Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kid Train

The kids totally made me laugh today.  I was vacuuming the stairs when I heard laughter and kids playing, and tsk tsk playing is not allowed if Hyrum's supposed to be doing his school work.  So I came to to tell Hyrum to stop fooling around, but the picture they created was just too cute. 

A contraption of a trike, a little scoot bike, and a highchair on wheels, all tied together with winter scarves and cloth belts to form an ingenious little choo-choo train. 
You can see that Hyrum does have his book there, so I guess he was technically reading words at that moment, but I trains aren't made on their own, so he wasn't reading when he made it.  Plus I don't think any of the story was sticking in his head very well since he was playing the part of the steam engine at the same time.  Ya just can't focus that way. 
Still, can't help but love a big brother who takes care of his baby sisters.  I mean just look at that smile (and holding her baby, I love it)...
He's a good kid. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow Snow

The kids spent the better part of the weekend out in the most recent snowfall that was dumped on us, making a huge fort and some sledding hills in our wo-be-upon-me north facing house and it's steep front yard. The snow we've piled over the past 4 months is taller than all the kids except Joe. 
Ethan has built a really long snow tunnel down under this pile and his tunnel almost completely extends the length of the driveway.
You have to climb over the handrail to get in to the tunnel's fort-like entrance.

Today the kids wanted to take Sophi out into their world of snow.  Corey helped Fifi adjust her gear.
She looked so cute toddling around the house in her little snow pants, it made us totally giggle just to see her.
The circumference of her legs was the same as the length of her little pink boots, so cute.  Ethan had fun showing her his cave.

I went to check on her about every ten minutes for the first half hour, but she didn't want to come in, so I let them do their thing. 
After an hour I finally heard her crying and as I went out to the rescue, her gloves were off and she was pointing at her cold pink fingers.  I quickly undressed her and warmed her up with the hair dryer diffuser, and then she fell asleep.  (She had started to roll her tired eyes back as we finally got her coat on before going out since she had skipped her nap today... I was surprised she lasted an hour.)

It was cute and fun for them.  As for me, I know all this snow is good for the watershed, but man, I'm ready for winter to be o-ver.  Please, be gone!  No more snow, we've got enough now, this is good.  As they shoveled on Saturday, Corey said this was probably the year that we should have bought a snow blower.  Yup.  I've been wanting one for a while and I'm thinking we should really go get one now and not put it on the back burner anymore, cause then (hopefully!) either it really will finally stop snowing and then we can just feel happily prepared for next winter, or winter will keep being mean to us and our north facing house and we can be glad we have it.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Flower Vase out of a Juice Bottle

After buying some nice framed pictures on Monday at Home Goods, I thought I'd take another shot at prettying up our bathroom.  I put some flowers by the tub but they were in a glass vase - which made me a little nervous that I'd forget to grab it sometime when I gave the kids a bath and would end up with shards of glass in the tub.  But I didn't want to use one of our big metal vases, so I spent an hour last night superglue-ing some jute twine to a Dole Juice bottle to make this pretty vase with it's natural fibers to give some nice texture to our bathroom and it's up and coming decor. I was quite pleased with the outcome.
I got the idea from here - I've made a few of these knock off hemp balls.  Haven't done anything with them yet except let the kids throw them around the house.  But I like them and shall do something with them soon since I have a vase that matches them now.  Superglue + jute twine = easy and thifty, perfect. 

It took me longer than I wanted to super-glue it, like an hour.  I worked on it for 40 minutes before dinner and then another 20 minutes after.  I was quite happy with how it turned out.  Was going to do a peanut butter jar too, but that one's gonna wait until I need it.
I spray-painted the bottles, cause after making those jute balls and not gluing the first one tightly enough, I learned the white shows through the layers of twine.  So just incase I didn't twine it carefully enough, I thought I'd protect myself with a coat of brown pain.

