Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kid's Job Chart

This weekend I made what I humbly believe is my best kid's chore chart yet. It includes 3 simple Daily chores for the kids:

1) Clean Rooom
2) Do Homework and Read
3) Clean their Zone

Numbers 1 and 2 are simple enough. For #3, I drew a map of our home and color coded each area (I've got 6 kids, so I made up 6 zones, adjust for your household size accordingly).

Each kid rotate turns having each assigned area/zone for one week, shown here on this chart with all the above zone colors and a rotating center wheel in the middle with the kids faces on it:

Green Zone (3) - BATHROOMS
Purple Zone (5) - TOY ROOMS
White Zone (6) - SPECIAL HELPER - just to do whatever jobs I need help with until I feel they've done enough work. This started being a "free week" but the kids wouldn't do ANYTHING, claiming it's their free week, so I said "OK! We'll scratch that then!"

I haven't done it yet, but I might make a colored paper for each zone that will list the jobs for that area, something like this:

Daily: clear and wipe counter
sweep and clean floor
wipe toilet seat with disinfectant wipe
clean mirror
empty garbage
Weekly: Clean Toilet bowl

It's been working great so far! Our house is looking really clean, the kids are doing great, I think it helps them to be able to see what is expected of them everyday. It helps to cut out a lot of complaining from them and a lot of nagging from me.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Only Child

From 12:30 to 3:45 every day, Wesley is an only child. Hyrum catches the bus for afternoon kindergarten at 12:30, which is the same time that Abi goes down for her nap, and with the other three in school too, it's just me and Wes. Today he happily said as we walked in the door from seeing Hyrum off to school, "Now I can play with Hyrum's stuff!" which a half hour before Hyrum was teasing him with. That made me laugh, Wesley is the little king of the house! And he plays great by himself, I'm usually able to take a nap in my bedroom or whatever else I want to do, and he doesn't bother me at all - he's just happy to have free reign over all the toys. Wesley is my easy going little perfect boy, he's an angel. And everyday at random moments he'll find me, come over, look at me and say with a sigh, "Mom, I love you..." The terrible two's have never occured with my children, but the feisty fours are vicious. I'll keep enjoying this time while Wesley is still 3 and hope the 4's don't ruin my little only child.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pregnancy and Lost Camera

We are expecting again - baby #7 will be here the beginning of July (I'm going to catch up with my mom!). I was basically out on the couch the entire month of November and the first half of December, then spent the next week trying to get ready for Christmas, which I did a pretty pathetic job of. So I'm pregnant and also lost my camera - those are my two excuses for not having posted anything for over a month. But thank you to Patrice for asking me to post and getting me to do what I've been meaning to do. I also haven't written in my journal for over a month - posterity will look back and wonder why Christmas 2008 went undocumented. I didn't even take pictures. But with the first trimester done I am almost back up to functioning mode and hope to have a great 2nd trimester before my big belly 3rd trimester makes me of no use during the last 3 months. I really don't enjoy being pregnant, but if I can endure this short time (in the eternal scheme of things) of discomfort, I'll have a precious soul to enjoy and love for forever. It is worth it.
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