Thursday, September 29, 2016

Going Through Pictures

A few pictures from the camera that deserved to be shared
~ Flowers that Corey's parent's brought me at the hospital - lovely!

~ Natalie asleep on our floor Monday morning (delivery day), I thought she looked like a little angel. Her hair was up in a pony tail the day before, so cute.
~ September 18th, Sunday evening before the big day... The kids were outside on the trampoline with Corey (The Sabbath day of rest is usually not so much a day of rest for him, but a day of kids begging and pleading for him to play) So they sat out there, I took a picture from our bedroom deck, they called up to me to let me know that the children have decided that each of them will have 10 kids, so I am going to have 110 grandchildren!
"You'll have to bring our kids birthday presents every three days!" Yes, you guys are good at math. You are correct that 110 grandkids will average about one birthday every 3 days of the year. If that is the case, I'm not going to have to figure out how to manage that... Not going to worry about that just yet though. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

~ And another one at the hospital, taking a picture of Daniel next to my phone for size reference. He is just a itty-bity cutie patootie. We love him so much!!
Daniel finally passed his bilirubin today. On Tuesday when we got the okay to leave the hospital, it had gone down to 11. They wanted me to bring him in for a blood test the next day to make sure it was okay. I did on Wednesday. It had gone up 2 points to 13. So then they wanted me to go in again on Thursday, sigh, so I did. Luckily it was still at 13, it had leveled off, so I didn't have to take him in to get his heel pricked for bilirubin ever again, hooray,we're done! Well, for a week anyway... next Wednesday you gotta do the PKU stuff. I never like all the pediatric visits with newborns, Once we get past 2 months it's really nice. I know they're just watching out for us and shall try to be good and obedient to their requests. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

And His Name Shall Be Called

We decided on the baby's name. Medical records called me when I was still out at the Riverton hospital yesterday morning around 10. I told her I'd call her back soon. Luckily the baby got his bilirubin number down from 18 the night before to 11 in the morning and thus got the okay to be discharged earlier than I expected. We were home right before noon. I gave Corey a half hour to look the kid over before I said time was up. Daniel and Peter were the top two in the running. Corey made me laugh... "I just don't see what the hurry is! Why are you pressuring me! I'm not even sure about Owen... I don't think I signed off on that one." Yes you did. You were up at Park City when you gave the okay... (glad that I document these things...) We both liked Daniel the best, so we just ran through different middle names for a few minutes. He suggested Curtis, which I thought was great "Ok! I'll call and tell her..." "Don't call her yet" as he was getting ready to walk out the door. Well, not point in waiting longer cause if you're leaving. You're not going to be th inking about this at work and thus we'll just still be here where we are now... let's get this over with. We can do it sweetie! "I don't know... I don't like to commit..." as he left. That means game over! I picked up the phone, and at 1:09 on September 27th it was official -
  Daniel Curtis Wride 
Hooray! Daniel it is! Now we all just have to get used to calling him by name rather than calling him "the new baby". After the kids got home and we shared the big news, they had ti keep correcting themselves... "Can I hold the new baby, I mean Daniel!" Yes, his name is Daniel. So, Daniel, hope you're okay with that. We did our best with absolutely no help from you. Phew! Glad we cleared the name hurdle again.

Here are some pictures of the kids with their favorite little person
This was the morning I came home last Wednesday. Get ready baby brother! You've got 3 adoring toddlers looking out for you, watch out!
Lily and look, Daniel's eyes are open! I still need to honor her request and email this picture to her teacher for show and tell. She couldn't quite understand why, but I told her that unfortunately the baby will not be making an appearance in person yet.