Round and round we go... I'd kinda melt the superglue from the previous wrap as I went.  I used like 4 sticks of glue.
I like the finished project.  Matches our bathrooms perfectly. 
 Here was the glass vase before ~
And here's the framed flowers that we just got that I love -
The have a slightly metallic brown frame, just like the rusty brown hardware in the bathroom.  Smiling each time I walk by.  Excited to take one project at a time throughout the house.  This is our year to "do"!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Miracle for Mitchell

Mitchell's story was mentioned by the local news in a Deseret News article and KSL TV spot.  He might schedule a surgery on Monday through the help of Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy which will insert a Left Ventricular Assist Device into Mitchell’s heart on Monday. It’s not a cure, but it will give him more time.  Praying for his body to stay strong.
And I totally love his little dog, such a miracle that that cute little pup is so loyal and faithful and knows how to give Mitchell the love he needs.  Aren't most puppies just crazy and playful, but this little Marlie just wants to be close by Mitchell and snuggle with him, I love it.

Update: the Jones' shared via facebook that Mitchell was adamant he did not want to go to the hospital again did not want the surgery.  It would have been very risky and he would have been the youngest kid to ever have this surgery done, would have been a difficult life afterward and only given him maybe a few more years.  Anyway, prayers still with them.  They said they have peace knowing that they did look at all the options and do everything they could for their boy.  What a heart wrenching experience for them, I can't only imagine.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Silly Lily

Lily was running around in circles from the kitchen through the front room and the study, singing some random song and dressed up in this get-up.  I thought it was so funny - What are you thinking little person?  Just what goes on in that head of yours, silly?
Running around in a pillowcase with a flower lei and a winter hat.  Funny kid.  Love it when they are in their own little silly world.  She also looked super cute when she got dressed up to go play outside ~
Not sure where we got that hat but it always makes me laugh when she wears it.
She was dressed up in Abi's coat, which was a tad to big for her, with the Santa gloves, seems like something out of a post card of a cute kid playing in the snow.  The sweetness and innocence of a child.
Love you Lily

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

14 Years

Happy Anniversary to us!  Corey and I were able to go and celebrate by ourselves over the holiday weekend up at Park City and had a lovely time while the kids had a fun sleepover with Grandma W.  Corey and I didn't quite know what to do with ourselves, it was kinda funny.  But we did keep noticing how quite and un-messy we are when we're on our own.  Before returning to life Corey bought me chocolates and flowers, the kind you get at Home Goods - Godiva truffles and pretty red flowers that were framed and are now hanging on our bathroom wall where they look perfect, makes me smile each time I go in there.  :)
Corey proposed to me on that cement block.  They've since torn that one out and there's an oval one there now, but it's still the place where our life and family together officially began.

Since our anniversary is a day that is significant in our children's life, we decided to let them in on our celebration.  So to make the day special, the kids helped surprise Corey with a romantic dinner for two ~ wait, a romantic dinner for (1, 2, 3,...) ten. 
The kids were excited to help, we made name tags, the kids all helped make a part of the meal, and we all got dressed up in our fancy clothes.  I printed up a little Anniversary menu showing all our guests that the evening would be starting with steak and salad and some raspberry honey butter (like we had at our wedding luncheon, ours wasn't as good, but hey, we gave it a shot) and the evening ended with Triple chocolate cheesecake (yum) and lots of dishes to wash. 
Even Sophi dressed up.  And I liked seeing her bottle of juice next to Corey's goblet.  She's doing great at the table!
 We had candles and pictures from our reception set around the room, it was cute. 
Happy Eternal Family day kids!  And I love this man.  So lucky he's mine.

