Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Acceptance Speech

Thank you...Thank you so much...
1. I'd like to thank Owen waking me up at midnight this morning AND for being fussy after he ate AND loud after he played with toys in the closet, so much so that I took him downstairs at 1 a.m. (where I've begun to let him finish out his bedtime sleep lately) allowing my cute fuzzy socks to catch the cold water covering the floor.
2. I'd like to thank my amazing self for walking around the left side of the couch, enabling me to notice the wet overflow in the dark room
3. I'd like to thank my amazing motherly feet for still being able to function when they know they are standing in toilet water, a feat that would totally paralyze all my children (except probably Mel)
4. I'd like to thank my amazing motherly ears for being able to deal with Owen wailing as I left him unattended as I cleaned it up the mess.
5. I'd like to thank all my children for many the clogged toilets over the years, giving me the opportunity to practice my plunging skills.
6. I'd like to thank my floor towels for all the hard work they always do around here (floor spills, mopping, throw up duty...)
7. I'd like to thank the United States of America for great toilets and indoor plumbing, blessing me that I really don't have to plunge that often (as compared to our plumbing in Brazil, although I'd like to encourage American home builders to be smart and start putting floor drains in bathrooms like they do in Brazil, shouldn't drains in bathrooms be obvious?)
8. I'd like to thank the heavy duty plunger for always working so quickly AND for having a big open plunger and hollow handle that it's able to scoop out toilet water like a ladle, helping ease the spillage of water onto the floor once the plunging began
9. I'd like to thank the unfinished basement for allowing me a quick clean up and the peace of mind to not worry about ruining the carpet or ceiling down there as the water overflowed and spilled down the floor cracks
10. I'd like to thank Corey who will be staying home from work for a few hours tomorrow morning to watch the girls while I recover from lack of sleep.
AND last of all
I'd like to punch the throat of whoever left this toilet plugged before they went to bed last night (and I'm glad we stayed up until 11 and this was only 2 hours of overflow...) - This is the second time I've had to deal with this night time spillage. NOTE TO CHILDREN: IF THE TOILET ON THE MAIN FLOOR IS CLOGGED, IT WILL SPILL OVER BECAUSE I HAVEN'T CALLED THE REPAIR MAN TO FIX THE FILL VALVE YET. (Note to self: call the repair man). EASE UP ON THE TP!!! The dear children are going to be getting a brief fyi lecture in the morning. I can't tell whose handwriting that is on that note there, but they're gonna get the lecture first. And yes, child, I realize that it might have been someone else who clogged it and you were just the one who discovered it and wrote this note. NO MORE NOTES. COME AND WAKE ME UP. Clogged main floor toilet = emergency. You have my blessing to knock on my bedroom door until I answer. I might seem irritated at first but will bless your name afterwards.

Ok, now that I've vented I might have calmed down enough that I might be able to fall back asleep.

(This post inspired by the facebook post from Jan 9th by Ethan's Tour group chaperone, she is really funny.)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sunday Snapshots

I keep meaning to take a group picture of the kids in their Sunday clothes, but another Sunday has come and gone and I missed it. They just change their clothes too fast. Today I remembered to get out the camera cause I wanted to get a picture of Sophi and Natalie in their shoe attire. Natalie was in a little yellow spring dress, cause it's just so warm lately - almost above freezing at night, ha. So she's wearing a little spring dress and would not put on the shoes I wanted her to wear, no... she wore her Belle dress up shoes to church. Cause they're yellow, so they accessorize nicely. I didn't want to have a fight, so I let her wear the play dress up shoes. Atleast they matched each other. 
She wouldn't come for a picture, so I had to chase her down and tickle her on the couch. No princess shoes in the pic, but they were on those little feet for church. Funny.

Sophi was a character yesterday too. She insisted on wearing her black rainboots. A pretty red velvet with gold sparkle dress, with... rainboots. Whatever makes you happy. You've got both right and left foot? Good enough, let's go. So we went to church and I was laughing at them, but they're they youngest, they get away with a lot of stuff the older kids didn't get away with when they were toddlers. Everyone else looked dapper for church. Wesley, always looking like a gentleman. Thanks to Corey's mother who fixed Wesley's and Hyrum's jackets while we were gone in Hawaii. Owen... we'll start dressing you up in another 6 months. For now, he still gets away with casual attire and a bib and a binkie. I have put socks and shoes on him the past 3 weeks, so that's a step in the right direction.
Joseph, you're a fine looking young man. He's a good leader of the pack. And taking off his shoes before going upstairs, the kids are finally getting trained on carpet etiquette.
Melodie home from church working on her Personal Progress or something, good job Mel.
Everyone else hand changed out of their clothes. Our church schedule changed ~ last year church began at 9:00, now we get a whole two more hours and start at 11:00. It makes Sunday morning a lot more calm. We almost get up at the same time, only now I have time to do the hair of all the girls (except Natalie who won't let me touch her hair). And last week and this week we left at 10:40 and were very on time, good job crew. Next week we'll try to get a group shot before church of everyone looking so cute and pretty before we go.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Peek A Boo

