Monday, March 30, 2015

Arrival and Welcome Party

Saturday morning - May 28th, 2015.

The relatively calm and convenient arrival in Campinas might just have been worth the stress I felt as we left Miami. After as good of a nights sleep as one expect on a plane, we had breakfast. How did you sleep Sophi? How's your apple juice?
 Glad she seems to be in good spirits. 
The plane landed in Campinas at 9. It was nice to find ourselves all alone in the airport. Gave us a sense of calm.
It is not a busy or crowded airport at all. If we hadn't gone to Miami for the direct flight to Campinas, we would have had to go through Sao Paulo. And Corey said we do NOT want to do that. So this was nice, there was lots of space to watch the kids with no worries of losing track of the little people.
We got through customs easily, yes there are 9 passports there. 
There was no wait for people front of us and no one behind us either. Ahh, nice and calm.
Corey's friends picked us up and were there waiting after we got through customs. They took all our stuff to the house while I waited with 4 little girls, Wesley, and 3 car seats for Corey to come back with the plan of attack as to how to get our rental cars.
Natalie's still smiling. On the drive to Miami, she got or was given one of Abi's brown non washable crayola markers and drew all over her face and body. There are still a few traces of it you can see on her cheek, chin, and in her nostril. I tried to wipe it off her face, but didn't bother with her legs. Her messy self and Sophi's bad looking lips, plus our piles of stuff made us look like a disheveled bunch in Miami.
We got more than a few stares as we pushed our train of luggage through the Miami airport. Not sure if it was the 7 kids or the loads of stuff that was getting the looks. One lady commented on how good the kids were. She asked us jokingly if we were moving, I assume since we had a ton of stuff. I said that we were, kind of. Just for 4 months. Our luggage space in the bins mostly consisted of pillows and blankets. Back in Campinas, Corey came back from sending off the luggage and we went to the car rental place, where we waited again for Corey as he had to go to a different place to sign the car rental contract and get the keys. I gave Wesley back his ball along with my blessing to bounce it around at will.
Natalie was a crazy goose on the loose. And we are all sweaty now cause it's hot and humid in Brazil, oh yeah! We took refuge inside a few times. Nice cold water there too.
Inside, outside, then inside, then outside... repeat x 20

Corey's back! Hooray, time to try to squeeze into these little vehicles. Not a lot of leg room, the car seats are kinda big.
And now we followed his friend Raphael to the house.
There was a welcome party waiting for us when we pulled in!
His friends and employees were at the house with their families for a bbq. The pool looked really nice and the kids said it was cold ~ would have felt sooo good to jump in. But I didn't know where my swimsuit was in our luggage. Even if I didn't, I wouldn't have felt comfortable/confident enough to put in on in front of all the office people. So the kids went swimming...
The sun was bright and shining in their eyes. 
They had a banquet table full of exotic fruit greeting us - it will be fun to explore all these interesting fruits!
I met the Movie Mouth office staff and we all enjoyed some grilled meat and fruit.
Lily trying the dragon fruit. 
What do you think? She's all smiles. 
Sophi explored the house with her little shadow.
Standing on top of some crates, she proclaimed "I AM FOFI!! I AM FOFI!!" Such a fun game.
Angela and Nathali took me to the grocery store to get supplies to make it through the weekend.
I went to this store last time we were her in Brazil in 2007. I'm starting to have a few flashbacks of how to navigate life here, but will need a bit of help getting it running smoothly.
But I do have a bias that, by default, most things don't run smoothly here. Corey thinks our last trip left me scarred and wounded. At the store and I'm already missing Costco and Walmart. I felt like I didn't know what to do with half the stuff for sale there, especially the food. Oh, we miss you orange chicken and pb and j! Life is so easy in the US of A. But Angela and Natalie are great, I know that I have lots of friends eager and ready to help me when I need it.
Tuna sandwiches, packaged cookies and ice cream might be on the menu for a few days though.
Yeah, don't really know what to do with this stuff, except the toilet paper. That one seemed the same as in the US.
So! When I got back from the store the party was winding down, we said chao to everyone and put the groceries away. I started to unpack our luggage a little, and soon noticed all the kids had crashed. And it was only 7pm! I unpacked a little bit, but was ready for bed too. I'll report on our first Sunday tomorrow. :)
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