Friday, July 31, 2015

Little Miracles

Well, not getting too much done around here. Cause it's more fun to just sit and stare at this little miracle. I took a lot of pictures of his little hand wrapped around my thumb.
I wonder if babies know how amazingly intoxicating they are and how they turn all of us formerly useful and productive adults and big kids into useless human beings that just want to sit and stare all day. They are just amazing little miracles, I'm in awe each time I get to behold these precious newborns.
As I let the kids have turns holding him, and as I came to tell Hyrum his turn was up, he said wisfully "I just want to hold him all day!!!"
And yesterday as Ethan was holding him and I came to have my turn (and kick Ethan off my bed and out of my room) he said as he looked at me with an urgency in his eyes that wanted to scream it from the housetops ~ "I.LOVE.HIM.SO.MUCH!" 
Yeah, they're pretty much smitten.

Baby Brother

Natalie started talking during our time in Brazil and she hasn't slowed down. She just jibber jabbers all day - and not just jibberish. She almost talks as well as Sophia, and she says some words better than Sophia, like "Sophia" (Sophi can't get the "s" down, hence why she still often calls herself Fofi). Sophi taught Natalie how to say "baby brother" and that is this little guys name as far as they are concerned.
Natalie was being so cute with him last night. "I want baby brother!" So I supervised her holding baby brother. She really liked his cute little feet, and he slept right through it as she examined him and moved his appendages around and patted and poked his little body. She took his foot and said "tickle tickle tickle!" but he didn't laugh or anything. I guess he's not very ticklish.  
It was late and I could tell she was getting tired, she started being a little fussy and was saying over and over again "I want baby brother" as he was right there next to her. I moved him closer but not close enough and she just kept saying that, and so I rubbed her tummy and then she fell asleep saying "I want baby brother...."
She's super cute. I'm glad she had a baby brother. Every little girl wants a real baby doll to play with! :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Baby Lovin'

There's a whole lot of this going on around here... everyone wants a turn holding and caressing this little bundle.
Last night I didn't want to have to interrupt scripture reading every 2 minutes to switch the baby between the many hungry arms of his adoring siblings, so we put him on the floor and said they could all stare at him if they listened.
They were quiet, but I don't think they paid much attention to me. I can't blame them, this little guy has pretty much stolen the show.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Home From Hospital

Well, we just got home from the hospital. One of our wonderful neighbors had already dropped off a delicious dinner for us, which we all enjoyed in between taking 10 minute turns holding junior.
It's good to be home. I had a nice lazy day at the hospital. The little guy and I laid around and took naps and ate food. Here are a few pictures I took during the day.
He's been super easy and chill, he's just a perfect little sweetheart. Perhaps a little too calm for Corey - he likes the newborns to fuss a little bit more. But the little guy checked out great, passed all his tests and screenings, so that's a blessing. Usually we have one or two things that need to be followed up on the next day or next week, so I'm glad that he's got a pass so far, good baby.
He was asleep most of the day, but I was able to capture a few moments that he opened his eyes. Such a little angel baby!
Corey came to see us in the morning and was able to have some time to look at the baby.
This afternoon around lunch a photography lady came in and took pictures. After she was done I got out my camera and did my own photo shoot.

 I think he's a keeper.

Corey and these three girls came and picked us up from the hospital. Love how Natalie is patting his head.
Mel held the baby the whole time while Sophi and Natalie enjoyed our couples' "celebratory dinner" with us... (they liked the chocolate cheesecake)
...and then they played around pushing buttons on the bed and getting into cupboards and such as we waited for his test results to come back so we could be discharged.
(Natalie, you're cute)
It's nice to be home. Now I'm going to go try and break the baby free from his siblings' loving arms so I can feed him.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Today's the Day

Good morning. I'm calling it a good morning cause the Lord is having mercy on me. The day started with a brief roller coaster of emotions. I woke up at 3:45, 5:00, and 6... finally got up at 6 and decided to get ready - went and found the infant carseat and baby boy clothes in the basement (still have some newborn and toddler stuff from Wes from 10 years ago!) Then I decided that I would do my 400 walking lunges before calling the hospital at 7. I was cranking them out, hoping to still give myself time to wash up and curl my hair and be ready at 7 in case they said to come in. Last night when I called, they said if they said I could come in, they wanted me to be there at 7:30. So, I cranked out the lunges, took a quick bath, curled my hair a bit but was still sweating from the workout, so was trying to not sweat all over my clothes or sweat off my makeup as I watched the clock.... Said a prayer and begged to not have to wait until Wednesday and then called at 7... only to hear the dreaded response... "Call back at 9" Noooo.... My hopes of being induced today dropped over 50%, cause I don't think much could change there within 2 hours. So then I was glad I had done my lunges, call all my energy and excitement evaporated and I laid down in front of a fan hoping to rest a bit and stop sweating but with my hopes pretty much dashed.

I kept waking up every 10 minutes, but laid there resting. At 8:30 I got up, curled my hair and did my makeup and read the New Testament some more (little goal to try and finish it today) and called again at 9 with a prayer. It was a different lady this time and she said she was going to call Dr. Smith cause he was in surgery to see what time he wanted me to come in (yes... that sounds encouraging) and she called right back and said to be there at noon. Abi came in to my room looking sad to see me. She asked if the baby was coming today. And, I said quietly "YES!" She let out a sigh. I told her I just talked with the hospital and could go in in 3 hours, but that I was sad all morning thinking I'd have to wait until Wednesday. "I'm glad it's just 3 hours!" So I think I'll go wake up the kids and have them fold clothes. That should kill 2 hours, and then I'll get ready. So grateful to finally be here at the end of this pregnancy "Today's the day!! The sun is shining the tank is clean and we are getting..." this baby out of here!

