Saturday, April 27, 2013

Screen Free Week

We're heading out on a little trip today ~ Las Vegas first for the night and then tomorrow finishing our trip to San Diego where we will be spending a week just chillin'.  We're bringing puzzles, games and have told the kids this is a TV free vacation.  Corey's going to work remotely, and I might or might not make myself go without computer time too.  But excited to just have a week off.  We didn't have a spring break as a family, cause the kids are in different school districts and didn't have their spring recesses at the same time, so Corey decided we should schedule our own.  :)  I'm excited for summer, this little break might help me survive till then.  10 more weeks till my due date, excited to meet this little girl.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Silly Boys

Here are some pictures of the boys getting a good laugh out of themselves as they ran around the house in Lily's pajamas.
 Ethan, I will admit, was the funniest to watch.  Acting like Tarzan and running around like a monkey...
 Wes feeling the beat above, ready to Rock with You...
 Hyrum was a little more tame, but still wanted to play along in the silly game
Yeah, those are 3T pjs that my 9 year old is sporting there.  Funny boys

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Melodie of the Future

I was just cleaning off some bookshelves in the front room and found a folded piece of paper tucked between some scrapbooks.  Figured it was garbage, so I picked it up, and opened it up before I intended to throw it away.  Then I read this time capsule letter from Melodie to her future self.
Dear Myself in the future.  Hi.  I'm in sixth grade, Sophi is the youngest in our family, 1 1/2.  I'm doing a book report right now....I CAN'T WAIT TILL THE BABY'S BORN!  I bet she is really cute~  I can't wait to hold a little girl, so peaceful and sweet.  Circle the name (if it's here) Kristina, Kimberly, Valerie, Alissa.  Enjoy her and love her.  Right now Julia is probably in Young Womens.  Have a GOOD SUMMER!  You are lucky!  So smart, you're probably AMAZING on the flute.  Well that's all.  You're awesome future self!

I liked seeing the all caps about the baby, she really is excited, probably the second most excited next to me, she's such a good little mother.  I've seen her write notes like this to herself before and I think that they capture her true personality better than the impression she usually gives people.  Melodie is pretty shy/quiet/reserved at school, but is quite the character at home. Glad that I found this note to document for her future self, just in case someone else does find it and toss in the trash.  I'll go tuck it back on the shelf now.  :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Toddler Chores

I don't even have to ask her.  If the dishwasher is open, Sophia is unloading the silverware.  (Hilarious to watch from this angle.)
That is her territory.  Doesn't matter to her if the silverware is clean or dirty.  (Luckily it was clean this time)

She throws them in the drawer with the cutest little forceful hand toss ~ flinging them in one by one.
She's showing those spoons who's in charge, and each time she's done with a handful, she closes the drawer before going for more utensils.

It just makes me smile and laugh and my heart swell.  It's amazing that we find such fullness of joy through these little snippets of life ~ Simple delightful moments that come from being parents and having the privilege of associating with these little heavenly creations.

Monday, April 22, 2013

World's Best Mom

Pin a blue ribbon upon my chest, I'm feeling like I deserve an award.  And I'm being sarcastic for saying it would be the "Best Mom" award.

So I was just downstairs at the computer in Corey's office, which office I rarely if ever go in to to use the computer, so I feel grateful I was in there, because I just happened to be in one of the few spots of the house where I could see what I saw. Yea, lo and behold, I did happen to look out the window at those little things moving, what is that I see?  Two little feet dangling off of the roof?  I stand and look for a better view, and sure enough, there on the patio roof are my two little daughters, ages 3 and 5, the younger sitting, the older standing, smiling and looking out at the world with little eyes full of wonder at awe, amazed at the perspective  up here at this new and great height at which they are at.

My mind: "OH MY GOSH..." but no use calling at them from the lower window I know so I quickly go bookin' it up the stairs in a mad dash saying "OhmygoshOhmygosh" and I make Hyrum's and Sophia's hearts race too as thunder past them as they quietly read and I leap two stairs at a time going up to my room where I had left these two lovely girls.  They had been playing house.  I go to the bay window area where the window is open which leads to the roof and I see they are still safe and alive on top of the roof and I say with feigned calmness "Abi, Lily," and they carefully walk over to the window, I bring them back in, shut and lock the window and then I gasp for air and I spend the next 20 minutes trying to breath and calm down from my heart attack.

