Monday, May 18, 2015

Guest from Chile

On Saturday, Corey went to Sao Paulo to pick up his friend Gianinna who came to visit us from Curico Chile. They were chatting on facebook a few weeks back and she asked when we were coming to Chile to visit. Corey said we were headed to Brazil and she should come visit us! So he helped arrange it and now she's here. Last time they saw each other was in 1997 before Corey came home from his mission. His family went down to pick him up and they visited families he taught on his mission. Gianinna is the little girl who is kinda hidden behind her brother.
So that was about 20 years ago.
The kids love her and they are all trying their best to communicate. She helped Abi give her talk in Primary at church yesterday. They went on a walk over to the park and saw the capybara's sun bathing. They are such silly little hippos.
I like the park across the street, so grateful we're able to live here close to it.
We came home and watched "The Testaments" in Spanish, and it was so nice to listen to and understand a foreign language. Not that I don't like Portuguese, but it's just a lot of mental work. Spanish though, that was nice and relaxing. So we watched the Testaments in Spanish and then 17 Miracles in English with Spanish subtitles. They are great stories to learn from.
The kids took their movie watching up a notch by making themselves a nice recliner chair with the couch cushions. I thought it was cute. 
I love 17 Miracles. Makes me cry every time. So grateful for the examples of the LDS Pioneers. My favorite miracle was the apple pie (at the very end of this post). Here's another great news article about the film. 
“I will never get over being thankful to them; I hope you never get over being thankful to them. I hope that we will always remember them. … Let us read again and again, and read to our children or our children’s children, the accounts of those who suffered so much” 

- President Gordon B. Hinckley (Church News, 31 July 1999, 5).
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