Update - here's some details of delivery day. Checked in at 12:20, the doctor was there and broke my water right away, then started having contractions. They had the anethesiologist come in and give me an epidural before I even had to ask for it, cause there was an emergency c-section in another room that he would be busy with, so my nurse wanted to be sure I had it before the contractions got bad. Then the contractions were coming regularly. I could feel the pressure but no pain. Pretty cool miracle of modern medicine. When I was dialated to a 6 they called the doctor, he was there within 20 minutes and the baby was ready and one push for the head, another push for the body and we had a baby 4:48 pm. 8 pounds, 1 ounce, 21 inches.
We texted family to let them know he was here and then Corey left to get the kids. Everyone was excited to see their new baby brother! 
It's been 10 years since we had a boy, hope I remember how to do baby boys.
 Everyone had a turn holding him. 
(I'm sure we'll be doing this alot during the coming weeks.)
 And a group family photo to end the visit.
Then Junior and I took a few selfies together. 
I'm so glad he's here!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Pregnancy Lasts

I've been taking care of a few "lasts" before Monday. One last yesterday was to clear out the stack of blankets, pillows, sheets, and towels that we had collected in the garage. I took them to the refugees at South Parc yesterday evening. We took a lot of different things around Christmas time, then another time we took toilet paper. I think next time we need to bring some toys for these cute kids.
They were pretty excited about the blankets and pillows, but something tells me toys would really bring excitement. I want to do more for these families. I'm so grateful that they are safe here in Utah, I wish that I individually and we as a nation could do more to help people who are suffering in the world. If you want to help refugees in Utah, send Don Ward a message on facebook, he's great and knows the needs of the families. Here is a short news clip about him and his efforts to help the refugees.

Today was a holiday in Utah - Pioneer Day. We all slept in - no parade watching or anything. Someday when I'm not with child or with toddlers we might be ambitious enough to celebrate with a hike or something. Still, it was nice to have Corey home with a day off from work. He took the kids miniature golfing at Boondocks and then came home exhausted. He took a nap and then we went out for our last pre-baby date night - went to Luna Blanca Taqueria, it was a nice place and good food. On my list of errands and lasts for tomorrow: I'll be going to the temple for the last time for a few months. And then in the afternoon Mel and I are going by Walmart to order her some glasses. Then stocking up on bagged cereal and milk at Costco and I think that should help the kids survive for a few days if I'm out of commission. Almost there...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

3 Good Things

I think I'll share some good and happy things from yesterday. First - these pretty day lilies from our front yard.
I missed all the spring flowers - the roses and daisies. And I've noticed that whatever rose buds have tried to come up have been eaten by the deer. I'm glad the lilies are still here. I took that picture last night around dinner time. We were all at the table enjoying our Wednesday night breakfast for dinner when it started to rain. But the sun was still shining. I told the kids rain + sunshine = there was probably a rainbow. That is lovely thing #2 - The kids ran outside to check if there was a rainbow, came back with cheers of yes, then we all ran outside. Then I ran back inside to get my good camera. 
The rainbow was so bright!! There were two arches  - you can see a little of the other one in the top left corner there. It went all the way over ~
Our house was at the end of the rainbow.
My phone camera didn't capture it well, so that's when I ran inside to get my other camera, but then the rain slowed down. But it was still lovely, we noticed several neighbors coming outside with their kids too - I love these fleeting and simple beautiful moments, was glad we all took a minute to enjoy it!
Also, my third good thing from yesterday, we got a new kitchen faucet! The old one was only about 4 years old - it was installed after we first moved in in 2011, but it was loose and had a few issues with leaking if we pulled out the handle too much. I wanted to fix it before we left for Brazil but didn't make it happen. Glad the baby gave me a new deadline. Got it done today, yay! Here's the old:
And the new!!
Isn't that lovely? Very happy with it. 
Have a good day! Going to go keep nesting the house, we're all excited for Monday! (but trying not to think about it too, trying to keep myself busy and distracted!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hogle Zoo

Corey took his cute little girls to the zoo last Saturday. He's wanted to take them to the zoo for over a year, but life just keeps getting in the way. He was glad he was able to take them this weekend though, it was all he'd dreamed it would be. One of Corey's childhood zoo memories is standing in front of this monkey sillouhette thing - he was about the same height as the male and his arms were as long as the monkeys too!! He was worried for a few of those awkward teenage years about his true identity.
Let's see if you girls are descendants of apes too!
Lily might have helped this family outing happen by her recent requests to go see a zebra.
She is our little zebra girl.
She's got a whole collection. Cute kid. They had fun on the carousel ride
Yay Natalie! You having fun?!?!? Yee-haw!
...and on the train...

...and seeing the animals. They also had a dinosaur exhibit at the zoo. Natalie called the dinosaurs "bad guys".
Lots of bad guys at the zoo today. Abi sitting on a bad guy dino.
They each got a picture running from a T-rex - everyone gets a turn...

They all liked the animals. Corey's favorite was the sea lions. It would be fun to swim like a seal.
Do you like the zoo, Sophi?
And Dad is so nice, he ordered ice cream cones for everyone, cause that just makes the summer day that much more perfect.
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