Need to get some pictures of the rest of the kids. I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunities.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Time to Decide

Yesterday morning Corey had his first real chance to focus on this little one's face and get a feel for what his name should be.
Since Junior and I are not at home, last night he asked me to send a few pictures to help him out, so, sweetheart, here are the latest pictures of the kid. Yesterday Bonnie at Medical Records said she needs to turn in his papers asap, so I probably better call her today and give her our final answer for his name. Here's some pics to help you think about this big decision in all your free time that you'll have today as you hold down the fort at home and also go to work to provide for this quiver of children. This one from yesterday - eyes open, thank you baby, that is helpful....
Eyes less open...
Took these ones early in the am this morning. I think the eye mask they put on him for the lights made his head a little elongated, totally changed his look in my opinion...
Hey baby with the eyes that have been held shut for the past 12 hours... What is your name?
Nothing. No help from this guy. Another infant who doesn't help us out at all.
Listen baby, this is a big decision that will affect you every day for the rest of your life... Speak up now or forever hold your peace.
Okay Corey, that's it for the pics. What say ye? His name shall be ________.
I'll call you soon for your answer, xoxo

6:30 am - you're lucky, Corey, I got a good video with open eyes for you! We should be able to decide for sure now, right? 

Monday, September 26, 2016


So, true to my word, I took the baby in to get his bilirubin checked today. The pediatrician called me back around 1:30 and said his number had gone up again, which isn't good, so the options are: Get some bili lights delivered here to our home and do phototherapy here - or - take him to the hospital and do it there. I said whatever he recommended is what I would do. He said to take him to the hospital. That would be better cause they could get an IV in him and monitor him and get it down quicker for sure, rather than therapy at home and then getting it checked to see. OK, hospital it is. Lucky for me Corey was home. He stayed home with Owen, who was still taking a nap, and a quick call to a neighbor let me take Sophia and Natalie over there to play. And I was off.

When the doctor called, I had asked him what entrance or building I go to. "Just go to the ER and that will be the quickest". So I go to the ER. They tell me they can walk me there or I can drive over to building 1, 3rd floor. I decide I'd like to have the car closer to us for when we leave, so I'll drive over to building 1, 3rd floor. I don't see anyone at guest services at the entrance, so take the elevator up to the third floor. Don't really see an obvious place to go here... I try the Mom and baby unit. They tell me to go down to the lab. I don't think I need to go to the lab... the baby already got it tested today, but I do anyway. Down the elevator to floor 1. The lab guy tells me to go to floor 3. I'm feeling irritated and frustrated. I go over to registration. They tell me to go up to the 3rd floor pediatrics. I go up, No, I'm not seeing a doctor here, my doctor sent me here though... She told me to wait and a nurse would come talk to me. A nurse comes out and tells me that they will deliver the lights to our house. And now I'm officially crying cause I don't even want to be here doing this. I told her my dr. said I could do the lights at home or at the hospital and he wanted me to come here. "You're going to do photothereapy here?" "Phototheraphy, yes, that sounds like the word, yes, I need to do that here." Ok, I'll take you there. "Thank you"... And I'm still red faced and teary as we walk to the Primary Children's Special Care Unit on the FOURTH floor. Nice that people told me the fourth floor. The nurse was very nice and sweetly asks "Is this your first?" perhaps thinking that was why I am all worked up and crying with worry. "No, he's my 11th. Sorry, I don't know why I'm crying..." (I'm not worried really, I just don't want to be here...)  So, after being here for an hour, we're now all checked in and he's under the lights and I'm still blowing my nose.
He's in good hands, I'll try to adjust my attitude about being here.
I do think the mask is super cute though. I love you my sweet baby without a name. Sorry about all this stuff. That darn bililrubin, they watch is like a hawk and we have to play along. He did not like having the IV put into his little hand. I didn't like that part either, He was screaming, and I just wanted to take him home and swaddle him in a blanket and kiss him. But I have to share him with the lights today. They checked his bilirubin at 6:30 - it was 18. They'll check it again in the morning and if it's lower again they'll take him off the lights, watch him for 6 hours, and see what it is then. So I get to be here over night, yay. Come on baby, get that number down soon so we can go home. Boy, I'm lucky this is like the most I've had to deal with - I don't think I'd endure it well if we had a child that was really seriously sick or injured and we had to be at the hospital regularly for visits. Praying for parents and their little ones in that situation, that would be hard. I can handle this, and will count my blessings.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

One By One

Joseph is involved in a few different bands this year - doing the saxophone with his school band and Voodoo with Chapman Music, and he is also playing the bass clarinet with the Lyceum Philharmonic.
Lyceum had a concert a week ago and this video below is one of the numbers they performed.