Monday, February 18, 2013

See Ya Highchair

Sophia isn't gonna take it anymore.  She's not gonna tolerate different treatment at dinner time. 
No more of this "baby in the highchair" garbage.  Valentine's Day pictured below was the first day that she stood her ground, so we gave it a go to see how she did sitting at the table with the rest of the crew.
She was super excited and her official opinion was: Thumbs up!  (She doesn't get to use the glass plate though, we'll see if she notices that I'm still discriminating...)
Of course, nothing new can happen around here without everyone wanting to be the ones experiencing it, so there was the fighting and bargaining and trading of places deciding who got to sit by her.  Abi lost and just stood behind Sophi for a while, upset.  Sigh, ya just can't win.  So Sophi's eating at the table with us, she's officially moved up.  She's not a baby anymore.  Good news is she's not any messier than anyone else at the table, so I just have a table to clean up, not a table and a high chair.  And I also get to clear out some visual clutter and move the highchair downstairs for a few months.  :) 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Time Enough For Today

I've been following Mitchell's progress everyday and keep him in my prayers.  Here is a beautiful comment on their facebook page that I wanted to share:


If you asked one hundred people what they believe to be their most valuable resource, you would likely get a multitude of answers, however I think that the most recurring answer would be: time. We live in a very fast paced world where so much happens so fast. We are expected to perform tasks more quickly than ever before, we expect results and demand is very high for our time, seemingly in every direction that we turn. In a world of high speed internet, mobile voice texting, ten minute oil changes; lest we forget, microwave ovens and so much more, we still cannot get a grasp on our time management. All of the wonderful technical advancements did not save us any time, they placed more demands on our time. Remember when you could buy yourself a day, perhaps even two with the old adage, "It's in the mail" ? No more! Along came the 90's and we were expected to click the send button on our keyboard and transport it instantly. Nothing seems to give us more time. We all have twenty four hours in each day however for some that will never be enough.

Time is like money, most of us seem to use what we have. Thinking back, I actually recall a time when I had more money than time. That may seem like a positive complication to many, however it was not and I quickly learned that lesson. Today I find myself with some time, time at least to think. As I spend much of my time traveling, it is just me and the road and my mind jumps from thought to thought. Much of my time is spent thinking about - time. Thought of what to do, how to spend my time, planning the days ahead, thoughts of the future for my children...thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. If only I had the time to follow through with many of them.

Over the past few days I have spent time with tears in my eyes thinking of a young boy of ten years with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) who has very little time left. Ten years ago his parents welcomed a beautiful baby boy with a full life ahead, today they cling to each moment, each breathe. They know that their time with this sweet and precious boy is limited to days, perhaps even hours or minutes. Sweet Mitchell certainly is not the only kid facing the challenges of life and death, there are many and for all of them I ache. Mitchell is an example of an extreme case of DMD, one in which his battle is with early and certain heart failure. Most parents dealing with DMD face it with the expectation of their child living at least into their early twenties. Obviously our hopes are for much more, many more years, a cure or at least a treatment that delays the progression. On the other end of the spectrum is my dear friend Scott Sands who is my age. Also with DMD, Scott has encountered many near death experiences however he is alive as evidenced by the blog he writes titled, Scott Sands Alive. Scott realizes and is thankful that he has beat the odds and has enjoyed life at least twice as long as most people expected of him. Scotts brother lost his battle with DMD at the young age of fifteen. I know that if you asked the family of Scott or Mitchell the importance of time to them, it would rank very high on their list. Both of them have lived a life of extreme uncertainties with respect to time.