Natalie had a fun time playing Peek a Boo with Owen and screaming "THERE HE IS!!!" everytime he pulled the little blankie off his face. I love these beautiful children so much. I pray for the world to know that children are a gift to be received with joy (not with fear!) and that they are worth any small sacrifice we might be asked to make her in mortality. I'm sad to read of the Zika virus and the defects that is said to be causing newborn babies, but pray that women will accept the children God gives them, whatever his will is and plan is for them.
This article was hard for me to read, since like most things about abortion it made me want to weep and cry for the world, but I recommend it - "When Abortion stopped making Sense". I wanted to cry reading what Richard Selzer said in that article (1975 version of it reprinted here). From this current news article:
- We had somehow bought the idea that abortion was necessary if women were going to rise in their professions and compete in the marketplace with men. But how had we come to agree that we will sacrifice our children, as the price of getting ahead? When does a man ever have to choose between his career and the life of his child?
- And the fact is, an unborn child, from the very first moment, is a new human individual. It has the three essential characteristics that make it “a human life”: It’s alive and growing, it is composed entirely of human cells, and it has unique DNA. It’s a person, just like the rest of us. 
- The minimum purpose of government is to shield the weak from abuse by the strong, and there is no one weaker or more voiceless than unborn children. And so we keep saying that they should be protected, for all the same reasons that newborn babies are protected. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Piano Baby

This was Melodie's idea - she propped him right up to the piano in his high chair so now he doesn't even need us to hold him while he composes and practices his piano skills.
Owen! You're doing so good! He played for a while, and his music was so soothing he played himself to sleep.
Owen? Are you tired? Want to go take a nap and lay down in a comfortable position? Trust me, you don't want to sleep sitting up. I do that at night more often than I'd like, rocking you in the chair. you'll sleep better laying down, let's go get you to bed! xoxo

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Parent Teacher Conference

I took the elementary kids to their parent teacher conferences yesterday. The kids all are doing well in their academic studies. Abi still needs to work on reading. Corey's been reading Harry Potter to her at night. Natalie enjoyed her sisters showing her all the fun things available at school - markers to draw, cubes to stack, puzzles to assemble. And lots of ABCs everywhere.
I like Parent Teacher Conference cause that means the teachers have a "work day" on Friday and my kids don't have school, yay! We have like 4 days off this month, hooray for February. Ethan and Hyrum came along so they could see their old stomping ground and say hi to their teachers from 7+ years ago. Time flies. I ran into a neighbor and mom who I was talking with on Sunday about sick kids and the flu. Her kids had been throwing up. She told me briefly as she walked past that her baby threw up earlier that afternoon, "He was playing on the carpet with his brother, crawled over to the kitchen, and threw up all over the tile! And I was like THANK YOU!!!" I congratulated her on her good fortune - a joy only mothers know - the joy of not having to clean puke off of carpet. Also, I really don't like the book fair and the kids coming home with their list of books that they want to buy. That's why we go to the county library. Or the thrift store, cause we all know what your little sisters to do books, hence why I don't pay full price for new books. If we're going to leave books out for the little people to destroy, they're gonna be gently used and cost 50 cents.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Strawberry Shortcake

For Christmas, I got some Strawberry Shortcake toys for the girls. They are similar to some toys I had bought years ago but couldn't find in the stores anymore. I really liked these toys, and I need to have toys here that I like since I'm the one who usually picks them up. If I don't like them, I tend to donate them, and not much of a point in buying toys that I'm going to give away. And we needed more of these toys, cause we still had two houses, but the dolls had all had their little necks broken because of their big heavy heads. Superglue can only do so much. So that is why I love the internet and online shopping and ebay. I was able to get a whole lot of these dolls for the girls from a nice lady in New Hampshire for a good price (made an offer) and now the girls have two more houses, plus lots of food and almost every doll with a few doubles of Strawberry shortcake and Lemon.
So many cute things to make their imaginative play more fun! I love how they set up the table and have little parties all the time. See the dolls sitting at the table with cake and pie ~
They seem to be able to play more creatively with the little dolls than the barbie dolls or Big toddler dolls. Good to have all sizes though, but yeah, I love these little Strawberry shortcake dolls.