This is a beautiful song that references the Savior's personal knowledge of and love for each of us, one by one. I've listened to this video a ton this past week, I gotta get the album, love it! The title comes from the appearance of Jesus Christ to the people in ancient America as recorded in the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi 11:15. It was wonderful! The other number that I really loved was the Lord's prayer, Nathan Pacheco sang that one too, such a gorgeous voice. We are so grateful we were able to see this song performed live, it was powerful and beautiful!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Slacker Mom Got Caught

Yesterday I took the baby in for a bilirubin test. His weight was down more than they'd like. What do you expect, my milk just came in the day before. So she had me nurse him there in the clinic for 20 minutes and then we weighed him again to see how much milk he's getting when he nurses. So I did, and weighed him again, and he'd gone up 3 ounces, which was apparently really amazing. So are we good? Am I done? Can we go home? Nope, over to draw his blood in the lab. Not too painful, he didn't even cry when they pricked his heel. Then we were done, yay. Let's go home and snuggle you, you sweet boy!
They called later to say it was up to 16, which wasn't good. But I thought to myself that it had been so low risk when they checked at the hospital, of course it will go up. So she wanted me to get it tested again today, but the clinic lab was closed, so she wanted me to go to the hospital lab, get the blood collected there, then come to the clinic for his weight. Well, remembering how I got away with not following doctors orders last time with Owen, I decided to not go in. Then I got busted...

One of the pediatricians in their office moved into our neighborhood two weeks ago. Super nice guy. The lady pediatrician was aware I didn't show up and was concerned, so Dr. Schmidt offered to swing by our house. Corey answered the door "Tiff! You're busted! They're huntin' you down..." We talked to him, I said I wasn't concerned, that I think I need a pediatrician that is a little less cautious. I admit I'm a little too "not worried" about well checks and tests. If I see or feel there is something wrong, I'll be in touch. Dr. Schmidt is less cautious, so I might switch. Plus our usual one is going on maternity leave soon, might be a good time to switch. So he looked junior over, said the baby looks great, just a little jaundiced, to watch his diapers and see if he has a poopy one soon (last one was yesterday morning)  
Sunday update: Our nice neighbor and pediatrician came by today to take another look at Junior. I didn't go to church, but did send Corey with instrctions to let Dr. Schmidt know the baby had a good poopy diaper this morning, which I felt was evidence that there is no need for concern. He looked him over, said he looked good too. Yep, eating well too. So are we good to go or do I need to get his bilirubin checked again? 

Corey turned to me and said "The real question is... if he says yes, will you go?" Put me on the spot. Okay, yes. If he tells me to go get it tested tomorrow, I will go and do it. And we turned to the dr and he said I should. So I will go in tomorrow around 9. Corey will be home so I don't have to take the other 3 kids along, so should be doable. Sorry buddy, we gotta go let them stick you again tomorrow, you little angel. xoxo!! He is precious!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wee Hours of the Morning

Here is my angel at 1 a.m. this morning. Pretty cute little guy. This was the most alert he had been all day. I felt bad no one else was awake to enjoy it, thus got out the phone for a video.

He did decide to go to sleep shortly after this recording, and then I got like 3 uninterrupted hours, which is about what I was getting when he was inside of me, so not feeling like a zombie yet. I'm sure we'll get there.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We're Home

They gave the baby the okay to be discharged at 8 am. I texted Corey, but he was still getting the school kids out the door. So then I asked permission to have my mom come get me instead of him. He said that was a-ok. So I called my mom, she could come, and I was home at 9. Yay! We made it!

will update more in a bit...

Monday, September 19, 2016

Good Morning Delivery Day!

Its 5 a.m. Shall I give the play by play today? Trusting that today really is the day? Of my 7 scheduled inductions, I've only had one time that I had to wait another 2 days. But it so disappointed me that I've had my guard up for the deliveries following that. Which luckily has just been Owen and this one. SO, not totally sure they didn't have a midnight labor rush or something, but hopefully when I call at 7 they'll say I can come in.

