Friday, May 22, 2015

Quick Trip Sum Up

Went to the beach today. Drove 5 hours yesterday to get here, crashed for the night in a mosquito infested hotel where we killed mosquitos with our electric raquet for 3 hours, then we went to bed.
I've learned during my internet research that I've done since we've been here in Brazil that mosquitos are attracted to pregnant women. Aren't I lucky? It's cause we have such high body temperatures.
Equipped with this knowledge, I layed on Mel's bed with my racket and waited for them to come at me, like a spider on it's web... then I'd see one flying over and zap 'em. I'm positive we killed over 100 mosquitos last night.
We brought our water filter. "Would you like a drink?" I asked Corey, and he laughed at he saw me holding up the filter bag so that gravity could work it's magic for us. Just the sad and kinda ridiculous circumstance of it all. We got it better than the pioneers, this is easy.

This morning, it was fun to wake up and see where we were since we got here when it was dark. I walked around and got pictures of all the kids sleeping. Sophi, Natalie, and Lily in a room together, next to Corey's and my room.
Then, the next suite over, Mel, Abi, and Gianinna shared a room.
And lastly the boy's room where Hyrum and Wesley slept, with an extra bed where Sophi started the night.
Corey was awake early. He didn't sleep well, mostly cause his provider and protector instincts were on high alert. Around 2 a.m. he told me he was up walking around making sure everyone was still alive. And then after sleeping on an uncomfortable bed all night, he was ready for it to be over. He got up and did a little bit of work and a little bit of mosquito research.
Then we woke up the kids, fed them cereal, and packed our stuff. We were still on the hunt for mosquitos and would here a cry from different rooms depending on where people were, crying "Mosquito!" and whoever had the racket had to hurry and kill their current prey or give up on trying to find it and come rescue the said caller. People were yelling "Mosquito" every minute. Last night around 9, after we'd already been hunting and killing for 2 hours, he said "I might understand 1 hour of mosquito killing... but 3?!?" 

We woke up to find they had cleaned the pool. Even though it was dark the night before, we could tell there was a nice film of something on there and that it hadn't been stagnant for a while. Corey thinks it had been a nice breeding ground for all our mosquito intruders. It did look better in the morning. But that doesn't mean we're going to stay and swim (I think they cleaned it out just for us). We got a beach across the way that we need to hit!
But after more morning seek and destroy mosquito missions, Corey had had enough: "Let's get out of here!" and we drove a street over to the beach. Maresias Beach.
Below is the nice little alley way which was the hotel parking lot, where our two cars and a motorcycle spent he night
Hyrum couldn't leave without saying good bye to his bff Ricardo, who totally freaked us out he night before.
Lily and Gianinna teased each other in their foreign languages ~ "You (heart shape) him!" "No! You! You (kissing sounds with puckered lips) him!"
It was kind of a cute place, felt like a little doll house. But we could have done without the mosquitos. And it was kind of a dump. Corey apologized many times saying "I should have paid the $40 bucks to get the nicer hotel..." and "Well, sweetheart, it's finished, you passed the test! It was all a test to see if I could do anything to upset you and you've passed! It is finished! Your exaltation is assured!"
We left our little hotel. The Pantai. Luckily Corey stopped and asked me if I'd gotten my phone which was in the wall charging. No. Thanks sweetie, you're inspired. He ran back for that. Ok, now we're really going
The kids had a great time, I'll post tomorrow with more pictures of the beach.
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