Most parents look forward to each milestone with their child; the first steps, the first tooth, the first day of school, high school graduation, college, engagements, wedding, etc. As for me, I would be perfectly content if time could just stand still. As I look at my Garin and see where DMD has taken us so far, I just want to stop it here, accept where we are with it and savor this moment in time - forever. Time is not on our side. Time will not stand still. Time can be cruel. Knowing all of this has taught me some very valuable lessons in life. Dealing with Garin and his DMD issues have given us a glimpse of life that many people never have until it is too late. It has given me a better appreciation of time. I realize that time with everyone is limited. Hilton, my thirteen year old is perfectly healthy, athletic and can do all the things that Garin cannot, however I realize that all too soon he will be away at college. It seems such a brief time ago that we were like most first time parents, doing all that we could do to prepare for this special new addition to our family. Today, Hilton is taller than me, and towers over his mother at six feet tall. As I reflect on this, I cannot imagine where thirteen years have gone. Appreciating and making the most of each day is our challenge. All of those momentous milestones with children are wonderful events however I seem to live for the day. I have often said to those that ask how I deal with all of the medical issues, I can handle any of it - today. I can only think of today, not next month or next year or even next week, but only today. I know that I if I can get through today and make the most of this day, I can tackle tomorrow and also find joy in it as well.  
~ Written by Gary Stepp, February 15, 2013
Today - that reminds me of one of Shannon's Life Lessons, lesson #3 - Focus on the Day I'm On - Shannon who passed away from cancer a year ago, she continues to be a light and example to my life.

And also, why worry?  Worry is the facade of taking action, but PRAYER really is. ~ From the Book One Thousand Gifts.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Parmesan Honey Chicken

Made this for dinner tonight after linking to it here from Pinterest - I'm trying to hold off from snacking on it and eating it all until dinner time, which has been moved up an hour to help me resist, cause this is seriously so tastey!  Had to share - super easy and it tastes and smells good.  I didn't have a pork roast on hand, so I took a risk by substituting chicken and it works - I'm hoping it's a hit with the kids (who didn't care for the Crock Pot Pineapple Chicken on Sunday) - this one I'm hoping is a family keeper!
Slow Cooker Parmesan Honey Chicken
  • 1 (2-3 pound) boneless pork roast
  • ⅔ cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • ½ cup honey
  • 3 Tbsp soy sauce
  • 2 Tbsp dried basil
  • 2 Tbsp minced garlic
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 2 Tbsp cornstarch
  • ¼ cup cold water
Instructions: Spray slow cooker with non-stick cooking spray. Place chicken in slow cooker. In a small bowl, combine the cheese, honey, soy sauce, basil, garlic, oil and salt; pour over pork. Cover and cook on low for 6-7 hours.
I threw some potatoes in the crockpot, and now I've officially killed enough time, so gonna go set the table.  It's dinner time!  :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Barf Week

A week ago Barf week began - 7 kids, a different kid every night for 7 nights in a row.  (Mel is on guard for tonight!)  Throwing up is so universal.  Eventhough it's terrible, everyone can relate and has a story of their own and enjoys commiserating.  Kinda like giving childbirth I guess.  So, for anyone who likes to share barf stories, here's how our week went - 

Last Wednesday - Hyrum, all of a sudden after dinner he's holding his tummy and feeling ill, so he gets to stay home from Scouts.  When I return an hour later, he had thrown up in the toilet and was feeling better. No clean up or laundry or future symptoms for him, sweet.

Thursday night - Lily puts herself to bed saying she's sick and said, we believe, that she had "toys" in her mouth. ? During the night she wakes up wailing which is a frequent occurance, only she's not rambling incoherent jumble this time, but is telling us "I sick!"  Corey takes her to the bathroom, and she throws up on the way to the toilet, all over the bathroom counter and sink.  Tooth brushes and hair combs were safe in the drawer.  Still some clean up for me, but not carpet mess, so we're good.

Friday night - Wesley is feeling sick after dinner.  "You might throw up.  Here's a bucket."  He puts himself to bed.  Wakes up an hour later, throws up in his bucket, and goes back to bed.  I take bucket.  Sweet!

