Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wes We Can!

Another kid, another aspiring officer for student government. Wes stayed up late working on this poster, which mostly consisted of 4 of us (Wes, Hy, Me and Corey) trying out different angles with the lighting... But we eventually called it good enough. Corey called the 24 hour print shop and sent them this to print up poster size -
Wes and Corey picked it up at 7 this morning and Wes turned it in by the 8:00 due date. Phew! And I had also woken him up at 5 to finish his science homework. Which he hadn't completed cause he was working on the poster. I'm tired, he probably is too. Good luck though Wes, we believe in you! And good job to your pappy for coming up with another great election poster.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Birthday Party Time

So, this morning, while Sophi was at kindergarten, I ran some birthday errands with 3 kids in tow. I usually try to avoid doing that. But I didn't have a choice. I needed balloons, some party favors, and ice cream for Sophi's party. Our birthday party policy: each kid gets two friend parties. And Sophi hasn't had one yet, so that means I have to do this. It started at 4, right after the kids got home, which meant I didn't have any baby sitters during the day as I tried to get ready. So I ran out while I only had 3 kids instead of waiting for Sophi to come home and have to run out with 4 kids. I carried Owen and Daniel on each hip as I walked into the store. I pulled two carts around the store so I wouldn't have to carry both of them in the store. I was feeling frazzled. After buying the goods, we headed to the car. Daniel was really excited with the balloons. It was cute, until he took the main star shaped balloon that said "Happy Birthday" and bit the corner of it and popped it. Then he was freaking out cause I wouldn't let him have the other balloons, and I was cursing public school for taking away all my older children.

Abi was excited for Sophi to have a party and she was very eager to help. She helped me plan what to do. She wanted a pinata, but we've done that before and I didn't want to do that again. I motioned taht we should go for a little carnival type party. Abi was okay with that. She made a list: bean bag toss, a ball toss, a fishing game, face painting, and the tail on the donkey game ("place the crown on the princess")
Abi made that one last night and I spent the day making the rest of the games and setting up little things. I got some bags and the first thing that kids did when they arrived was decorate a bag to hold their carnival prizes.
Hyrum didn't help plan it but he did help host. He and Abi saved me. Lily and Natalie played along. Lily "fishing" in the basement window well -
I was downstairs in the basement and clipped stickers to the end of the fishing line. Good enough!
Playing Duck Duck Goose after all the carnival games were done. Then Sophi opened her gifts.

I totally copped out with the cake and I just got ding-dongs. Is that cheating?
I just didn't have it in me to do another cake this week.
They didn't seem to mind. Ding Dongs, white powdered donuts and ice cream cones. The the kids ran around crazy and played while Mel and Wes did face painting. Elena of Avalor for Sophi's cheek:

Phew, then the two hours were up and the party was over. Some of them stayed and played for a few more hours, which I didn't mind, as long as I'd finished my duty. I think I'm going to need a good 24 hours of recovery. I think it was okay for these little 6 year olds. As for me, I do not enjoy hosting birthday parties. I wish I wasn't so cheap and was able to just let myself go spend whatever on a party at Classic Skating or Airborne. I'm sure it would be easier and less stressful. Oh well, maybe next party I'll remember how these make me suffer and I'll outsource it. Happy Birthday Soph! Sorry your mom is a birthday scrooge!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sophi is 6!

Today is Sophi's happy birthday. When she got home from kindergarten, she proudly told me "I'm the oldest kid in my class!!" They asked who was six, and she was the only one that raised her hand. That is pretty cool, Soph. Everyone wished her happy birthday before school and she took some powdered donuts to school to share with her class. She waited until after school to open her presents. And thus the only one that she got to share the moment with was Natalie - and it was just perfect.
Then, since Owen and Daniel were both down for naps, I took Sophi and Natalie over to Corey's parent's house. Usually they come visit us here, but after we went over there on Sunday for Abi's birthday, I thought it would be a good tradition to start. So we are going to try and starting going over there for a visit on birthdays. Opening more presents
And finishing off the visit with a big hug.
Then back home again. After the kids were home from school, my mom came by with two cakes for Sophi.
Singing "Happy Birthday to you!!" What a pretty little girl.
Opening the last of the birthday loot~
Sisters looking on - they are all ready for Sophi to share her presents, cake and cereal.
The Elenea of Avalor doll might win the prize for the best reaction.
The present that Corey got for Sophi was an Elena of Avalor dress. They haven't ever seen the show that I am aware of. But they love her, cause when you see a pretty doll in a big ruffly red dress when you're walking down the toy store isle, every little girl knows that she wants that doll. Sophi said it was a good day. And tomorrow she is having a little party with a few neighbor friends, Happy Birthday Soph!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Day Off

