Monday, August 31, 2009

What a Funny Kid

When we were up at Park City at the end of July, the kids did a lot of swimming. Here is a picture of Hyrum in his full swimming glory. I made him stay in his outfit while I ran to the room to get my camera - he looked so funny walking out of the pool. Other guest at the hotel were all looking at him and laughing. He was staggered slowly through the gate, dragging his flippers and letting them slap the cement. His arms dangled at his side with the drooping towel hanging over them. With the snorkel still in his mouth but goggles pushed up on his forhead, his little crossed eyes gave fellow passer-bys an exhausted glance that made them laugh. Hyrum's such a funny awkward kid sometimes, and he doesn't mind at all. We love him.

Eye Exam and Immunizations

Guess who is the next Wride kid to get glasses? And the winner is...


Yes, Abigail! You are the lucky winner of a new pair of glasses! I'm going to miss seeing her pretty eyes without them. They should be here in a few more days. She tolerated the vision test last week very well. She got a little restless waiting for her eyes to dilate, but so was I - and hour and a half in the waiting room. But still, she did very well, as did Lili who is my 24 hour side kick.

Later that afternoon, however, we went on another trip to a doctor - both Abi and Lily went to get some immunization shots - Abi her 2 year, Lily her 2 month. It was a long wait there too, cause it was the 2nd to last day before school starts. After an hour and a half wait there, Abi went first (I knew she would not be a willing participant if Lily went first and she saw what was coming.) So first Abi, then Lily, and as I was checking out and paying, Abi passed out. I was holding Lily and handed her over to Melodie who came along and was about to cry from seeing Abi turn white and blue and fall over. I didn't know what was happening - I thought it was a deathly reaction to one of the shots and that she was dying. (Small fear that always comes into my head when the kids get their immunization shots...) But the nurses came over and seemed calm like she wasn't on her death bed. They got a little stool and put her feet up and let her lay there until she came to. Abi stayed laying down for a bit and drank a little juice. They were surprised it was such a delayed reaction. I think she must not have eaten much lunch. Anyway, it was a little scary, but she's doing fine now. She must have my shot fainting genes. Back two years ago in a post about Brazil, I told how I had gone to a clinic there in Campinas and was on the run so I hadn't eaten. After they drew my blood for some pregnancy lab work, I passed out. I ate some cookies in the car after to give myself some food cause I was going to the temple. I guess I ate too much, cause in the temple I threw everything up on the ordinance worker, which luckily was a sweet lady that I knew from our ward there. Anyway, yes, I have a history of fainting at doctors offices and of fainting from lack of food in my body. If you combine both together, you are guaranteed to pass out.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best $50 Bucks We've Ever Spent

I bought this trampoline off of Craigslist last summer, and I must say that we have definitely gotten the best bang for our buck with it. They asked for $75 but took $50. It has a few small holes and this summer we replaced about 20 of the springs, but still, it's been a great deal plus we've gotten hours of kid entertainment and exercise time = parent free time. ...More free time for me than for Corey - they love for him to jump on the tram with them.

It makes for a crowded play space, but the kids don't seem to mind. Although Corey gets a little squished. :)

Creative Kids

I love it when my kids play dress-up. They are so creative! So here are Hyrum and Wesley - the mask Wesley is wearing is actually from a Zorro costume. They find what they need and make it work. Melodie is especially creative, at dress up and at using anything she can get her hands on - with a little help from scissors and tape...

Here she is in a car she made from a box we came home from Costco with.

And here is her cardboard version of WALL-E.
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