Saturday night - Abi is feeling sick and skips dinner.  She lays down on the couch with a big salad bowl and falls asleep.  Wakes up an hour later, throws up in her bowl, and falls back asleep after a few cheers of "Good job Abi!" from Corey and I.  Thought we were done after, but Lily came back for an encore presentation.  She had put herself to bed on Mel's bed and threw up all over Mel's comforter and over half of her (Lily's) big dog that she got for Christmas that Mel stores on her bed.  Mel's glad she hadn't gone to bed yet.  Laundry to do and I take Bunky Bunky (Lily's dog's name) and am scrubbing him down like what I think shampooing a horse would be like as he straddles the side of our tub.
Sunday - Ethan feels sick in the morning.  He stays home from church with me and the girls.  I tell him not to throw up on the carpet.  During the night he pukes in the toilet.  Good job Eth.  He stays home from school Monday.

Monday - Joseph goes to a birthday party and they go see the Harlem Globe Trotters.  He is feeling ill and fears what's coming - he doesn't want a shot of him puking to be broadcast on the jumbo screen.  He holds it in and ate way too much food for someone who is feeling ill - I give him a bucket and his 1st puke around midnight makes it in there, then he throws up again at 2 a.m in the sink.  It clogs the sink, obviously, and he comes and tells me.  I clean it up, NASTY, while he goes back to bed.  Don't throw up in the sink next time Joe.  He told me that once he threw up in the sink and I was glad.  "Well, sure, the sink was better than the carpet, so I was glad, but if you have the choice, throw up in the toilet instead of the sink, ok?"  Got it.  He stays home from school Tuesday but is feeling fine most of the day after getting food into him again.   Lily woke up crying when I was cleaning up Joe's gunk so I went and lay down in her room for a bit.  At 4:00 she wakes up saying "I gonna throw up!" and I go from sound sleep to making a football sprint and Lily touch-downs her barf right into the toilet, Score!  Good job Lily!!  The 3 year old showing the teenager how it's done.  She goes back to bed.  (Don't know why the bug is picking on poor little Lily, this is her third go at it, sheesh!)

Tuesday night - I'm jumpy after we go to bed and get up 3 times for random things thinking I hear someone about to puke.  To help calm my vomit nerves, I spread blankets on the floor around Lily's bed (just in case).  12:30 I hear a sloshing sloppy splat.  I think it came from Corey's side of the bed, like Lily came over there and threw up - I walk over, don't see anything.  Go lay in bed again.  10 seconds later another slopping wet slosh sound again followed by Sophia's cry.  She threw up on the big shag area rug in our room.  Only one drop of it got on the house carpet.  Luckily it was right on the edge of the rug ~ I take Sophi and clean her up, she falls right back to sleep, Corey helps me lift the carpet over to the tub where the puke was ever so conveniently placed right on the edge of the rug.  I get the OxyClean and USAdvantage and miraculously scrub red spaghetti barf out of the cream colored carpet.
SO!  That's been our Throw up Week.  The joys of motherhood.  It's all about perspective, and my perspective is that the carpets are still clean after spaghetti throw up and red vine licorice barf, so I am a happy camper, seeing as I've learned to function without sleep for the most part.  At breakfast this morning I told Melodie she's it for sure tonight.  She feels confident in her immune system and is determined to resist!  She said "Well, what about you and Dad?"  We'll, I've been touching the stuff all week, if I haven't thrown up yet I don't think it will get me.  But maybe the Barf Bug is just saving the toughest challenge for last, so we'll see, maybe it's my turn. I've been wanting to throw up every time I'm smelling their stuff, (Ugh - Joe's in the sink Monday night was the worst), so I don't think I'd mind.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Porcelain Throne

A friend and I were talking last week about how to be better homemakers.  She mentioned an insight she gained by watching this video by Whitney Johnson and how she says to Disrupt yourself to be happier ~ step 1 is to pick a place where no one is playing or wants to play and do something about it.  Her interpretation as a mother - pick a place that no one cleans or wants to clean and do something about it.  For both of us this meant one place.  That blessed toilet.

