Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tough Scout

On Friday night last week, Hyrum had a scout campout in his leader's backyard. It was just down the street and around the corner. Seemed like it should be a safe experience. Thursday night Hyrum asked if we could check the weather to see if it was going to rain. Yes, the forecast projects that at around 3:00 am Saturday morning, there could be a rain thunderstorm. He looked at me and his eyebrows gave away his concern... this could be bad! This past summer, there have been a few rainstorms, and whenever there was thunder and lightening outside, Hyrum couldn't relax and couldn't fall sleep and kept telling us he felt sick and had a tummy ache. I believed him, but what could we do? We'd say a prayer with him, offered to give him music on headphones so he wouldn't be able to hear it, but he could still see the lighting. Eventually we just told him he'd be okay and he'd have to toughen it out. And this was in a house in his warm bed with a roof over his head. And he's going to go outside and sleep in a tent during this storm?!? I don't know what to do to help you buddy. So, that's on his mind and mine as we looked at the weather.

Now all this is true to form for Hyrum. He has always been a timid little kid. In 2007 when he was 5 year old, he was TERRIFIED when we bought a puppy. When he was 3 years old and we took a trip to California, he didn't like most of the rides at Disneyland and, despite being a big Toy Story fan, would have absolutely nothing to do with meeting that big giant Woody person. 
And don't get 3 year old Hyrum of the past even started about those scary ocean waves at the beach... Each time the wave rolled in, he screamed. (Had to go find the clips on our home videos...)
(We didn't leave him alone crying hysterically by himself the whole time, just about 1/3rd of the time.)
Nope. Ethan, a careless fool, not heeding Hyrum's warning, just layed down in the sand making sand angels.
We eventually took Hyrum back to the hotel (this was at Oceanside and we were staying at a hotel just across the Pacific Coast Highway, walking distance just over the bridge.) So Corey started to take Hyrum back while I stayed with the rest of the kids who were playing in the sand. But Hyrum continued to have great fear with each wave going out....
And each wave crashing back in....
Yeah, he was a bit beside himself with fear. Thus is our little Hyrum. 

So, back to the present... before his campout Friday night, we check the weather again, and now it looks like instead of the storm coming in at 3 am, it's going to come in at 10pm and last ALL NIGHT. What do you think of that Hyrum?
I didn't know if he'd survive, but he went over without complaining and seemed calm enough, but I didn't know what was going through his head. They had a little fire and cooked their tinfoil dinners. It started to rain that night. Here at home Corey and I say a prayer or him to be okay. Around 4 a.m. I'm awake and pacing the floor, it is totally pouring heavy rain. There is a ton of lightning and thunder... one lightening hit really close followed by an immediate loud clap of thunder, and I've got images of this little terrified boy that keep flashing through my mind and I can't sleep.
It was loud, it was constant, and I was worried sick. I just kept saying "Poor Hyrum!!!" Corey drove over to their house. The gate was locked, but he said he didn't hear any screaming coming from the backyard.
After a half hour of intense downpour and lightning, it softened up a little bit. Corey texted a dad that was sleeping out with the scouts. Thankfully he replied right back and said Hyrum was doing okay. Okay, he's okay, a dad is there with him, he's not alone, maybe he'll survive a few more hours. We were able to go back to sleep.  
I was grateful to see it get light in the morning, I woke up and was ready for his return. He walked in at 8 a.m. "Hey mom!" I look at him. "Are you okay?" "Yeah" he replies, like it was no big deal at all. I let him know that I was a little sick with worry for him. He shrugged like it was nothing. His only report was that his sleeping bag was soaked. So that was that and he was fine! Who knew! 
My little Hyrum is all grown up.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Feast

Yesterday we had our September "Family Party" but it wasn't really a big party, I told the kids it was just a fancy dinner ~  "Fall Feast". It worked out nicely since it was fast Sunday, so everyone hunkered through the afternoon and watched 17 Miracles (love that movie) while I made preparations and then we all enjoyed a nice meal together around 5:00. "Abi stop fingering the cake!"
It was my first attempt at icing a cake - I used a chocolate fudge icing but minus the cocoa to keep with the early fall color theme of the food. We'll do chocolate next time. The kids wanted store bought frosting instead, but I told them we were gonna try something new. After tasting it they all said it was amazing and the best cake ever. See! I was right! They are all looking forward to it again sometime.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Few Years Behind

