and he said "That's weird..." Hyrum, it is okay for your mother to think you are a cute kid. And I dare say I also think I see a peek of some hidden confidence coming to the surface in that grin! Good looking kid!

It's been a busy day - most of us are waking up now at 5:30, so it was a productive morning getting the kids out to school and then after that was over I loaded little ones in the car to come with us to the Orthodontist office. When we got there, Natalie, Owen and Daniel enjoyed some chocolate chip cookies and watched Moana. Then the nice orthodontic assistant informed me that it was a 2 hour process getting the braces off - cause they fit and make a retainer too. I thought it would just be an hour, but 2 hours... I didn't think the little ones will make it that long. So I put them in the car and we drove back home for an hour, I tackled my WINs "What's Important Now" and am almost all done with them! We headed back to get Hyrum at 11. I was super tired as I drove. Yesterday after our 5:30 rise and shine time, I took a small nap around 4. And then stayed up too late and I didn't get to bed til 11:30. I'm going to hang on and not nap today and then I plan on being very ready for bed tonight at 9:30 - 10 at the latest. We've got to get to bed earlier. Anyway, thankfully I didn't doze off at the wheel. Singing to John Denver always helps... too bad the radio and cd player in our van don't work!! It got broken a month or two ago, not while I was in the car. I went out the next day and it didn't work. No ones confessed as to what happened. Could just be that the van is old. I would like a new one someday. Hopefully within a year? Can I hope for that? So, picked him up, drove him to school, make him turn and give me one more smile with his face in the sunlight.
You're "cute" Hyrum! Don't break too many hearts!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sick Kids and a Cavity

Lily has had a swollen eye for a few days. I took her to the InstaCare over the weekend. He said she has Preseptal cellulitis. That is my new vocabulary word. Just looked up some more info about it. I think that might be what Daniel had a few months ago. Also, as I googled, I read this that said the bacteria from it could lead to Impetigo. And I remembered that vocabulary word from last year when Owen had it. Hmm, I have thought I could see a few bumps on his cheeks this past month... Did Owen get her sick? With Daniel's eye infection in June, I just watched him Daniel to see his symptoms. And he didn't get worse and it eventually healed on it's own. My sick kid tendency is to watch them and how they're feeling as give the body a chance to fight it. Lily's eye was fine last Tuesday night but then looked swollen when she was up and getting ready for school on Wednesday morning. But she went to school that day, and the next... but then I kept her home on Friday cause it looked worse. Then on Saturday it looked better but she had a fever. So Sunday morning, when she woke up and it looked like it was starting to spread into the other eye, we decided to take her in.
Yesterday was the Primary Program at church, and I felt so bad for her up there, she looked so sweetly resigned to looking sick. She says it doesn't hurt, but it sure looks bad. These past few days it's made her usually outgoing personality turn a bit quiet, so we feel like we're missing our Lily!
Don't you worry Lil, we'll get some medicine to help you out. She also had a 101 fever. We picked up an antibiotic and some prescription eyedrops on the way home. So that was yesterday. It looks about the same this morning. The InstaCare doctor said to keep her home today and probably tomorrow too. So we'll see how it goes. She did NOT like the medicine. She didn't like the taste of the oral med at all, but I think she cried more in protest to the eye drops, cause it's just so scary! We found a dropper and I told her she could do me first and then I'd do her. And now I know that it really is a little freaky to have someone hovering over your head holding something precariously close to your eyeball. I couldn't stop laughing and had a very hard time relaxing but she was a good little doctor and held the dropper steady and plopped two drops in each of my eyes. Good job Lil. Then it was my turn to do her! She did a little better than the first time. So that was yesterday. She's been a little bit braver with the drops this morning. She stayed home and is getting rest. I took Sophi in to the dentist today to get another cavity fixed. Doh... Sophi! This has got to stop!
I try my best to floss her every night but I must have missed a day or two OR I need to start supervising morning flossing, cause he said it was caused by not flossing. So before I knew it one night I did floss her and a big chunk of food came out from between her teeth and I knew there was a hole. They were able to get us in really quickly. I just called on Friday and was able to get an appointment for today, so that was good! One problem now though... I didn't think it would be very fun to be at the dentist with the four little kids and sick Lily. Luckily, Hyrum came to the rescue! He texted me at a quarter to 10 telling me he threw up and some other TMI. Corey went by the school to pick him up but then couldn't wait when Hyrum took too long, so then I went out to grab him. I was happy to cause it was going to solve my dentist appointment problem. On our way home, Hyrum was having another emergency and luckily we were in a place where I was able to hurry and pull over and, phew, just in time, he threw up on the dirt on the side of the road. Sweet! Sorry you're sick, but good job buddy!
I asked if I could take a picture of his first puke, he said "NO!" But I didn't ask, and thus he didn't say I couldn't take a picture to his second puke... But he did shout over to me "Do NOT blog this..." So I guess I'm not following instructions, oh well. But Hyrum, I'm just doing this so you can remember "that one time..." when that one 24 bug caused you some could-have-been-super-embarrassing-at-school problems and you were so thankful to be at home dealing with your sickness. So think of this post as trigger for a gratitude journal. Today didn't go exactly as planned, but I did accomplish a lot of tasks and things that are important to me and I feel good! It's been a good day, full of productivity, even with the interruptions that have come up. I'm on week 3 of my "Courage Challenge" with Holly Rigsby, it's been a miracle worker so far, I'm excited to see what these next 5 weeks bring!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Drive Up Squaw Peak Road