The toilet and I are not friends.  He seems to know that I don't like him, and so he feels the need to tempt my toddlers to put their hands on him, like down under the seat our around the back (ugh!) as they climb up to the sink, gross, and I quickly wash their hands.  Or if I'm ever doing something in the bathroom, he somehow lures the baby to step over right next to him and she want to grab the toilet brush which also makes me snatch her away in disgust and I give him a nasty look - YOU GROSS TOILET!  I'll do the quick scrub of the bowl and a brief disinfectant wipe down around him, but part of me figures that the less time I'm around that toilet (esp the one in the kids' bathroom) the better.

I also have a memory of talking with a fellow mother at a neighborhood bbq 2 years ago and for some reason we were talking about cleaning toilets and she said when she does she has to unscrew the seat and get all the nasty stuff under there.  I'd never done that, but her comment planted a seed in my thoughts that it needed to be done.  Of course that would increase the time and effort taken if I were to clean the bathrooms that well, and I want to spend as little time around that toilet as possible. Poor toilet, no one wants to take care of him, until yesterday, when I finally chose to disrupt myself...
Yesterday I was in a morning slump and my friends words came to mind.  I knew I needed to face my fears and if I did, I would be rewarded with energy and happiness.  It took a while to muster up the strength.  I put on the big gloves and took a deep breath, then went for it.  I didn't know how to unscrew the seat and ended up having to take off the gloves so I could feel around and get the screws off (now I know they have plastic bolts under the seat, did you know that?) but I'm glad the gloves got me through the initial repulsion of the whole idea.  After getting over that hurdle and after the gloves came off, I worked hard and fast and washed inside and outside and all around those Porcelain Thrones, all three of them.  I probably washed my hands 100 times in the process and they are very dry today and my fingers were all cracked 3 toilets later, but it feels good.  I told the kids at FHE about my labors and accomplishment and they are all going to aim better and help keep them clean.

The toilet and I are friends now, and instead of cringing when I make the rounds turning off lights and making sure little people have flushed, I beam at that Throne with great pride - "Hello you clean and pretty toilet!"  Instead of disgust at it or disappointment in myself, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and happiness!

SO, moral of the lesson, go pick a place in your home, life, or whatever that no one is doing or wants to do anything about, and DO something, and see how you feel after!  
See, I have proof!  They were taken apart, and both sparkling clean!  Now back together and lovely - you pretty toilet.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mitchell's Journey

Corey works with Chris, and Chris' little boy Mitchell was diagnosed with a rare type of Muscular Dystrophy when he was 3 years old.  Mitchell's the same age as Ethan, 10 years old. Chris has been cherishing every moment with his son and has a gift for beautifully documenting his son's Mitchell's journey in these videos below. The disease has progressed very quickly over the past few months and it seems he will pass away very soon.  There are a few more videos about Mitchell besides these (see the top bar of Chris' vimeo page), but here are just a few I wanted to share, grab some kleenex cause they will make you cry. 
He was diagnosed when he was 3 years old - - a quote from this video that I loved: “Normal fear protects us; abnormal fear paralyses us. Normal fear motivates us to improve our individual and collective welfare; abnormal fear constantly poisons and distorts our inner lives. Our problem is not to be rid of fear but, rather to harness and master it.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

In November he was given 6 months to 2 years to live - there is no exit
His muscles are failing, his heart is failing, it's not pumping enough blood -

He got a puppy from his grandparents to lift his spirits-

A thank you to family and friends -

And increased pain this week - When I heard the recording of his voice say "I just wish I could feel good" I could just see him as an angel with Christ flying free, even while his parent's hearts suffer.
They brought Mitchell home from the hospital last Friday to let him enjoy his last moments on earth at home with his family and puppy and without being tied to tubes and monitors.  You can follow their updates on their facebook page - Mitchell's Journey. Chris also has found beautiful quotes and has his own gift with words in his ability to share the deep emotions that must be flooding his and his wife's hearts, I'm sure I'd probably be a jumbed emotional mess. 
(Just saw this picture below and teared up again ~ gosh, every post on their facebook page makes me cry)
I will enjoy my children today, love them, enjoy the now with them, cause that is all we have.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Becoming a Do-er

