Thursday, October 30, 2008

8 Before 8

You can start your day off right if you get up and get going as soon as you wake up. I have picked 8 things (make them simple!) I do as a routine every morning before 8:00, I call it "8 Before 8"
Here's my 8AM routine:
1. Wake up at 6:00
2. Pray
3. Use the bathroom
4. Weigh-in
5. Drink 12 oz. water
6. Skin Brush and Get Dressed
7. Drink my cleansing water
8. Exercise (I'm doing P90X right now - love it)

Did you finish by 8:00? Way to go! Keep going, do 8 more things before 8:00 p.m.

My 8PM list:
1. Shower
2. Get Dressed
3. Make up and Hair
4. Study the Scriptures
5. Do a load of Laundry
6. Shine Sink
7. Play and read with my kids
8. Scrapbook for 30 minutes

Most people probably have shower and make-up in their 8 AM routine and exercise in the evening. That's great - just find what works for you.

Future Photographer

I enjoy taking pictures, but I think Hyrum enjoys it even more... Here is some of his work.
Of course there are many self portraits...

...and then there are the other things of importance to his little 5 year old self: His toy dog "Matthew" and his kindergarten backpack.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scrapbooking Brazil

3 miles of beach with the city looking on and a rainforest preservation at each end of the bay.

How you travel with kids in Brazil! Hop in the back!

I still only do hands on scrapbooking, although today I did peek at Scrapblog to see some of the possibilities for digital scrapbooking - pretty cool. But I was at my table this last week catching up as always with preserving family memories of BYU, Virginia, and Brazil, and remembered how we didn't get many pictures of our week vacation in Brazil to Balneario Cambouriu cause my camera was out of film, and that was quite tragic cause Cambouriu was the absolute highlite of our 4 months in Brazil. Two friends of ours, Jeff and Casey, stopped by in Cambouriu on their tour of South America, and many thanks to them for catching a few pictures of us and the city and sharing them with me:

Enjoying some pao bread at a boardwalk cafe.
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