Friday, October 23, 2009

Christmas in October

So I went to Costco the other day and I took the three kids not in school with me. After we'd gotten all the groceries we wandered through the toy isle. I saw a Galactic Heroes Millenium Falcon toy and had to get it. I guess I could have waited till I didn't have any youngsters with me to witness Santa in action, but I didn't want to risk the toy being sold out next time I came, so I got it - to be a Christmas Present for Wesley. Wesley noticed me with the toy and I explained that it was for Christmas, he'd have to wait for Christmas, he said ok. He fell asleep on the way home, I unloaded the car and hid the toy while he napped, but when he woke up, he asked me if he could go get his toy out of the car. "It's not in the car" I said as a stall tactic, but he continued to ask for it every five minutes for the rest of the day and the following day. Well, not that many times, but he was persistent. I admit that I have a problem with giving the kids toys for no particular reason other than I love seeing them play, so as I put him to bed after a day of ignoring his request, the next day I resolved that if he asked again, I'd give in. He came up the stairs in the morning and the first words out of his mouth, rubbing his sleepy eyes, was "Can I have my toy now?" Oooh-kaaay. I made him put on a Santa hat and let me take a picture so that if I want to I might give him the picture for Christmas and we'll see if that helps him understand that he already opened his present. But I'll probably still buy him a big gift. He was a happy boy. We've got quite the Star Wars Galactic Heroes collection going.

Happy Wes with Han Solo and a Rebel Commando guy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This is how I put Abi down for a nap

These two pictures are on two different days - but I just realized there is something similar - both of these days she was eating Nutella when she fell asleep. I wonder if that has some kind of a sleeping pill ingredient. Above - snacking on graham crackers with Nutella - notice she just licked the Nutella off and left the cracker. Below - a Nutella sandwich. Can you tell I'm trying to get rid of it? Corey buys it at Costco when he does the grocery run. I can't have chocolately calorie ridden stuff like that around the house when I'm trying to lose weight!!! I am so not looking forward to Halloween. HeLp!

Poor little girl.

Has Anyone Seen Wesley?

This is unfortunately starting to happen a bit to regularly around here. Last week: Dinner was done, the kids were playing or doing homework, when I notice that I haven't seen Wesley running by for an hour or so. I walked around the house, looked in all the rooms and closets, called his name, and couldn't find him. I stop the other kids with what they are doing "We need to find Wesley - GO!" And off they went to scour the house again. I however had to go change Abi's diaper. Lucky for us, the diapers had been left on the floor next to the desk where I went to pick them up and lo and behold, there was Wes asleep under the desk. I called off the search and rescue party and we all resumed our activities.

Today, I'm looking for Wes. It was only 11:30 in the afternoon - way early for a nap, and I hadn't heard the door open at all (we have a little alarm that beeps if a door to the outside gets opened.) Still, I had been nursing Lilian in the back room with the fan on (for white noise), so maybe I hadn't heard it. I walked around the house, called his name, nothing. I called Quinn's house, Brian's house, and Stewart's house - none of their mom's had seen Wes. So I did my 4th look through of the house, this time instead of yelling to wake him up or scare him out of hiding, I just listened, and sure enough, in the room by the kitchen, I heard a soft breathing. The couch appeared to have been pushed out from the wall a little bit, I peek around, and there he is asleep.

...I called the neighbors to let them know I'd located him. I need to get a gps on this kid.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just your average night at the Wride house....

Melodie, with all her toys animals gently placed on her lap.

Ethan, fell asleep to Corey reading Harry Potter to him. And with his Webkinz Max keeping him company.

Hyrum and Wes have been insisting on sleeping together the past little while - that's fine by me...

And Abi in her crib.
And wait, where is Joe?

Joseph, what are you still doing up, you book worm! He's reading the Harry Potter series again. He has a few more pages he says, then he'll go to sleep. Yesterday Melodie, who is a silly little girl and an annoying little sister, taped a note on Joseph's back that said "Joseph for Sale! Cheap! $2 - comes with Harry Potter books" I thought it was so funny. Joseph did too, but thought it was annoying too. Silly kids.

Happy Birthday Abi

Blowing out her candles! Abi turned two on September 3rd.

Abi was playing so cute with her new food toys and stove top from Grandma Hibbert, it was precious. And Melodie is such a sweet sister to Abi. I love my girls.

Caught a Smile!


Just a few pictures of Lilian. Here she is on the day of her blessing - happy to be sleeping, and with Corey


(Probably more mad than sad)
Confused? I just thought her little face looked so funny in this picture - her nose is almost right between her eyes. She reminds me of that little boy Russell in the movie UP.
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