Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hike to Pfeifferhorn (almost)

On Saturday Joe joined me and seven other people in our ward for an early hike up Little Cottonwood Canyon to the White Pine Trail head. We met at our ward house at 5:30 a.m. and were on the trail at 6. It was a lot of fun, Joe is a great friend to have to go on hikes with. I was going to take Lili too, but when the moment came to put her in the carseat to go, I decided against it and hurried and wrote a note and put out a bottle and formula for Corey to use. Most school mornings she'll sleep until 10 if she nurses during the night, which she had. I called at 9:30 to ask Corey how they were all doing, he said she took the bottle like a champ, so I hiked for another hour before Joe and I headed home when we reached the "Knife's Edge".
Walking past Red Pine Lake which is down the hill on the right.
The Upper Red Pine Lake is behind us, I'm on the left talking to Corey on the cell phone.
Climbing up Red Pine Horn - I'm the 5th one up - Joe was at the end taking his time and keeping Bo Whitmore smiling as he talked about how he was going to die. Aren't I a responsible parent leaving my child behind to fend for himself...

Joe is here in the bottom right corner climbing up Red Pine Horn

At the top of Red Pine Horn, 4 hours into the hike, just another hour to Pfeifferhorn.

People on the left are climbing down to the Knife's Edge, a saddle between Pfeifferhorn and Red Pine Horn, that has huge boulders sticking out. It looked very intimidating from where we were standing, so this is where Joe and I decided we were done. I felt like I was pushing my luck with leaving Lili for much longer, and Joe had had enough thrills climbing Red Pine Horn, he wasn't interested in another steep ascent. So, we headed back home at 10:30, and were down the mountain and in the car at 1:15. The rest of our group got home at 4, so I'm glad we turned around when we did. Anyway, it was a beautiful fall hike and a good workout. I love Fall, it is my favorite season. I love the Utah Mountains.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lost Camera

Well, I've misplaced my camera again. My kids keep doing cute things and I can't take pictures of them! I can't go on like this. It's been two weeks now and I can't find it. I've been wanting to buy a new one anyway. Any recommendations? I was thinking I'd upgrade to the $300/$400 range, but Costco's got the Canon Rebel models for $700/$800 ish. Maybe I'll do that?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Got Slimed.

Lilian, Did you slime your mother with a nasty mess of digested milk and mucus? Hmm?!? What do you have to say for yourself?!

She had been fussing, I was lying on the bed with her right over my face, when I remembered a time when Corey did that with Joseph and got it right in the eye, so I put her over my shoulder and she let me have it. I had to go downstairs and interrupt the bedtime reading of Corey and the kids to show them how gross it was. This picture doesn't really do it justice. Big ol' matted mess of baby cottage cheese right in my hair. It was stinky too.

Raggedy Abi

Good Morning, Bed head!

Abi was looking a little tubby this morning and it made me laugh, so of course I had to take a picture. She was wearing her clothes underneath Melodie's pajamas, which she got out of Mel's closet and insisted we help her put them on. She's always getting into Mel's clothes, which I need to do a better job of remembering when I get after Mel for having her clothes strewn around the house. Last night she ws having us help her get dressed in some of Mel's pants, and Corey remarked, "She's like a doll who dresses herself!" Corey also remarked last week as we smiled at Abi, "I'd be pretty impressed with myself if I could make one of these (meaning a little girl)..." Being the computer programmer that he is, Corey is amazed with creating and designing systems, and what more remarkable complex system is there than a human being. Abi can think, dress herself, she had opinions and attitudes, what an amazing creation! Also, after Lili was born and was a mere 5 lbs 13 oz, I thought it was amazing that it took 9 months to make something that wasn't even 6 lbs. I can gain 6 lbs of weight pretty quickly, why can't babies be born more quickly? Corey said "Well, a baby is more complex than 6 lbs of fat." I thought that was a good point. Still, I was a little disappointed that of the 40 lbs I gained during the pregnancy, her delivery only relieved me of 5+ lbs of it. Just didn't seem fair.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rail Trail Bike Ride

Our Church ward has a yearly activity where they ride the Rail Trail from Park City to Wanship - a 14.5 mile bike ride. None of us went last year, but this year we decided to join the fun. Joe is the only one who rode the trail. The rest of us just joined up with everyone afterwards at a park in Wanship for dinner. It was a lot of fun. It was a great small town park.

And here you can see Abi BEFORE dinner...
And AFTER dinner (as we were loading into the car. It was all dark, so I couldn't see how messy she was but I could feel it on her hands and see a little dark on her face, I took the picture to see, and when I showed the kids we all laughed at how she looked....

Messy Messy!

And we have a such a great ward, too. We feel so lucky to live in this area and neighborhood. It's great.

Abi Has Glasses!

She wasn't in the best of moods in these pictures, but she's still cute.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Working Out

This week I am on my recovery week for P90X, which means I kinda get a little break from resistance training and ab work and do more entire body stuff this week, which is mostly core and yoga with a little cardio. I haven't lost much of the baby weight yet. Full disclosure:

On my last weigh in at the doctors office I was 177 lbs.
The day I got home with Lilian - 175 lbs.
6 week appointment - 166 lbs.
This past Sunday I broke 160 at 159.8! Yeah!

With P90X I can feel a difference in my body even though the weight is about the same. That's what happens when you build muscle, which weighs more than fat. Which is why the scale is not your friend, which is why I'm trying to stay away from it, but I'm always curious as to what progress it will show that I've made, which sometimes has the potential to put me in a bad mood when it shows that there's no change.

Even though I wasn't feeling as sleek and slim as I'd like, we were way overdue for a family picture, so we got them taken at Kiddie Kandids yesterday. We were able to get some good family shots, but when we tried to get a photo of just the kids, Abi went ballistic, so we got a funny picture of them, which I think is a more accurate representation of what life at our house is like. You can see those pictures on their website HERE. If that link doesn't work and you really want to see our pics, try entering in our sitting number: 005260360.

One last thing about working out - HERE is a great workout video for busy moms from Holly Rigsby. I think she's got great videos and tips.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Version of a Baby Wrap

My pet head. Looks like some
kind of growth coming out of my chest?

For those mothers out there, perhaps you've heard of the Moby Wrap. My sister in law Nancy introduce me to it. I just looked at it online, looked like a good idea, but I thought I could save a little $$ if I did it on my own, so here it is and here's how you do it~

PART 1 - Make your baby wrap:

Go buy 5 yards of a cotton jersey knit (the store I went to didn't have any cotton jersey, so I bought a poly-cotton jersey knit - seems to work just fine, although I don't have a cotton jersey to compare it to, but I say poly-cotton works just dandy)

Bring it home and cut it into 20 inch strips.

THE END of Part 1

(No sewing necessary - the material doesn't fray. But you can sew or serge the edges if you want. I didn't cause I wasn't sure it was going to work or not. It does work, but I've never gotten around to sewing it, but don't really need to. Sometime I'm also going to taper the ends of the wrap.)

PART 2 - Wrapping the Wrap

I watched THIS DEMO on YouTube and this is the way I've been wrapping it most of the time, although I've also done THIS "hands free nursing" way twice, once during a morning walk. Kinda funny.

I even got Lili wrapped on Mel a few weeks ago, but I haven't done this with the kids much because their torsos are so small, it makes it a little tight. But while Lili is little we can get away with it.
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