"YOU CANNOT GO ON THE ROOF, you cannot climb out the window, that is not allowed, who's idea was that? (Abi's) Why would you think that was okay to go out there?" I say and ask these questions over and over again and I'm venting and thinking of what I believe inspire this little adventure... over the weekend, Corey fertilized the back lawn, so the kid's play slide was pushed over off the lawn on to the dirt right by the shed.  Despite my "I'd rather you guys didn't do that" plea, Ethan had been proudly teaching his siblings who were willing how to climb onto the roof of the shed.  I watched them and prayed they wouldn't fall, if they did I guess it would be about a 7 foot drop onto the dirt, probably cause a broken bone but not death so, I reluctantly let them live and learn and they all survived.  Even Abi and Wes made it on top, which Ethan brags about to make Hyrum feel bad "Even a FIVE year old could!!!" and I'm praising Hyrum that he is my model child who has not given in to the peer pressure - he didn't feel good about it, thank you my son, good job buddy.  So, the other kids are all feeling so big and brave and tough.  Yes, I'm sure that is where Abi's brilliant idea came from to take her little sister out on the roof with her.  I'm guessing that one would have been a 12-15-ish foot drop onto the grass, depending on where you measure the angled roof from.  Probably survivable, but I lectured Abi for a few minutes that THAT is what I have nightmares about, THAT is what scares Moms, is their kids falling from a high place and getting hurt or dying.  Relating it to nightmares made her understand a little bit why I was freaking out.  She asked "How come grown ups get to go on roofs?"  We don't go on roofs to play, we go if we have to (like when we cleaned out the gutters in the fall, everyone wanted to go up with Corey) We also go get shots at the doctor if we have to.  We get shots, and get on the roof sometimes, not cause it's fun or cause it's a game.  It's not a game, it's dangerous and we don't do it unless we have to.  Not sure how much of that clicked for her.  I called Corey and told him my heart attack story for a few minutes, then lectured Abi again, then called Nicole and told her, then my heart was about calmed down enough to function.  Not really something you go post and laugh about on facebook or anything, cause then you get one of these awards, right.  - not
I know it's just life and things like this happen to all parents, but man, deep breath, don't like it.  Glad they did not get hurt.  Window is now locked, we're going to have a little family lesson on this tonight: "Why you should listen to your parents", Corey's asked to teach the lesson and I've obliged.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Discovery Park

In between the Saturday afternoon sessions of General Conference a week ago, we met up at the "wood park" (aka Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove) with our dear friends that we met in Costa Rica, the Meyers.  
That week was Joseph's spring break, so he had gone down on Thursday night and was able to hang out with Michael for two days, so this was also when we picked him up.  All the big kids had fun playing with their long lost jungle friends.  Not sure if they all talked about Costa Rica much, but they did all enjoy seeing each other and playing.
They spun and spun each other on the tire swing until they were sick (they'd just eaten a bunch of cookies).
After I gave them a few spins, the "I feel like I'm gonna throw up" bench was almost full.
We adults just had to keep tabs on the babies and toddlers.  Usually I don't want to push kids on the swing, cause it means that I have to stand out in the sun.  But since this was a cool and overcast day, I didn't mind. I actually really enjoyed it!  Seeing the big smile of true happiness on Lily's face as I pushed her just warmed my heart.

Sophia liked the swing too.  We were able to chat with the Meyers as we all pushed the babies.
Corey spun them around on this thing too - it was funny seeing Sophi's smile and also seeing her start to lean more and more to the left with each turn.  Hold on tight, kiddo
We left home for the park at 11:00 and were able to listen to the 2nd hour of conference in the car, which is one of the best ways for us adults to actually hear the conference live.  We had arranged a lunch with each other, rolls and salad, cookies, carrots and apples.  We had a nice visit and after 2 hours we all headed back to the cars - listening again to the next session of conference as we drove.  Wonderful talks were shared. I love General Conference. I'm learning more and more that it's all about family.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I walked in on these two girls reading yesterday
Sophia prefers to use her activity table as a tub, and seeing her sitting in it totally made me laugh.
I love those cute little feet and fidgeting toes, always busy.  Love it.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Little House Legos