I think I shall blog and document the play by play via my phone today, cause if I do go in, I anticipate having a lot of waiting around twiddling my thumbs. Let's begin ~

3:08 a.m. - woke up to go to the bathroom
3:24 a.m. - decide if I don't fall back asleep in the next 20 minutes I'll get up and exercise.
3:45 - got dressed
4:04 - started walking and light jogging on the treadmill in the basement
4:50 - finished 3 miles, then came here to blog for a bit.
5:20 - going to go take a bath and pack (started to pack a little bit last night - got the infant carseat ready and broke out the newborn onesies.)
6:20 - wake up kids for school and I'm ready to go
7:00 - called the hospital, "Come on in!" Yay! I wake up Corey
7:25 - Corey's ready, gives me a Priesthood blessing and then we're off!
7:40 - arrive at hospital
7:55 - in my lovely gown and all hooked up to monitors
8:05 - Dr. Tanner broke my water, they're super efficient this time, cool
8:10 - IV is in
8:10 to 8:30 - 101 questions
9:30 - dilated to a 3
10:00 - dilated 4+
11:00 - dilated to a 5
So, I've learned today that it's not so easy to blog via phone... my phone keeps refreshing the page and erasing everything that it takes me a long time to type with my thumbs. So this is my last attempt here... Baby was born at 1:46, 7 lbs 10 oz, 20.5 inches, looks like a dark haired Owen, he's a keeper.
Now we get to play the name game. Will update more after I'm back home.
I'm back home now. I'll start off here with a little more detail about Delivery day.

After I was dilated to a 5, they called my doctor. He told them to take me off the pitocin so that I wouldn't deliver before he got there, since I usually go pretty quickly after I'm at a 5. So then I was chilling while we waited for him. They called him again and he had another patient in labor ready to deliver at a different hospital, so he had to go there first, and then he'd come to deliver me. So that was my twiddle my thumbs part. I didn't read anything I brought, I just watched the monitor. It's amazing how quickly the half hours can pass by just watching and listening for the baby's heart beat to come back up after each contraction. So that's what I spent the morning doing. Dr. Smith arrived at 12:15, my contractions had become really spaced out and I had been stuck at an 8, so they started the pitocin again and in 20 minutes I was ready to go. They brought all their people in, I took my usual loss of all dignity pose, and one push out came the head, second push and they put a baby on my tummy. Born at 1:47, 7 lbs, 10 oz, 20.5 inches. He was facing away from me on my tummy so I didn't get a good look at him, but we rubbed him all off and tried to get him to cry, and I loved it again as we heard those sweet little "what in the world just happened to me" squeels and cries from our little one.

As for the rest of the day, they main thing I didn't like this time was that they kept me hooked up to the pitocin drip for a few hours after delivery. Didn't take it out until 8 pm. And having my arm thus attached to a long IV didn't allow me to change out of the hospital "gown". I usually like getting out of that thing pronto, but I was still in it when Corey and the kids came by. The kids asked to poke my tummy and I let them, they were a bit grossed out by how squishy it was now.

I wish I would have gotten a video of them as they walked into the room. After they got in, I told them to go out and come in again so I could record it, but no way were they going to walk away from their baby brother.
But I got this video. Can you tell that everyone is super excited?

You can barely hear it, but Ethan says he wishes he could be pregnant so he can have a baby. Corey says something like "Lucky you - You live at a time in history where some people would say that that is actually possible!" to which Ethan replied "Never mind..." and I was laughing.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Our Last Saturday

