Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cleaning Tip: Getting Boogers off the Walls

In a nutshell - to get dried boogers off the wall:
1) get a handfull of toilet paper and get it wet
2) tear off a little piece of wet tp and cover the booger
3) wait 10 - 20 minutes depending on thickness of the booger
4) easily wipe it off
boogers on wall how tons of boogers on wall booger on
Please leave me a comment if you try it and let me know how it goes.
boogers off the wall
As Sid the Sloth says on Ice Age... "Humans are disgusting." That's what I've been thinking tonight as I helped Ethan with one of his chores - we're on a Booger hunt. Why do kids have to wipe their noses on the wall? I mean honestly, it is really that difficult to go get a tissue? It's really annoying when you find the boogers on the wall right by the toilet paper dispenser. I'm not sure the psychology behind their thinking.
boogers off the wall
But I have found a way to minimize the stress of cleaning them all off - and with 6 kids with active fingers, we almost have full time booger art going on here. Here's the tip which was Ethan's chore tonight - put wet toilet paper on all the boogers on the walls. Corey later asked me about the tp on the walls. I explained that Ethan and I were trying to soften up the snot so we could get it off without chipping off the paint or spending 10 minutes rubbing a hard booger with no sign of it budging. Corey was amazed at my creativity. "Brilliant! How do you think of these things?" I'm just a natural! It just came to me one day as I was washing walls - instead of trying to let it soak with a washcloth which I would have to hold there, I went and got a little bit of tissue wet in water, and it stuck right on the wall like a spit wad, where it softens up the kid booger until you're ready to wipe it clean. I still have a few wads on the wall that I need to go find, but since they've been soaking for an hour, it's a quick and easy job. Ta-Da!
boogers off the wall
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