I started reading "The Little House" books to Abi last month.  I never read them as a child and have been enjoying them.  Abi liked the Big Woods but isn't so interested in the Prarie, but I torture her and make her listen, she's relatively patient about it for a 5 year old.  Hyrum usually can't help but over-hear the story, and after finishing Percy Jackson he asked if it would be okay for him to read the Little House books.  It took Abi and I a while to read the book, cause we just read a chapter a day, but Hyrum read the first book in 2 days and has been reading the series.  He's on "By The Shores Of Silver Lake" right now.  Of course, no reading adventure is complete without making Legos to go with it, so here is his Little House on the Prarie Lego set
Caroline holding baby Carrie, and Charles taking care of their horses Pet and Patty
Inside their little house on the prarie - just realized I didn't get a good picture of the fireplace, but it was well done, Hyrum did a good job.
Mary and Laura ~ You can tell by their faces that Mary is good but Laura is a mischievous little girl.
The well built log home  cabin and is able to withstand toddler play.
(Those prarie wolves are as big as the horses, yikes!)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Stick'em Up

Sophia has learned how to stage a stick up.  First get the toy gun from Wesley's cowboy dress up clothes (it can often be found laying around on the floor).  Next, take the gun and point it at your brothers and sisters and say "Pa!" (pow).  They will fall on the ground.  Then everyone laughs.
After everyone's eliminated, she points the gun at herself and pows herself and she falls down too.  Then they all do it again, they think it's a pretty fun game.  Of course anything is "fun" and "cute" if it involves Sophia, we all love it.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thanksgiving Point

We have a membership to Thanksgiving Point that I haven't taken advantage of since October when we took Angela to see the gardens.  It expires next month, and with the new baby soon to be here, I don't see myself using it much during the last trimester or during the first year, so I don't think we'll renew it yet.  Luckily we've got it now and so we'll be going either this weekend or next to the Tulip Festival.  Love the gardens.  The kids like the play areas and the farm, so I'm trying to take advantage of it this last month.  It's a great deal though, with our brood I only have to go two times to make the year long membership a bargain for us, sweet!  I took Hyrum and the girls there for a field trip, they had a good time.

Lily was afraid of all the dinosaur bones and was reluctant to go anywhere or do anything, so we spent most of the time in the sand pit digging for fossils and a little while at the water table / land erosion area.
Didn't get pictures of the water table place cause I was holding Sophia up to it the whole time.  Fun stuff.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

Just a few pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt we did here at our house with my side of the fam a week ago...  Of course, Sophi is just super cute.  She was wearing her squeaker shoes, so funny ~
Lily and Sophi pausing their search so I can snap a picture ~
Abi and Lily had to dress up in her Easter dresses to make the event official
No basket for Abi ~ here's an ice cream container, good enough.
Corey attacked all his little girls with hugs and kisses as they made their way inside after collecting their loot.  He is such a great dad, life is so good.  Happy spring!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Treat from Dad

Corey was in Texas for a few days on a quick business trip and got back last night. On his flight back he had a connection in Arizona where he purchased treats for the kids.  Some regular candy, then a really special surprise.  He presented the surprise first ~ "Who wants a SUCKER?!?!"  Abi and Lily were jumping up and down "ME!! ME!!  I do!! I do!!"  He gave it to Abi.  She said "YAY!!!"  Then took the sucker.  Looked at it.  Paused.  "Actually, I don't want a sucker..."  Lily?  Do you want the sucker?
Uh, that would be a "no."
I was repulsed.  The rest of the children were equally offended at the idea.
That, my friends, is a real scorpion in there, not plastic.
Isn't that just the grossest thing ever?  These guys gotta only be making money selling these things cause people are using them for practical joke gifts.  "No, people really eat them" Corey insisted.  Bleck.  Lily went off on a "I hate sco-pians" speech.  Corey asked her "Why did Jesus make scorpions?"  "Jesus didn't make sco-pions." she replied.  "Then who made them?"  "Maybe the monsters did!  Let's put the sco-pians in the MUDS!"  Sounds good to me.

So if you want to be grossed out, or find a good gag gift for that special person in your life that you're trying to one-up, here's their website.  (Yuck!!!)

A Bad Bonk

Melodie and Sophi were playing with the guinea pigs in the back yard yesterday, and then Melodie went to put the pigs away and left Sophia on the hammock, and then Sophia fell off the hammock and hit her eye on the metal frame of it, and it must have hit in just the right spot on her cheek bone cause boy, it got swollen up right away.  She would not let me put ice on it, but the swelling went down during the evening.  However, this morning when her little sleepy face greeted us, it about broke my heart!  Look at that little eye!
 Well, once she stopped goofing off and making silly faces
There it is - look at that poor little eye, oh Sophi Baby!!!
Are you okay?  I took her to the mirror and she seemed a little disturbed by her reflection.  After I took these pictures I showed them to her on the camera and she just said "Baba!"  Yes, look at that cute baba.  You are a cutie Sophi, an I'll kiss your little eye all day and try to make it better.
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