It is our last Saturday as a 10 kid family! To help us celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new little boy (and before life gets complicated again,) Corey decided to treat the kids to some fun today and took them out to a movie. They saw Ice Age 5. Sadly, Corey said he'll never be able to get that 2 hours of his life back. I opted to pass and ran to the store instead, I thought it would be good of me to stock up on milk and cereal for the gang. Then Owen took a nap and I washed Corey's car (I like e-cloths, I've got the dual action sponge, not the mit). Then Corey texted me when the movie was done and we met up for our last time eating out with "just 10 kids". We don't eat out much with the kids, so this was a special treat. They love Chuck a Rama. What kid doesn't? This was after the feast was over and we were letting our stomachs settle. They did pretty good and didn't make too much of a mess. A few cookie crumbles on the floor from Owen, but no spills or anything else. Good job Crew, we promise we'll take you out again next year too!
And actually, it was only 9 kids cause Joseph was gone - today was the homecoming dance and he didn't want to ruin his dinner, so he stayed home and did homework until it was time to go pick up his date. Here's Joseph and the girl he asked, Heather ~
I would tell you all about his date, but I haven't heard about it yet. I've usually already headed to bed when this midnight talker starts sharing. But I did hear it was great, "a lot of fun". Corey was my homecoming date my junior year. Maybe I'll update later with that picture. :)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Mom Guilt?

I've been feeling a little bit of Mom guilt this past week. I've been counting the days instead of making the days count. When I saw this on facebook and it gave me a good laugh. I've got bingo three ways from yesterday ~ although I think I need "Used TV as babysitter" as my center square... because "Phone at park" means I actually TOOK my kids to the park. I need a "Didn't take them to the park (or outside at all) today" square.
Then I saw this on facebook too, which balanced out any guilt. I love President Hinckley. I am so grateful to know that we have modern day prophets to help us navigate this life. These are good words to live by:
So, sure, I napped a little too much this week, but I know I'm doing ok for a full term pregnant lady. That being said, I am so looking forward to being done with this part of the process. It's time to move on and feel like a normal person again, looking forward to Monday!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Post It Patterns

Natalie was playing quietly this afternoon. She was hard at work making a color pattern with post it notes at the window ledge.
I watched her for a minute wondering what she had - I saw the orange squares... We had some sliced American cheese in the fridge, is that what she has? But what of the purple and blue cheese underneath? I stepped closer - ah, Post it notes! Of course!
And this is why it is a waste of money for me to even buy these things in the first place. Those colored squares that stick and stack are just too much fun. She is a cute little girl. After she finished we stacked them all up and now they are in a drawer here at the desk. We'll see if they ever get used now that they aren't in a nice and neat stack, cause we all know kids only like to mess up things that aren't already messed up. They like to target organized things or clean rooms and floors. ;)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Assistant SBO Campaign

Recently the Jr. High school decided to move 9th grade to the high school, so this is the last year there for Ethan and Hyrum. To try to give 8th graders a chance to have the opportunities they would have had as 9th graders, they have made a few adjustments, like they are going to let 8th graders go to "9th grade Lagoon Day" for example. Another thing they are doing is letting some of them be student body officers. "Assistant SBO"s is what they are calling them. Hyrum is running for Assistant SBO. The kids spent dinner time trying to come up with different slogans: Don't be a Bum, vote for Hyrum! Don't drink Rum, vote for Hyrum! Don't be Dumb - vote for Hyrum!! Then the decided that Hyrum's name doesn't rhyme with anything good. When Corey came home he shared his idea - he always helps the kids with their posters and t-shirts and has good ideas. He started reading some random fun facts that he foudn on the internet and Hyrum chose a few to use. Here is Hyrum's poster
And I snapped a picture of him eating breakfast this morning.
I think he'll find out on Friday if he made it past the primary election. Good luck Hyrum!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

