Monday, June 30, 2014

Young Ninjas

So... It's American Ninja Warrior Season. That means the kids are watching their strong role models on Monday nights, and practicing the rest of the time of the day and night. Joseph wants Ninja Warrior stuff for Christmas. He wants to build an obstacle course in the back yard. Being as I've now put working in the yard high on my to-do list, I think it would be hard for me to tolerate. Luckily they're broke, so i'm sure I don't have to worry about it for a year or two.
But it's fun to see the kids all working hard on the obstacles, cause it's good exercise and they're all outside! Exercise + Outside = A Good Activity. "Is this a good activity??!?!" - Brian Regan (start at 2:54, funny!!)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Brinton Reunion at Seven Peaks

The kids and I went to Seven Peak Water Park today for the David Brinton Reunion. (Seven Peaks is owned by a Brinton descendant.) It's David Brinton's 200th birthday since he was born in 1814. David Brinton had six wives. We come from wife #6 - Hilda Matilda Bradsen. Hyrum is named after her son and grandson, both named Hyrum, both ancestors of ours, as you can see in the top right of the picture below.
"Hilda Matilda" ~ isn't that just such a cool name! I visited a little bit with people during lunch. Most of the time, though, was spent watching this angel, who was content to play in the tube for like 20 minutes.

Then she was bored, so we went on the lazy river, where she fell asleep, so then I took her back to the shade and she slept on my mother's lap while I prepared lunch. Joseph and Ethan were prowling around like two hungry tigers looking for pizza somewhere. We were going to go buy some at Little Ceasars, but then Corey asked us to cut our day of hot sun short and come back for a BBQ with our Brazil friends, who are headed back to Brazil for a long vacation on Tuesday. So then I canceled the pizza request and told them to hurry and go finish rides, cause we're leaving soon. So they did. Hyrum came with me and we watched Natalie splash. Pure joy
She could sit okay, but started to get in over her head when she crawled into the deeper water.
 Hyrum would fish her out and she'd do it over again.

She had a ball. I didn't get any pictures of the other kids swimming, cause I pretty much didn't see them at all. They had fun and Wes got fried, especially his face. Abi's face too. My bad for letting them sun-block themselves while I filled out the reunion registration paper. But Natalie made it out unscathed.
Then we headed to the BBQ. Good stuff, and fun games. We enjoyed steak and ice cream and played some Brazil vs. Chile football. Close game!
And everyone in the world loves our pretty baby. And rightly so.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Quail Trail

On Tuesday after dinner, we went on a family walk on a little trail called Quail Trail. It goes along Little Cottonwood Creek from Durban Road through a little canyon to near La Caille. It was great to all get out together.

Mountains were gorgeous. It's on my list this year to get a camera that can do them more justice.
Abi was quietly weeping the first half of the little hike, certain that we were wandering further and further away from civilization and safety and cause Ethan told her there were probably rattle snakes. She's a VERY sensitive little girl and we cannot talk about anything that might upset her around her or there's just no reasoning that will bring her back to calm reality. (Do NOT ever mention going on a cruise... she is so scared, not sure how that got in her head.)
Once we made it out to the end and she saw the cars driving along Wasatch Blvd, it all made sense and she was no longer in fear for her life. Hooray!

Joseph and Ethan took the road way and jogged back home, while we walked with the rest of the kiddos back to the car. Sunset was gorgeous too. What a beautiful world ~
Natalie loved it if you can't tell by her smile! She's learned how to do the cheesy grin with a combination of a scrunchy nose with it, like her big sisters, so cute.
 Life is so good ~ we are very blessed. I love these little people.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wes Is 9!

Wesley is 9 years old today! "But I still look like I'm 6!!!" he said cheerfully. He's a good kid. He and Abi are the same size. Funny. I have older kids that are small and younger kids that are big, so it looks like we have a few sets of twins ~ Mel and Ethan (& Hyrum) - they all look 12, Wes and Abi both look about 7, Lily and Sophi both look 4, makes it easy for putting away clothes for those two little girls, they just share everything.
Melodie made little clay dragons for Wesley, and made little homes for them by cutting out and decorating the corners of cardboard boxes. She is so sweet, she always makes presents for everyone, for Christmas, mother's day, birthdays... she'll always make some little creative toy or a coupon book or gift them one of her toys or something.
She's such a good kid.
So, Wesley had one request that I told him there was no way he was getting. Then I figured out a way to get it. It's always fun to surprise them that way. :)
You can never have to many legos!! ?  Then we went swimming with neighbors as a little summer activity, that was fun, they brought cupcakes and cake, so he'll/we'll have had 3 cakes today. It's birthday cake and ice cream week. We'll have to detox from all this sugar over the weekend.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fun with Kevin

