Thursday, May 28, 2015

Reading Charts

As I said in yesterday's post, Hyrum and Wes have been reading a lot.
Hyrum is reading Lord of the Rings, Wes is reading the collection of the Grimm's Fairy Tales. Here are Wesley's and Hyrum's reading charts - they taped them on the wall, both charts also have their own marker taped up with it.
And I think that pocket of papers is Wesley's Portuguese homework. They're good kids.
The markers were Disney Princess markers though (gasp) so they had to cover up the abominable pink color and princesses with gray duck tape.
Good boy Wes.
I asked Mel if she wanted a reading chart too, cause she reads just as much as them. She was reading for hours a day on her own initiative before they started. She's so good, doesn't need to be motivated by money. But I felt bad to pay Hyrum and Wes and not her. "Mel, do you want a reading chart too?" She was like "Meh, I don't really need the money..." She is the richest kid we've got and she's frugal with it too. Love that girl. Here she is after finishing her reading, drawing pictures of Elsa for her sisters.
Natalie, don't you love your big sister Mel?
She's as good as they get. They've been good examples for me, and thus I've started to take my reading up a notch too. I've been reading "The American Covenant Vol 1" by Timothy Ballard this past week. And as I read it and it talked about how the pilgrims and colonists were God fearing Christians who knew and read the Bible, I once again thought to myself "I've never read the Old Testament all the way through..." I printed up a reading chart for it a year ago when I was reading Isaiah, but then have gone to studying more than just reading. But now I've resolved again to read the Old Testament. I renewed my commitment yesterday, starting from the beginning, and I read Genesis in a day and a half and am over half way through Exodus today.
I have the time now to do it, so I'm going to try to keep reading. During our first week apart from Joseph and Ethan, I told Joseph that the time will go quickly if we have goals and stay busy. I said a goal for me could be to read the Old Testament, and I can just tell myself that we can go home as soon as I'm done. I didn't start when we got here, but maybe there is still time for me to get it done.
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