Saturday, November 18, 2017

Vacuum Ride and Playing Ball

Two videos of Daniel being totally adorable today. First - Joseph was vacuuming the front room, and learned what I already knew - it's hard to vacuum with Daniel around. Daniel loves the vacuum and chases it down. My approach is to be super speedy and move the vacuum around him quickly. Joseph tried a different method - let Daniel have a ride!
We were all laughing. So cute. Here's a video of the moment -

And then later tonight Melodie and I were enjoying being present for a few minutes as we watched Daniel be cute and play with a ball in my bathroom.
He would try to count one two three, but usually just one and three "Uh... EE!" and he'd squat down low before the throw, as if it's gonna help him throw it even further and with more power and force. Here's a video of it -

Again, we were laughing at this little bundle of joy. (Is he still a "bundle" when he's able to walk around?) How about a package of joy. He is cuteness and joy in a sweet little package. He's the cutest!

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