A year or so ago, the kids made up a game on the trampoline. They put a little toddler scoot car on the trampoline and jumped around and the game was to jump but no not get touched by the toy car. For some reason, they decided to name the scoot car. They named him Kevin. He would get bounced off the trampoline and then I'd hear kid's crying "Kevin! Kevin! Someone help Kevin!" I had no idea who any neighbor kid named Kevin was, so went out to check on everyone's safety and there learned that Kevin was the toy car. Kinda funny, weird kids. Anyway, the name has stuck. And Kevin has found a new playmate in Natalie
She'll go find him and crawl on to his little seat and then sit there.
And of course then she's just too irresistible to NOT push - and one of her siblings will take her for a whirl on Kevin.
Or if no one will, she'll try to do it herself. But that's just not the same.
Ethan and Hyrum have been taking her zipping across the floor. Lily's done it too. They go pretty fast, so I watch with one eye open. Natalie is squealing with delight, she loves it. Lily's crashed her into the door a few times, but luckily Lily doesn't push as fast as the big brothers and so she hasn't fallen off.
It's super cute and funny. We like Kevin. The older kids have ridden him around as much, if not more, than the little kids, so his wheels have been bent under their weight and I'm kinda amazed that he still works at all. Pretty well made toy I guess! We're glad to have Kevin, especially Natalie.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Lily

Today Star-Heart Lily turned 5. (...I don't think I mentioned it before, but last year she wanted to change her name to Star Heart, so we play along and call her Star Heart Lily now and then.)
Of course now she wants to be called "Wild Style" ~ cause she got the Uni Kitty lego for her birthday, and she loves the Unikitty and Wild Style.  We finally saw the Lego movie on Friday and Lily liked Wild Style. She asked Corey that night if it was okay to change her name. Sure, no biggie, it happens ever month or so anyway... so we played along at first, but then reconsidered it later that night while we were lecturing her again on not making messes (as we helped her clean up 8 raw eggs that she cracked and shoved in various nooks and crannys (such as under the couch)) and to not draw in books or cut up papers that she doesn't know what they are (aka medical bills) ... "Yeah, let's not call you Wild Style... how about "Calm Style" or "Peaceful Style"? Those sound better than wild..." We don't need her to get any more wild and carefree than she already is.

So she had a good day. Her past birthdays... the Original "birth" day, then here she is in 2010 pretty close to her 1 year birthday (but that was back before I blogged regularly, so that is all we got), no b-day documentation when she was 2, but we've got the broken leg a week before, shy when she turned 3 and wearing the same dress as 3 when she turned 4... she still wears that dress... that would have been funny if I noticed it before, I could have had her wear it again today! She's seriously so little... can't believe she's going to be in kindergarten~
So we had cupcakes and cake and ice cream and more ice cream.... let's get the sugar overdose over with, atleast until Wesley's birthday on Wednesday...

And everyone helped her make Cloud Cuckoo Land. Cause you can never have to many legos...? Acutally, we probably do.
And Lily was so nice to share her balloons... Natalie had a ball rolling on the birthday balloons later that night. It was so funny to watch.
 She's turning into quite a silly baby.

A little sister is more fun than a puppy!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yard Work Success

Today was another good family work day! Started the day off right with some sunrise appreciation ~
Then I took a nap on the couch with Natalie. So we didn't all get up and attem' at my ideal time of 8 a.m., but better late than never. Luckily it was a bit overcast so it didn't get to hot on us. Melodie swept the porch and took care of her little sisters...
I started mowing and then Hyrum asked if he could! So I let him finish the back yard while I pushed around playsets and the trampoline.
Joseph did the front yard and I edged and edged some more. I really like edging! But I gotta figure out how to do it without having to readjust the twine 6 times. Still, I love having the curbing all uncovered.
 And there were enough rakes and pine needles for everyone to have plenty to do.
And Natalie is so cute. :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Little Helpers

We had a great day cleaning the house, and I found it interesting... cause all the big kids were gone, so how is it that it went better with them than when I've got the older kids who should be and usually are my biggest and best helpers? I'm not sure, but these little helpers totally delivered. Joseph at work with Corey, Melodie had flute lesson and spent the day with grandparents, and Ethan's been gone at scout camp all week. I went to the store to get a present for Lily's birthday on Monday, and came home with some Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies to have on hand for a bribe to helpers. And it worked. I gave them all one brownie and said they could have another if they were my slaves for a half hour. "But slavery is wrong!" Ok, you're right, No slavery, how bout you guys do some service? And they worked hard for the extra brownie. Wes watched Natalie and the little girls while Abi and Hyrum were my shadows and we vacuumed and wiped counters and spiffied it all up. But I've had bribes before, so again, not sure what the difference was here.
But they earned their brownies and then worked a little more for ice cream too! It was a great day. Part of it might be because I got up early and did some positive self talk and watched the sun rise as I went on a walk. I do believe those things do a lot to help one's mood. I went to a yoga class with my church on Wednesday night and she shared some things like that. I didn't get as much out of the class as I would have liked cause I had Natalie climbing on me who was tired and fussy. But what I heard was great, I really liked it and am going to try to apply things she shared, she gave handouts. :)  I'll share those soon.
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