This past week has been peculiarly ideal and I'm a bit confused as to exactly why.  "Ideal" in that the house is very very clean and orderly.  It might have started with me moving all our bookshelves together into what is now officially "the study", thus making it a little clearer what the purpose is of each room, so I've been able to shuffle and sort and weed out the clutter better.  I've also been doing a little bit more of the things I want to do, in my ideal "vision of my family life" world, such as making the heart wreath, doing the little valentine advent, I've even had "read aloud time" with Abi and "quiet time" after that per Large Family Logistics' recommendation, that was really nice for the chi of the house. 

I've also had my "morning routine" mapped out in my head and that's helped me start off each day on the right foot (and go to bed on time so I can get up and face it) ~ I've gotten up everyday this week at 6:00 for some personal scripture and study time.  I did that while we were in Chile and it was great, but our life was so simple then, in a small apartment and living with very little material possessions.  Still, I think it's helped me be on track spiritually during the day.  Anyway, not sure what it's been, but Corey and I and the kids have all been amazed and scratching our heads a bit as to what's made the difference.  I don't think I've made the kids work much harder, although I do think I've been more focused, but it hasn't felt draining and I haven't felt overwhelmed.

I'm wishing I really knew for sure what the key was so that I could share it and help someone else who is drowning, as I was last week and the week before that.  But reading with the kids, doing a craft, little things like that I've always pushed back until after I've finished cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry, I've done them this week cause they've been on the schedule.  I read this last night in "Dare, Dream, Do" by Whitney Johnson, and think that it might hold part of the answer - page 35...
Haven't many of us said "I'll start dreaming once I wrap up with X, Y and Z project."  At the same time, we are asking ourselves, "Why do I keep putting things off?  There's so much to do but I can't get anything done."  Perhaps we have it backwards.  Perhaps having goals for ourselves is not something to do after we've wrapped up X, Y and Z projects.  Perhaps daring to dream is a goal we need to pursue now, because it's key to getting those X, Y and Z projects done.

Psychologist Timothy Pychyl writes in an article titles "Teenagers, Identity Crisis, and Procrastination" that if we can't answer the questions "Who am I" and "What am I?" we're more likely to procrastinate.  In other words, the more people know who they are, the less likely they are to procrastinate.  (I am a mom!  I am a homemaker, and I want to be good at it, I can be good at it!)  Pychyl explains the interconnectedness between identity and agency as follows: "Identity is that knowledge of who we are... Agency is the belief that we are in control of our decisions and responsible for our outcomes... it means we make a difference, we make things happen, we act on the world.  Thus, being an active agent depends on identity, or knowing who we are."

Perhaps, then, the best thing we can do it to put our busyness to the side, and instead focus on our identity and our dreams - or "Focus on your To-Be List, before the To-Do List."  When we return to that to do list we might just find we're actually beginning to get things done.

Our vision of what we want our family to be has helped, and then starting to plan, schedule, and DO the things we dream about, I'm amazed that I'm actually finally beginning to get things done.  Hope next week is more of the same!  :)

Friday, February 8, 2013


Mel dressed Sophi up as a Cowgirl, it was really cute.
I think Sophi likes guns.  She was pow-powing everyone and loving it.
I would appear she is in favor of Second Amendment rights.
I told her it's not necessary to get politically involved at her age, but you know kids, they just don't listen
Sophi couldn't walk very well in the boots since they came up to mid-thigh on her.  When she took them off, Lily saw her chance to move in and then she was the cow-kid.  We were eating dinner and Lily was mysteriously missing, I found her drawing in Ethan's "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Journal" on one of the blank pages. 
Ethan saw it too, and we smiled and didn't want to disturb her cause the little figure she was drawing was probably her best yet!
She said it was Sophia, complete with eyelashes and a bow in her hair, so cute, Good job Little Lily!

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