Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Holding Owen

Here's a little story about little boys that happened today. Daniel and Owen were watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood this morning in my room. Daniel decided to take a little nap. Since Daniel is so squishy and soft, Owen decided to use his little brother as a pillow.
You are cute little guys, but Daniel, you don't look like you're very comfortable to me.
I picked him up and he slept through the short transition to a pillow on the floor. Owen wanted to stay by him though, so he hopped off the chair and rubbed Daniel's hair.
Then Owen laid down next to him. Owen was being super sweet.
After Daniel woke up from his nap, he found a little blue bouncy ball to play with. Owen wanted it. I defended Daniel's right to play with it and stopped Owen from taking it. Seriously, Owen always takes stuff away from Daniel. Pretty easy to take candy from a baby. (Or take a cookie or a toy...) Owen does not know how to share, unlike Natalie. Maybe that's why I was surprised that Natalie didn't protect her candy on Halloween (at 1:05), cause most of my little kids would not have shared so easily. Cue Owen freaking out over this ball - he was ticked off at me big time. Usually I let Owen have his way I know Daniel is pretty chill and will be okay in 10 seconds and I know Owen freaks out and don't want to deal with him being upset. But I guess this time I just felt like Owen needs to learn. So I took Daniel downstairs with me and we left Owen in my room, free to come down if he wanted or not. Owen stood at the top of the stairs and screamed bloody murder at me. Corey was home. Corey tried to help him. After Daniel lost interest in the ball, I tried to get it for Owen to have a turn, but wouldn't you know Daniel bounced it I didn't know where so it's lost. It's probably under the stove. I looked around on my hands and knees. No luck Owen, we're just gonna have to figure out how to make due! He was still freaking out.

After 15 minutes of Owen wailing, Corey decided he should get back on the clock. So I took Owen. And boy was I asking for it. He started screaming and screaming for Corey. I'm starting to see some similarities between Owen and Hyrum when he was little - Hyrum scared of the silliest things (ocean waves, dogs) Owen is afraid of dogs big time. And afraid of my mother. And of fluffy milkweed seeds. Also, I think Owen, like Hyrum in this classic family story, didn't even remember what he was upset about, only that he should continue to writhe and scream. So, I took Owen upstairs. I was kinda laughing. Maybe my heart was soft cause he had been such a sweetie earlier that this didn't bother me. Or maybe it's that my PMS was gone this morning and I was happy that I didn't wake up irritable or wanting to punch everyone in the throat. So I took Owen upstairs and put him in the hold. I think this was my first time ever doing the hold and continuing the hold until the fit was over! It was such a triumphant feeling! He screamed for 20 minutes but I held his arms and legs so he couldn't get away and I kissed him over and over. I was also glad that I was able to hear over Owens screams and listened to a great BYU devotional talk about Zion by Pres Worthen. So good. Owen finally just gave up and yay! I kissed him more and told him what a good boy he was and that I loved him. Natalie took my camera and documented it, kinda. She's an aspiring photographer like Lily. Owen and I did the hold in the chair, and then after he calmed down I put him on the floor and rubbed his tummy. And yay, our sweet Owen was back!
Daniel walking around ready to tease Owen? He's learned how to hit and poke, bummer. Daniel, don't you dare upset Owen right now! He just calmed down!
Daniel came and gave Owen a kiss. Yay, they are happy brothers!
Then Daniel went on his way and Owen took a nap.
Later tonight we were all laughing at Owen. He was walking around in his diaper and with a hat on and with a little Lightning McQueen lunch box, walking like it was his briefcase and he's off to work for the day. It was cracking us up. He's a good boy, we love you, Owen! And we'll see if you're broken now or if we'll need to do the hold again someday. I won't even mind. It was fun being the one to hold you.
I teased Corey that I can't trust him to put Owen in the hold, cause Corey's the one who ruined Owen! Corey says it's cause Daniel came too quickly after Owen (14 months between them) and Owen should have had more time with his mother before being booted out of the baby spot. But I think it's mostly Corey's fault - due to his inability to stand up to this 2 year old! That's why Owen is able to defeat Corey and they have a dysfunctional relationship. But they're just 2 years into it, I have faith that there is still time to turn things around. :)

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