Back when Joseph was a baby, I had an idea to make an ABC book for him with pictures of him. Then I made one for Melodie, with my goal being to finish it before Ethan was born. Then to do Ethan's before Hyrum was born, then Hyrum's before Wes was born, etc. I did pretty good through Abi - I finished hers in June 2009 just before Lily was born.  And then we moved in 2010 when Lily was a baby, and moved back, and I've been trying to get my head above water ever since. I haven't been able to get in my "Get the ABC book done before the next kid arrives" groove again. So I'm a few years behind, but I tried to start to redeem  myself today! I had Lily's book about finished over a year ago, and then I don't know why I just never made it out to FedEx Kinko's to finish the job. Seemed like such a big process, "I'll never be able to do it!" Then, this past week, Abi took her ABC book to school for show and tell. Lily, who is now old enough to know she's missing out on something, confronted me "Where is my ABC book?" I've almost got it done sweetie, I just need to go get it bound up. Okay okay, I'll do it. I gave myself a realistic goal to get them both done by year end. I haven't started Sophi's, but since Lily's was basically done I put Kinko's on my errand list and made it out there and finally finished Lily's ABC book today! I timed myself too, so that I'll know how long the laminating and binding part took. I left at 10:00 am and was finished at 11. Glad to have the kids home to take care of Natalie - went faster with out that angel underfoot. I was almost giddy when I brought it home. "Lily! I have a surprise for you!!!"
Lily wanted me to take her picture with each page. "I is for immunizations" - I asked her "Is that your favorite one?" "No, it's the saddest one." J is for Jessie is her favorite one. Jessie lost her head a year or so ago and I glued it back on a few times, but sadly, she eventually made it into the trash. Now that's on her Christmas wish list - new Jessie Doll, got it.
Lily kept reading me her book, her sisters read fought over a book on the step beside her. (Natalie knows how to get Sophi's goat...) Sophi, your ABC book is next, I'll try to get 'er done before year end.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Airsoft Game

Ethan and Joseph didn't have school today, so how did they spend their freetime? Why, sitting outside layered up in long sleeve sweatshirts and long pants in the sun, of course! They were biding their time out in the tree farm all afternoon playing an "airsoft" game with friends.
(They wanted layers of clothing to protect themselves)
Joseph said it was pretty hot and miserable, worse than the Eagle costume. And that he wishes he had gone to work with Corey instead. But, it sounded fun at first. But he's not doing it again. Good to experience things and get them checked off your list.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Messy Chocolate

When the older kids got home from school, Joseph asked if he could make chocolate pudding. I said yes. They dished out bowls for everyone. Ethan served Natalie and then got bored feeding her so he let her feed herself...
They came to inform me that Natalie was a mess. "Can you clean her up?" No one would, I went to see the state of things. No, no no no.... that is not how to feed a baby pudding. And I let Ethan know I was a little irritated that they just let her make a mess - floor, shirt, hair... he could have let me know before he let her make a mess and I would have gladly spoon fed her. Birthdays, I don't mind that, but thassit. I don't approve of this happening more than once a year.
So I scrubbed her down and she didn't like it. Yesterday I let Sophi help me make brownies for dessert. This is how I do it - we pinned back her hair, gave her a little apron, and supervised her accordingly. It was neat and quick to clean up. That's how it's done, boys.
~ I still remember from my childhood how licking the bowls and spoons is always the best part. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Average Morning

Lily woke up early this morning. So, instead of exercise, Lily and I played Barbies. I spent most of my time brushing out their hair (what a matted mess!) Then Natalie woke up, so that meant playtime for me was over. I tried to get things done though, like take out the trash since it's garbage day. Whilst I tried to do things like that and attempted to make progress on the state of things in this house, Natalie tried to take things in the opposite direction. She first emptied a box of Kix cereal (she was so happy!)
And then she was hurrying and swatting at the kix balls like flies and flinging them everywhere, so I grabbed her quickly as possible and put her down off the table, where she resumed her position as a dead weight and tried to prevent me cleaning them up.
I got them boxed up again, swept the floor, but didn't get the cereal dust wiped up off the table. But it was in the box.
Then we all went outside for a bit while I loaded the garbage bins with pine needles, which is my usual Wednesday morning chore. Lily came and went inside and outside, as did Natalie. I came in to find Lily was making soup out of dish soap and garlic salt.
Cleaned that up, made Lily a sandwich, and then turned to find Natalie on the table AGAIN dumping out the Kix AGAIN (only did half the box this time, I got to her fast) and I'm feeling like an idiot that I left the cereal box on the table (said like Napoleon Dynamite)
And then Sophi woke up, Lily went to school at 12:30, and Sophi watched "Belle" (Beauty and the Beast) while I took a nap with Natalie. And that I about how the average morning goes down around here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sucker Sharing Sisters