Monday, February 1, 2016


So Natalie not only loves to sing the ABCs (as shown in her previous Ukulele ABC song clip) but she likes to play with her ABC toys. They actually belong to Abi ~ Hyrum bought these for Abi for Christmas at the dollar store after I suggested they would be a good gift cause she could play school with them (cause she always plays school, she's the teacher).

But Abi never got much of a chance, because Natalie quickly gravitated toward them and declared them her ABCs, and she's played with them ever since.
It's kinda fun to see what the toddlers like to play with. I remember we had a puzzle of a USA map that Lily was always putting together. Natalie's toy is the foam ABCs. She likes to make "a - rain - bow!" with them (to be said as you gesture your whole body to make the rainbow move, using your hands and arching them up in the air as you go from side to side in a bow starting at one hip and going up in the air like a rainbow to the other hip ((atleast that's what Natalie has to do each time she says "rainbow")). In the nursery at church, they have big foam squares like that that the kids use for floor mats. Natalie loves to put them together at church too. Maybe we'll buy another set of these ABCs for the nursery so she can play with them there too. She loves the ABCs!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday 3:09 PM

It's a Friday and everyone is home from school, yay! We survived another week. Melodie and Ethan are in their default Friday after school mode, aka crashed out on the couch.
Correction: last week they were crashed out on the couches, this week they're crashed out on the recliner and the ottoman. Last week they both slept until 6pm. We'll see how long they sleep this time, they gotta lot of sleep to catch up on. Hyrum is having a snack in the kitchen. Wes, Abi, and Sophi are all playing outside in the snow.
Lily is playing sweetly by herself in her room ~ Say cheese Lily
Joseph, who is usually the first one home, is our last one home on Fridays. Everyone else has early out day (Joseph has late start on Mondays, which is okay I guess, but I think I like early outs better). I asked Joseph to tune the ukulele for me.
Owen took a break from eating the wipes to listen to him.
(Love that little face!!!!)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Slobber Man

Owen constantly had a bib or a little receiving blanket wrapped around his neck, cause he is Mr. Slobber. He's got a leak or something...
Just look at that shiny wet chin! We love to kiss that face. 
And we love to hold him in the air above us, but that is a dangerous move, and both Joseph and I can testify that those drops of drool falls fast and without enough warning to move out of the way. He'll get ya! We try to patch up the hole every now and then, but the drool still leaks out.
He's our sweet little slobber man. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

6 Months

Today was a busy day. First the morning school rush of course, then I started to get the little girls ready at 9 so we could leave for the church at 9:30 for a scripture study group. I had to leave that a bit early because Owen had his 6 month check up at 11. He passed with almost flying colors. He's nice and big and healthy, all his insides sounded good, also he's sitting up great, almost like a 9 month old she said. The only concern she said was this fold of skin on his leg. I've noticed it, I just thought he was chubby, and that might be all it is. (We jokingly say he has two butts) Anyway, I guess a deep thigh crease like that could mean that his legs aren't growing at the same rate or that his hips are out of line. So like Natalie, might mean there's some hip dysplasia. So after his check up and immunizations, we went over to the x-ray place and he got his hips x-rayed.
He let me get his bottom undressed and move him around without waking up for the first x-ray, but after that he had had enough and woke up for the second x-ray when they put his legs straight. Cause no relaxed baby likes that! So they held him down and then we got him dressed and headed home for a quick lunch. Then we were off again to pick up Hyrum for an Orthodontist visit. Went to Plewe for a consultation this time. I'm doing all my homework this time, just to be sure I've checked out all my options before we start forking out another $4800, yikes. I get that braces take a long time and it's a slow process, but I don't think that's should mean that braces cost as much as a car. Is it cause the metal providers have really jacked up the price somewhere along the line? Is there a Braces Union that escalates the costs? One thousand, maybe two - that would be reasonable, right? But 3 and 4 thousand? Almost $5 thousand, it just seems like a bit much. But I guess people pay it (like we are for Joseph) oh well. So at Plewe's office they were nice enough and it would be $700 less, but we definitely like McDonough better. I have a few more free consultations over the next week and then we'll give our official endorsement with all the price quotes for you (since none of them would give us a quote over the phone).

