Thursday, June 21, 2018

Family Pictures 2018

Rochelle sent me the link to our family pictures last night. I didn't see it until this morning cause we were gone until 1 a.m. at the Manti Pageant. So, yay, what a fun thing to see in the morning! Here all my ducks in a row, with Owen crying for his daddy -
Here below is one of the good family shots, even though the little girls aren't smiling... We might need to do a little photo shopping to get a perfect picture. Owen's happy now though.
Here are my favorites of the kids - Joseph, he's heading out in just a few more days! He's sporting the missionary look, minus the badge
Melodie - getting contacts soon, so she thought she's do a few without her glasses, she looks all grown up!
Ethan - we all came to BYU to do the photos so he wouldn't miss too much of his Summerfest Music Camp.
Hyrum, the wind was blowing contrary to his hair, so I'll try to fix that later buddy, but I gotta post it for now. Don't worry, you still look good!
Wesley - He's got a good smile!
Abigail - we joked that we did the family color scheme to match her eyes and braces.
...But we're actually trying to do a Guatemala Flag theme in honor of Joseph - white and blue with a little brown and green to represent the logo and quetzal bird on the flag. Lilian - she was feeling pretty in a lacy dress, an early b-day present, her birthday is on Saturday.
Sophi - she was pretty serious in all her photos. Cute little girl
Natalie - I thought she looked like Shirley Temple in her photos. She's a cutie.
Owen, we were happy we caught a smile on him! He was still wary of what was going on and kept a close eye not to let Corey move too far away from him.
And of course, everyone's favorite little person, DANIEL!!
It's so hard to choose just one of the cute baby.
Yay, we did it. The last thing on my to-do list before Joseph leaves got checked off, and it was a decent turn out. Until next year!
Speaking of which... next year, do we do pictures without Joseph represented at all? Or do we hold up a 8x10 framed missionary photo or flag or something? I'm open to suggestions.

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