2 A.M.

I usually wake up in the middle of the night. Several times. It's one of the joys of pregnancy. The following pictures are from one of those occasions. Around 2 a.m. on September 3rd to be exact. I first went in to make sure Joseph had made it home from his Friday night socializing...
Looks like that's a yes. I wonder if he falls asleep saying his prayers very often? Then I wandered around from room to room to see where everyone else ended up. Corey was gone in Brazil when these were taken, and during that week and a half, we had an early dinner and early scriptures, like at 7. That left me free to go to bed once I was done with parenting for the day, which was usually around 9:30/10. I'd bring Owen and Natalie in with me, turn off the light and turn on the fan for some good white noise to drown out the noise of the rest of the house. Because of course they were all still doing homework and playing and whatever. Looks like the little girls decided to have a sleepover with their brothers - Lily is lying on Hyrum's bed on Hyrum and her big Bunky Boo dog.
Corey bought that big dog for Lily for Christmas years ago to take his place as her big body sleeping companion. Bunky Boos done a good job. Sophi's sleeping on the floor. I'd prefer that, the bed bed looks crowded.
And then my little roommates - Owen, he's just precious. 
And our little floor cat Natalie. She almost always lays right down and falls asleep, so that is why she's still in our room. If she's happy and quiet, that works.
The one downside to that is that Owen is an early riser, and if I let him loose on the floor, he'll go wake her up and pull her hair. She's pretty patient with it, but I'd rather not wake her if possible. But our bedroom is one of the only places with a door that I can contain him in. The main floor is one big free access area, and he likes to walk over to the staircase and go up, but hasn't quite mastered the descending part. So I'll move the couch over or something and then he can wander around while I read or just sit and put up my feet (trying to keep the pregnancy varicose veins under control). Anyway, so there are a few pics of a few kids on a typical early morning. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

I'm Scheduled!!

I had my last doctor appointment today, yippe! And may I also say thank goodness for elective inductions, for now there is a light at the end of this tunnel. In one week and I will be delivered, hallelujah!
Corey arrived home safely from Brazil, last Thursday, I'm hanging on for dear life this next week, sorry to not be documenting much here. I'll try to catch up. But Natalie and Sophi like to play starfall during the day (and I like to take a nap) and when the kids are home from school they are busy doing homework at the computer, so that is also part of my excuse. I'll try to update things later. :)

Let's all sing ~ one week! one more week!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Birthday Parties

So, we never really had a plan for birthday parties. Joseph got one pretty much every year until he was 7 - we figured that was just what you do. Of course the first 3 years were just with grandparents coming over. When he was 7 we were living in Virginia and getting ready to move to Brazil, so that was the year his stopped. Melodie had a few - we tried to keep up with what we did for Joseph, but they started to falter for her, and they've faltered for all the kids ever since. The birthday tradition around here consist of cake and ice cream, gifts from grandparents, a gift from mom and dad (I try to limit it to $50) and those are the only guarantees. When kids are in elementary, they get invited to friend parties and thus begin to ask about having their own birthday party with friend. Abi especially has turned it on cause she's a little socialite. So in an effort to know how to answer her persistent questions, I have looked back on the past and what we've done up until now, I have officially established our birthday party policy: Each kid gets two friend parties. Abi had one in 2014 and wanted one again this year. I, being large with child, did my best to persuade and bribe her to wait for her second party for another year. But she insisted, and I gave in, consoling myself that atleast it will be the last one for her. I got lucky that it got postponed and I didn't have to do it with Corey out of town (I just like the moral support). Today was the day I had to pay up. I need to repent cause I was murmuring that we had to do this all morning. 
I ran to the store early for ice cream, we had cake on hand. Instead of buying more junk I asked Corey if I could use the treats and cookies he's brought home for the kids from Brazil. So we had enough junk on hand to make it feel like a party. Abi wanted to do crafts - that was something else I had to grab at the store. We did sun catchers, bead necklaces, and jeweled bookmarks. Abi was in charge of games, and Corey mentioned several times that her friends looked a little bored. Listen, I didn't even want to do this. I think Abi kept waiting for more people to come. She only had 6 of the 11 friends show, which I was actually really grateful for. Her friends Story, Hannah, Addy, Alix, Stein and Jules came. Poor Stein was the only boy. Hyrum and Wes are his friends too, and I gave the 3 of them permision to go play the Wii which they did. It picked up during the last hour and I think ended well, so hopefully the memories of the last hour will be the ones they carry home.
I really tried to bribe Abi, said if she waited for next year we'd do a friend party at Classic skating or something good, if she wanted to do it this year, it would have to be an at home party, and you don't want that right? That will be boring, right? So you'll wait until next year, right? Wrong. But we survived the 3 hours and no one helped me clean up after but I'm all done with obligations until the baby's born. I'm not going to push myself to exercise next week or leave the house at all, I'm just gonna chill. 

