About Us

So, this is us and our crew. 
Here are Corey and I on our first date our sophomore year, we are high school sweethearts!
(...kinda.  meaning it was actually probably a little one sided, aka I was a bit of a stalker. :) But hey, it all turned out, so it's okay! Isn't that right, sweetheart?)
Our family has lived in Brazil (20072015) Costa Rica (2010) and Chile (2011)

I'm passionate about the Gospel of Jesus ChristThe Scriptures, especially the Book of MormonFamilyChildrenAmericaOperation Underground Railroad, and being healthy.

I blog about babiesboogers, and butterflies and whatever else is on my mind.

In June of 2017, a lot of the things I've learned through the years regarding diet came together in an aha moment and I've basically gone vegan and am learning about/transitioning to that, and my family is slowly coming on board, though aren't as committed yet as I am. I'm trying to keep our home on a mostly whole food plant based diet. I'm loving it so far!
I, Tiffanie, do most all the family recording here in an attempt capture this wonderful phase of our life with these little people.  I wouldn't have it any other way.
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