Sophia loved the suckers that Angela sent us. 
The other kids... not so much. And since they didn't want their suckers, they bequeathed them to Sophi.
Sophi was very kind and shared her sucker licks with her little sister. 
"I get a lick, you get a lick."  Then jump jump on the trampoline.
Natalie seemed like a little hummingbird, who would get her little lick of sugar then go hurry and burn it off.
...then open her mouth for more.
Lick-lick - Jump. 
Lick-lick, slobber, jump
It seemed most of the time that Natalie was just minding her own business, and then her sister would come shove the big ball of sucker in her mouth. Seemed to barely fit in, she had to open wide!
But she didn't mind. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Chile Care Package

We got a care package from Chile yesterday from our good friend Angela. Angela and her family took care of us during our stay in Chile and saved us when we had difficulties during our departure, And the kids all know and love her because she came and spent a month with us in 2012. She sent some treats and cute headbands for the girls.
They love them Angela! Thank you!!!

The kids sat out on the trampoline to enjoy their sugar high and have food memories of our time in Chile - The "super ocho" candy bar was the biggest memory trigger. Fun stuff.
Natalie and Sophi - you two little girls don't remember Chile, do you? Well, that's not fair! You girls need an international trip! But maybe when you're a bit older and will remember it? We'll have to see what we do to make it up to you...
Hyrum was being a dork and kept photo bombing my pictures. I deleted all of those, but here's what he looked like before I punched him for being a pest.
(just kidding! I don't punch my kids!)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Alpine Loop

Melodie began junior orchestra today, so Corey took her to practice at 8:30. He took Joseph and Ethan too so they could do some work at Movie Mouth (we've told them they've got to help pay for their Jazz tour trip next summer). I've been in a slump and didn't have the energy to clean, nor did I have it in me to get these kids to help clean. So after a few hours of being a throne for Natalie or walking around the house like a zombie, I sent neighbor kids home and told my crew to get into the car. Corey was going to be home at 5, so we'll clean the house then. As for now, I need to escape the four walls of this messy house. Into the car.

We go into the car. Seatbelts on, garage open, start car... and it's dead. Corey's gone, so I tried to jump it with this little jump start kit thing we have but it didn't work. I didn't have it in me to put on a cheerful face for neighbors, so I impose upon my mother... "Can you come help me jump my car?" Linda to the rescue!! (thanks mom!!!) We swept our driveway while we waited for her, cause the cement on our driveway is crumbling to pieces, I thought this 10 minute window provided a good opportunity to sweep up all the loose rocks. They seriously kill to walk on! I almost always have shoes when walking on the driveway, but one morning this week Abi forgot her folder after she left for school, so I just ran out barefoot to catch her and man, it's a killer. That's on the list of repairs this house needs. If we ever have enough to buy it first. So, we jump start the car and thankfully it works. Everyone loads up again. And we're off! I'm gonna be able to cross something off my list today, and it will be therapeutic too! hooray!
3:00. I held the kids hostage and we went for a little (long) spin. Down to Utah County, up Provo Canyon. We took a quick detour up Squaw Peak Road. I loved hearing the kids kinda worry with nervous laughs at one point on that road when they looked out the window and weren't able to see the ground, just a steep steep hill and drop off that showed the mouth of the canyon below us. "Be careful, MOM!!!"
They've never been so close to death. That added a half hour to the drive.
But we kept going. Up Provo Canyon more - I LOVE the rock cliffs and hills of Provo Canyon, so gorgeous.
We turned off the road and headed up to Sundance via the Alpine Loop. The kids were patient with me as I tried to find the pullouts to stop to take pictures.
The air was kinda hazy, but it was still a nice drive and just what my spirit needed.
Would have been ideal to go for a walk or hike, but with 6 kids in tow I'm happy to take what I can get. We got home a little after 6.
I hope we're able to go out again before the leaves are gone, hopefully after a little rain clears out the air.
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