It is always very nice every year to have this first day off of school so we can catch our breath from the new schedule. This is what Labor day looked like around here. I got up to go for a nice hour long walk, just like in the days of summer from o-so long ago. When I left, Hyrum and Wes had just given Abi her birthday breakfast in bed (crepes) and they were headed down to play the Wii. They've all been a little obsessed with the Super Smash Brothers game that Hyrum got on his birthday. They played for a few hours. They were still playing when I got back. Owen had joined them
They woke up Corey around 8:30 to come play with them, they wanted a "vs. Dad" tournament.
Corey's been hobbling around with a swollen left foot so he's had to take it easy with the kids, but the Wii is a good easy way to keep them happy and not hurt himself more. He slipped on the stairs as he walked down carrying Daniel. Daniel make it okay with no bumps, just a scare. Corey, however, spent the next few hours with his foot up. It got nice and blue yesterday and is still swollen today, so Corey is moving a bit slower. So that was how the morning went.

After breakfast, the kids finished homework. I had to take Wesley out to buy more baking clay to finish some homework ceramics. Owen and Daniel came with us. We went to Zurchers (I needed raffle tickets for a new kid motivation thing I'm going to try - the "Wride Raffle"), then Hobby Lobby, then Fresh Market. I like shopping at Fresh Market when I have one of the little boys with me, cause there is always a car cart available.
A nice guy in the bakery gave them each a chocolate chip cookies. That always makes kids happy
So the boys were all doing homework all day, in hopes of having one more chance to play Smash Brothers with Corey before the day was over. The girls (Mel, Abi, and Lily) made things with sculpy clay all day. Sophi put on a show called "Choose Your Colors Yeah!" which she performed for me as I washed dishes.
If you couldn't tell, the colors she chose were pink, black and white.) Natalie followed Sophi's lead and soon was doing a song performance too.
After doing a little bit of clay, Lily came and did a little bit of the song show. Cause Lily is her own crazy creative person and likes to float around the house from room to room and play with things that strike her fancy. You know, things like an empty bread sack...
Lily, don't suffocate yourself, please...
She made herself into the Cat and the Hat and shoved things into the sandwich bag on her head so she could magically take them out... "you know, like how the cat in the hat always takes stuff out of his hat!" She started to try and color the plastic hat red and white, but I told her it wouldn't work and not to waste her time or the marker ink. But she's a silly and creative one, to be sure.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Abi is 10!

Happy birthday to Abi! But too bad for you... no breakfast in bed from your sweet brothers cause it's fast Sunday. So sad. She put up her birthday decorations by herself the day before. I did do somethign though - I did put her presents on the table before church. She decided to wait to open them, cause Sunday mornings are just busy and everyone is going every different direction (cause everyone sleeps in too long). Usually Mel and Ethan are the last two to come to the Sunday meetings, tsk tsk you older kids! You guys should and could be the first ones out the door, but instead I and all the little ones are headed out first, and that's me getting myself and 4 little ones ready. Which is impressive. Although I admit many times they dress themselves (and it shows) and they don't have their hair brushed. Anyway, where was I... Oh, Abi. Yes, Abi, it's your birthday! So we went to church for 3 hours, they sang to her in Primary and gave her a birthday treat. After church, Abi and Hyrum made her chocolate birthday cake. As that baked, she opened her presents~ A Lego creator set (cause we don't have enough legos) and lots of sculpy clay, and some stickers. That was all from me. Corey usually takes the kids out to pick out a toy. They are going to do that tomorrow.
We frosted the cake and then my mom and dad both came over to wish her happy birthday. That was a special treat to have both my mom and dad here! They stayed and we all visited for over an hour, it was really nice. The kids ate cake and ice cream as we talked. I was still fasting and happily was not tempted at all. I swore off ice cream after I ate way too many servings of it on Owens birthday in July and felt sick and angry for the rest of the evening. So no more ice cream for me, so help me Cows.

Though I do admit here at home I'm starting to let the vegan thing slide inch by inch. Mostly cause Corey keeps buying beef and milk for Ethan, who wishes we would just eat "normal" aka the standard American diet, (aka SAD). So I'm still 99% whole food plant based, and I started a new challenge for myself since I've not made any progress since our facebook summer health challenge ended. This month of September, with the only exception being the meal when Corey and I go on our weekly date night, I am only eating whole food. So no bread this month. I can have wheat, but it's all gotta be whole during September. I'm on day 3 and so far so good!

