Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Little Fingers

I've been making a lot of waffles the past few weeks. Bread is off the grocery list right now, atleast when I go. I'm trying and stretch the food budget as we wait to see if we die here in the wilderness (speaking metaphorically in regards to the business, of course). So in our life right now, we have oatmeal for breakfast and waffles are the after school snack. Vegan waffles, of course! I spent a good several hours milling wheat on 15 Nov. I've been getting it out daily and making food. Owen really likes the flour and I have to hide it from him. It started off harmless - Owen and Daniel would just sweetly poke little holes in the flour with their cute little fingers. When they started to get more aggressive and grab it by handfuls, that's when I pulled the plug on their fun.
On goes the lid -
And cry goes the baby. Sorry Daniel.
Owen still found it a few times after that and knows how to take off the lid. He's made a not huge mess a few times, thankfully. But still I have to hide it at the back of the pantry now. Another cute thing that Owen's little fingers do it point at the "stars" in Wesley's room. Here's a picture from Sunday of Owen snuggling with Wes on his bed - pointing to the glow in the dark stars on Wesley's ceiling. His voice is super cute "Stars!!!"
And then he'll point over at the dragon and roar. Then they'll give the chicken puppet some love. He pointed at the cougar on Wesley's bed blanket and said softly "meow!" Cute little guy.
Owen loves Wesley, and Wes is such a good brother to him. Maybe we'll have Owen sleep in Wesley's bed when it's time to move him out of our bedroom. We'll be rearranging things after Joseph leaves for his mission next year, so right now we're keeping things the same until we have to change it then. Little video of them playing.

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