SO, after Hyrum's ortho appointment, we went to my mom's to drop off all the kids so I could go kids free to a dental cleaning for myself. It's been, gosh, probably 5 years since I had one. I'm pretty sure I did it shortly after we got home from Chile in 2011. I'm going back next week to get some of the sealants on my molars done again. Then we had the crazy busy Wednesday evening with music and activities and scouts and all that jazz. Tomorrow is Friday eve, yay! I live for the weekends. Love having all my kids home.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Here's Hoping

I like living in my bubble. Life is happy here in my bubble, in our little corner of heaven in this neighborhood with wonderful neighbors and children for my children to play with. I am most happy when I have all my children at home with me. I feel like we are safe. But then I read the news. And then my heart starts to fail me. I really don't want to know very much about what's going on in the outside world. I have pretty much been avoiding it until Corey shared with me lots of garbage about how horrible Donald Trump is on our date last Friday night.

I am shaking my head so much right now as I think about the 2016 election.  It's not even fun for me, cause I don't have a team to cheer on. I still wish Mitt had won. 2008 or 2012, either one would have been great, I guess it would have given me faith that our country isn't going to hell. But after the 2012 loss, I decided I just can't care, I can't control it, I can't make a difference other than casting my vote. If Mitt would have won, I probably would have put my faith in the government and in who our President is. So maybe the Lord is letting this happen so I will not put my faith in any man or in the arm of the flesh, I need to put my faith in Christ.

While we were living in Brazil, I read the Old Testament from cover to cover for the first time. That was the first time I read the book of Daniel from front to finish, and when I discovered Daniel 4. Two verses from that chapter impressed me to trust that God knows who the Presidents and kings of each nation are, and HE is in control and HE puts even the basest of men there for his own purposes. In verse 17, Nebuchadnezzar tells of a dream that he had of a great tree with much fruit that a holy one came and cut down ~ for "the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men."

Daniel interprets the dream and says Nebuchadnezzer is the tree and that (verse 25) "they shall drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field, and they shall make thee to eat grass as oxen, and they shall wet thee with the dew of heaven, and seven times shall pass over thee, till thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will."

Then in verse 30, Nebuchadnezzer is admiring his great Babylon, his great kingdom that he thinks he has built up: "Is not this great Babylon, that I have built for the house of the kingdom by the might of my power, and for the honour of my majesty? While those words were still in his mouth, a voice came from heaven declaring (verse 31-32): "O king Nebuchadnezzar, to thee it is spoken; The kingdom is departed from thee. And they shall drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field: they shall make thee to eat grass as oxen, and seven times shall pass over thee, until thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will."

My take away - our country is in God's hands. God rules in this nation and he giveth it to whomsoever he will. Why he willed Obama to be president, I do not know, but his ways are higher than my ways and his thoughts than my thoughts. And I trust that HE ultimately is in charge of this next election. (God help us!)

So, I've been in a bit of despair this morning. Obama and the current election isn't the sole purpose for these thoughts, but the corruption and evil things in this country have (and I tend to pin those on Obama and liberals like him). I was awakened today to how bad things are when I read today that Dave Daleiden, the man behind making those Planned Parenthood videos, has been indicted by a Grand Jury in Texas for attempting to buy baby parts. Yet Planned Parenthood is not guilty of selling them. Again: Planned Parenthood is innocent of selling baby parts to Dave Daleiden, but Dave Daleiden is guilty of buying baby parts from Planned Parenthood. But how could the buyer be guilty of buying but the seller not guilty of selling?

To quote Matt Walsh: "The only way these charges could look even remotely honest is if Planned Parenthood had been brought up on them as well. In that case it still would have egregiously unfair considering Daleiden didn’t actually intend on purchasing any human tissue, while Planned Parenthood did intend on selling it, but at least they would be making a minimal effort to give off the appearance of impartiality. Even that, apparently, was too much to ask."

I just feel sick for our country, that abortions are performed and celebrated, that there is such disregard for chastity and that 50 Shades of Grey and Game of Thrones are enjoyed as entertainment. I'm sick about Human trafficking, gosh I feel like things are so bad. Yet, here I am in my little bubble and my children are safe and we are happy (unless I read the news) so I'll avoid it and I'll just keep watching BYUtv and will "see the good in the world." In my home I'll teach my children to read the scriptures and to believe in God, and they are already becoming great people. I know there are lots of great people out there, and that brings me back to hope. There are people out there like Timothy Ballard who really have seen how bad it is, they've been on the front lines. If he still can go about doing good and fighting evil and if he still believes in America, then I guess I can believe too. And there is lots of work to do.