We had one other party recently for my humble and patient Hyrum. His birthday is right before school and when we're usually recovering from our summer of fun and I don't feel like doing anything. He hasn't had a party at all yet. So we did one for him this year. He said he'd wait until school started so we did it August 27th. I suggested that if he waited till after school began, he could invite more friends from school if he met more friends in his new classes this year. Only 3 of the 6 people he invited came. They also did a lot of Wii playing, (Hyrum was in charge of the activities too) but I think it went okay. 
The older 3 kids are done with parties and Abi is done, yay. (I think Abi is the most intense child we have socially), but they all have our blessing to "hang out" for birthdays. That's low key and totally fine, anything that doesn't require any effort on my part!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

One Day More

Corey will be back home tomorrow, yay. Things have been good, I've felt very well and not at all frazzled or overwhelmed while he's been gone. Probably the biggest help is that I have a second driver in Joseph. He's been taking the van most days cause that is the family car, and it allows him to pick up the after school carpool. Today I kept the van so I could do the afternoon pick up. He couldn't cause he had a band thing in American Fork so I let him take Corey's car down there. Joseph has two bands that he's in down there - Lyceum and Soundhouse, plus takes lessons down there too with Ray Smith. The auditions for the Soundhouse were last week, so they'll know what bands there are in with that soon, and once those weekly rehearsals start up again I think someone will be making that drive every week. Glad it won't be me. I'm gonna have the "I've got a nursing baby" excuse again, ha!

I was glad to have the van this morning, cause it meant that I didn't have the bluetooth MP3 hookup that is available in Corey's car. Every day that I've driven Ethan and Hyrum to school, Ethan over-rides my sync up and syncs up his phone and plays Les Mis. Now I really don't mind Les Mis in and of itself, it's just the EVERYDAY thing that's wearing me out. Although I guess that might also be their complaint with me... if I'm playing music, it's Imagine Dragons (my treadmill walk every morning is to Smoke+Mirrors) or Brandon Flower/the Killers. These past 2 weeks, the kids (mostly Ethan and Joseph) have been on a major Les Miserables kick. It's been a bit of a overload. Joseph is hoping that the high school will do Les Miserables for a musical this or next year, and if they do, watch out, he's going all in for the role of Marius. That's why he's got it blasting, he has to practice. He had a friend come over and couldn't hear us call to him in his room cause of the musical blaring on their stereo. "Turn off your rock and roll!!" Yes, having my teenagers addicted to Les Mis is better than probably 90% of the music that most teenage boys are playing, so I'll count my blessings. I can find ways to avoid it here at home, and I only have "one day more" to listen to it during morning carpool. Excited to have my better half back tomorrow! We're gonna make it

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sophia is 5!

It's another day of celebration around our house - Happy Birthday, Sophi!
The smiles and eyes aren't quite as natural as I'd like, but that's okay, hence why I took 20+ photos...
This one the eyes are natural, but not he body. Ya do what ya can.
You're a cute one Soph.  
Ok, so let's see, how did your birthday go? Luckily this one still has pretty simple expectations. I gave her a present this morning (didn't wrap it) and that kept her busy most of the day. I made the lego dragon and remembered the days when Corey and I were busy building Legos all Christmas morning. I told her she'd have to wait on the Elf house until her siblings were home from school. I couldn't work on the rest of the house with Owen and Natalie around. Natalie was having a bit of a hard time at first with it not being her birthday, insisting the purple elf girl was her rightful property. And Owen was on a eat and destroy mission. So it was a pretty chill day, and then the kids came home and built the lego with her, and shortly thereafter the grandparents came by. Sophi got a boy and girl barbie, clothes, hair bows, more legos... it was a party. We had some dinner and then broke out the cake and ice cream. Be careful not to breath on the candles while you sing!
Ok, now you can blow them out. 
 Good job Sophi! 
Phew! Always a birthday party at our house from June - September, that is too much cake and ice cream. what is a trying to be health conscious mother to do. We've got 8 of them in those 4 months, soon to be 9! Luckily we're done with the birthday sugar overload for a few months around here - next one is Mel in December. Not counting junior that's coming in 13 days. Thankfully we won't be dishing up cake and ice cream for him this year.
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