Sorry, Abi, I keep getting distracted. She opened her presents from my parents, then we all went over to Corey's parents' house and shared the cake we made with them. My kids were already full from cake, so we waited a bit and they were so nice, they threw a potato bar together for everyone. I didn't think we'd have dinner there but Corey did and suggested we bring something. I'll remember to bring something next time. So after dinner, it was time for cake and ice cream again. Singing Happy Birthday -
Blowing out the candles - (nice Eth)
Here's also a picture of Abi on her birthday date with Corey and I from this past Friday night. Abi got to choose where to go and so we went to Chuck a Rama.
Abi, you are becoming a young woman. She is only 10 but looks quite old for her age, the complete opposite of Mel, who is a junior this year but looks like she's 12. I think she gets that from Corey (cue the pic of our first date where he is in his 16th year). We had a nice time at Corey's parent's house and eventhough it was a Sunday, Abi had a great birthday. She really wanted a party, but I told her she only gets 2 and that she insisted on having it last year. She had a hard time recalling that conversation, which is another reason why I blog - so I can find evidence of past agreements and bargains. I promise we'll still try to make your birthdays fun even without friend parties, (and they won't always be on a Sunday!) We love you Abi!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Cutest Little Boys EVER

Owen can't live without his binky and blanket. Daniel really doesn't see what the big appeal of either of them is. But since they were both sitting there, fresh out of the tub and in their diapers, we gave a binky and blanet to Daniel to make them twinners.
It made us all laugh for joy and of course we had to snap a dozen pictures.
I'll spare you and will only post 6.
(Cutest thing ever!!)
Daniel with the binky in his mouth is thinking "What is it you want me to do with this thing?"
Owen laughing "Oh silly Daniel, don't you know? These are standard issue for all children. You better get with the program!"
Daniel "All right, I'll chew on it." And I just LOVE Daniel's little crossed ankles!! You two better stop, you're making me baby hungry, and that might kill your father, so just stop. Though I'm not sure how they can help it. I also took these two pictures of them taking their naps this afternoon. Cause sleeping children are just precious.
These two are such joy, I love being a mom!

Monday, August 28, 2017

First Day of Kindergarten

We made it through the first week of school with two "first days" last week. And then today, I believe, we had the last of our "firsts" ~ Today was Sophi's first day of Kindergarten!
This little girl with a September birthday has been very excited to join her friends and siblings at school for well over a year. She did her "about me" poster for homework over the weekend. She had gotten that assignment last Thursday at her oritentation. She held it very carefully as they walked to the bus.
Natalie and Daniel were still asleep, so Owen and I walked them all the way to the bus stop. I didn't really want to, but Owen insisted. We had a neighborhood walkabout last night, so maybe he was hoping for a repeat of roaming the neighborhood for refreshments.
But Owen, honestly, all I could think of when I saw you was that bad knock knock joke that Joseph keeps telling us... "Knock knock!" "Who's there?" "Panther." "Panther Who?" "Panth-er-no panths, I'm going swimming!" So there ya go.

Speaking of that joke, the girl that he is asking to homecoming told it to him and she thinks it's hilarious, so he used that in his "asking" her, and she used the "Panther" joke when she answered him tonight. She also included something about getting pants shipped, as joked about in this commercial, which I'd never seen before. Funny.
So, as we walked them to the bus stop, Owen kept laughing to himself. He was remembering or telling himself a really funny joke.
His little chuckles continued when we were there. Maybe he was thinking of that commercial. He was just laughing out loud to himself. It was really funny.
The bus came, they boarded, and then Owen cried out for "Aba!" as the bus pulled away, and then we hurried home, and Natalie and Daniel were both awake. I told Natalie we could do a school here at home for her, but she really wanted to leave the house and go to a diamond school with a boat and she was rambling on about other stuff as she wailed. She finally consented to color in her new Disney princess book (after I offered her chocolate.)

Now I think we're all finished with our "firsts" and we can start to focus on schedules and routines and see if we're going to be able to survive this school year! Good luck to us.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

First Day at Elementary

Today was the first day of school for Abi and Lily. Abi was super excited and woke up early without a problem. Although she always gets up pretty easily. Abi was disappointed last night though when I told her that Sophi didn't start kindergarten until next week. "What?!?! I wanted her to come tomorrow! I already helped her set out her clothes! Aww..." So other than that glitch in expectations last night, things went great and they had a very good day today. Tomorrow Sophi has her orientation and then she'll be all ready to join them on Monday. Say cheese!
That's not cheese - where are your teeth?  
Scratch that, do it again. Let's get your friends in the picture - Just like past years, Jules and Stein come by and pick up Abi and Lily every morning, and then they walk down the street and pick up their friends and they all walk in a group to the bus stop. They always give themselves plenty of time and are never running late: They are at our house around 8:20 with time to chit chat as they watch the clock, and they leave here as soon as it turns 8:30... they got a good system going. Lily, look at the camera!
I let them go then looked at the pictures and called them back. Let's try again ~ they wanted to strike a pose~
Silly girls. Ok, now a normal one again.
I said "Say cheese!" me your teeth!
 Almost, there's one girls' teeth - Lily?
Ok, good, that'll do as the official first day pick, now off to the bus. Love you, have a great first day!
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