Wickedness is all around us, evil is called good and good is called evil, but my trust is in God, not the world around me. He is in control, he is at work, Zion is growing stronger as are the forces of evil that oppose her. I will look to the prophets for guidance and keep my family close and take care of them. That is the most important thing I can do with my time. God will make all things right in the end. Which makes me want to sing the song from the Savior of the World play "Come in glory to the earth, come to us to rule and reign. Ready us to be thy people. Come, Lord Jesus, come!" I pray and yearn for the day when he will come again, and I know he will come. I will immerse myself in the scriptures and listen to General Conference. I read Alma 58 today, before I read about Dave Daleiden, and that kind of prepped me for that news. There are so many stories in the Book of Mormon that can help us and that show us how the righteous live when they are surrounded by evil and corruption. Verses 9-10 - Like Helaman and his army, I am "grieved and also filled with fear, lest by any means the judgments of God should come upon our land, to our overthrow and utter destruction. Therefore (I will) pour out (my soul) in prayer to God, that he would strengthen us and deliver us." And I trust that he will, as in verse 11: "...it came to pass that the Lord our God did visit us with assurances that he would deliver us; yea, insomuch that he did speak peace to our souls, and did grant unto us great faith, and did cause us that we should hope for our deliverance in him." Here's hoping! So there is my rant for today. Back to my bubble! I'm going to go kiss my beautiful baby.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Fort

It snowed a ton on Saturday night. Corey and the kids were at his office and didn't know it was snowing outside until I called and told them. Corey tries to avoid driving in the snow at all costs, so I told them they better hurry and leave. I called because, around 10:00, after assuming they would be home soon, I had gone out to shovel the driveway. But it was coming down so fast, it quickly covered areas I had just cleared. It was also super slick snow. I didn't even have to walk down the driveway, I had my feet planted and I just slowly slid down shoveling in front of me. So those two things made me call to tell them it was snowing, mostly so that they would tell me when they were almost home so I could go shovel right before they arrived. I'm the chief of the "do not drive on the driveway if there is snow on it at any costs because we live in a north facing house and it will be there all winter if you do" police.

So, they leave. Corey couldn't hear me very well when I called (which I didn't know) and didn't hear me say it was snowing. But then Joseph told him, because I called him because Corey hadn't let me finish with my instructions, which was that I wanted them to call me when they were close so I could clear it on the driveway before they drove on it. Once Joseph was gone and I didn't even know it had snowed and he called me from the street so I could go clear it off real quick. What a good boy! So then Joseph told Corey it was snowing, and they left. It was super slick on the road ~ there were cars stuck and cars that had slid off. They didn't come on the freeway, Corey was nervous the whole time. As they turned off of 13th to come up the hill, they were spinning their wheels and Corey didn't think they were going to make it. Luckily they had a small miracle - a small patch of the road was cleared off - whether by some person clearing it off in front of their driveway, or from a sewer under neath? Either way, that blessed patch of cleared asphalt helped them make it up the hill without sliding off the road and getting stuck. Then Joseph called and I cleared off the driveway and phew! Everyone was safe at home.

So, the snow was so deep, after church I told the kids my idea. It is an idea that I always have when I see the snow up to the level of the slide in the backyard...all you guys would have to do is cover that and finish off the walls around that backyard playset thing and it would be like an igloo. So they set out to work. Wes started his own fort in a corner by the fence, and Hyrum worked on the igloo...
Abi asked if I could come help. Ethan said he would watch Owen, so I geared up and went out to play in the snow. (Because I was quite the snow fort builder when I was a kid). I thought Ethan would come get me after an hour or two, but he never came. We started around 3 and played in the snow until it got dark at 6. Check out our work: Mel wrokign on the wall, Abi peeking up through our "gopher hole" which I thought was really funny
We used a few of the boards from Corey's ice rink from last year to help support the roofs.
And the lids from a few rubbermaid bin. on the other side, we used some snow tires for an entrance. We need to finish off the roof there where Mel is standing, or maybe we'll use it as another gopher hole. After we finish the fort, Mel is going to furnish it. She started making a a chair but I told her she had to wait cause it was in the way. She called it a "snow-fa" which I thought was so funny. "Did you just make that up yourself or have you heard someone else say that?" Get it? sofa, but made of snow? Snowfa! Such a funny girl. Wes helped us too, but he and Hyrum were having a snow war when I was taking pictures.
It was really fun. I haven't gone digging in the snow for a few years. I do remember making a snow cave when we were living at the Crosswood house. My arms might be sore tomorrow from shoveling so much snow during our three hours out there! It was fun to be a kid again and play and talk with my kids. 
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