Sunday, February 23, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

What did I tell you? Is Rochelle good or is she good? Despite Lilian's lack of cooperation, (and here below we have another example for ya...)
...we still got some that turned out with a few extras to spare. Let's give a big congratulations to Natalie ~ she's made it into the family photo! And now our walls and blog will be up to date with her little face to say hello to everyday. Good bye family photo with 8 cute kids -
Hello to our new happy family ~ Corey and Me and kids equals a big ol' party everyday.
And now 2014 is officially documented. Oh, would ya just look and Natalie and Sophi's little faces!!! So stinkin' cute. Sophi's got such dark eyes, and Natalie's baby blues, sigh. Wish Joseph would have had a companion kid closer to him up there on top. And Mel's a little scrunched. Hyrum's face got it last time, this year it's Melodie's turn. You can kinda see her shirt there, but with her hair in the shadow it all just kinda blends into mine and makes her look like a bodyless head. Well, you'll just have to squeeze in a little taller next time Mel. :) 
We try to get family pictures or some other kind of full group shot twice a year. Sometimes very simple, for example: The family picture taken at the hospital on the day Natalie was born? Yes, that counted. And every other year or so we try and get them professionally done. 
I've tried to make sure we have family pictures taken twice a year since back in 2008 when I heard this quote: 
“These things are important: 
temple marriage, mission, college. 
Press on, set goals, write history, 
take pictures twice a year.”

That quote right there, by a man named Jay Hess, was shared by a prophet of the Lord in a message he shared back in October 2008 - Finding Joy in the Journey. (about half way down in that article). I'm really glad that he gave that advice and that we've tried to follow it. It is so wonderful to have living prophets on the earth today! You know Moses? Peter? Yeah, President Thomas S. Monson is one of those. There are apostles on the earth today too, just like when Christ called and ordained to lead the church when he was on the earth. And it's for real too. If you're wondering "what kind of message would a prophet give if he were living today?" Finding joy in your life's journey is one message he would share, plus so many other wonderful things that help us be happy if we choose to follow them. Messages are shared each month in the Church magazine, the Ensign, and also every 6 months we have a full blown feast with General Conference. Here are a few of my favorites from President Monson.
January 2012 Ensign "Living the Abundant Life"
Another General Conference full of inspiring messages is coming up soon in April! :) Good stuff. I love my family and am thankful to belong to a faith that believes in and supports the family so much.


  1. That's pretty amazing all 11 of you are looking at the camera and smiling! I hate getting family pics taken because it is so stressful and we're all in a bad mood when we get there but it's always worth it in the end and even the ones with the grumpy kids are special and shows their personality at that age. One year my mom had an extended family pic taken when Conner was 18 months and he would not cooperate so finally we gave him a bag of goldfish and he at least stopped crying. I was pretty much devastated for ruining her picture. My mom has it blown up huge in her family room and now we love it and can't help but laugh when looking at it with conner front and center with his bag of goldfish.

  2. My boys and I have been waiting for this!!! They would stroll by as I read your posts and say things such as, "When are they going to update the photo?" or "They need to have a photo with Natalie!"
    I love, love, love all of the shots you posted!! Thanks for sharing.


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