The kids and I took another drive this evening. I'm in love with these Utah mountains and trees! Just sooo gorgeous.
Behold Cascade Mountain!! The picture of this majesty was taken as we drove up the Squaw Peak Road in Provo Canyon. As we turned into the canyon, we had a different view of Timpanogos. Just so beautiful.
I kept telling the kids "I've been up there! To the very top!"
I gotta do that again. It's on the list - we're making a good plan for next summer! So I pulled over on the canyon highway to take those two pics above, then we took a right up the squaw peak road.
We went down to Utah County again cause Wes accidentally left his back pack at the soundhouse again. Last week on Wednesday after LBB he couldn't find it. He thought he left it in the car, but it wasn't there, wasn't at the soundhouse when Joseph checked when he went to band on Friday. So he's using an old backpack from storage and Corey went to school with him to buy a few books again so he could be prepared. Then yesterday he left it at the soundhouse again. He was so worried that his teachers would be mad and his classmates would gossip about forgetful Wesley. I was positive no one would care, but I guess I don't know how jr high kids think. But with his father insisting he cannot hide from his problems, Wes conquered his fears and brave and went to school without his planner and stuff again today. Good job Wes! So that is why we went on a drive again. We also went by Costco first. Kinda hard to go there with 6 kids in tow but it wasn't too bad. It was 6:30 when we were heading up the canyon.
Sun was going down. 26 pictures shot during the drive.
Should I post them all? Sometimes I get frustrated taking pictures cause they can't do it justice anyway, so what's the point?
But sigh, it was just so amazing. I love the red trees. See all those red trees up on the side of the mountain? They are incredible!
Just a few more days and they'll be gone, they are about half brown right now...
Gotta soak it in while we can!
The road winding up the mountain slope.
Cascade Mountain again. I just love it.
I love RED! Maybe I should have been a U of U girl...
Oh my goodness, DO YOU SEE THIS?!?!?
Wes and I were seriously screaming "THIS IS AMAZING!!!"
 Lily was afraid of the car rolling over the cliff, so she traded Wes and let him sit shotgun.
Take a picture, take a picture.
We're going on hikes next summer and going camping, so help me Mother Nature!
 Have you had enough yet?
 Sorry, just a few more...
Ahhh! Just heavenly -
Cue angelic music...
So it was pretty much amazing.
We got to the overlook and the kids got out of the car. I did a Marco Polo video for my family while Wesley borrowed my camera to snap a few pictures of the sunset.
Someday when he's famous this photo's gonna be worth a million dollars!
It was super cold. Here's a screen shot of cute Owen in that video. "Is it cold Owen?" "Yea! Cold!" 
Winter will be here soon. I'm so grateful we got out again! That's twice this week, that is a successful week to me!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Lily's Routine

I've known our family and household needed to work on a routine/schedule for a while. I was listening for help and received some guidance for it during General Conference. Also, that Saturday of conference, I signed up last minute for a "Courage Challenge" that I saw on facebook by Holly, a fitness lady that I learned about after Abi was born years ago. Anyway, I've been working on a lot of stuff there and it's been great. I'll try to share some of it later if I can. So that is something that I personally have been working on and haven't told anyone I don't think, so I thought it was super cute to find recently that Lily's been working on a morning routine too! Last Wednesday, I saw her walking around and looking at this little paper. I asked to see it and then said I had to take a picture. Super cute Lil!
Complete with simple illustrations~
I like this second page - #2 or 3 there it says to "walk bunky bunky", who is her big stuffed dog (pic 1). I'm glad that stuffed animal has kept me free from pressure from Lily to buy a real pet dog
Then today I smiled again as I saw her refining her routine and doing it with a friend (always a helpful tip!) Yes, Bunky Bunky participated with her today. I don't know if she'll take the time to get him dressed every morning, but she was carrying him around the house and I was like "what is she doing?" and he was wearing one of Corey's shirts too...
Then I saw these papers stapled together and taped above her bed to help her this morning.
Bunky Bunky made the illustrations.

I really smiled when, as she was leaving for school, I noticed this "after school routine" taped on the front door. I especially liked the "P.S." there at the top - "Keep this for Lily to see" So I left it up on the door all day.
Good job Lily, I'm impressed. I hope that your siblings follow your example!
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