Thursday, July 5, 2018

Fourth Hangover

The kids came home after the fireworks yesterday and just crashed. This morning they were all in the same spot. Hyrum and Abi dead on the couches, Wes on the floor...
Daniel woke up during the night and I brought him downstairs, he looked like he was recovering too...
All these dead bodies in every room... Lily under the pink Zebra blanket, Natalie under the blue one?
No, Natalie was already awake, she had such a good nap the night before that she had already recovered. The rest of us slept in. It was kind of a work day, tomorrow we're going to Scofield for our annual boating day with neighborhood friends. I took Ethan to his lesson with Ray and I went to Costco with Owen while we waited to stock up on our food contribution. The peaches right now are just perfect! They are so sweet and tart, they make me feel like singing. I'm bring peaches to Scofield, I bought 5 trays - a few for Scofield, a few for Sunday when we get together with my family (my little brother is in town from Texas.) At Scofield Corey will probably bbq cause he's a social drinker meat eater. Car loaded with food, 100+ degrees outside, we went back to pick up Eth. I let him drive to the lesson and let him drive home too. He almost rear ended a car on our way. He was hungry and thinking about McDonald's fries and didn't notice the car in front of him. Luckily I screamed loud and he slammed on the brakes, anti lock brakes kicked in and we didn't hit them. Also, thankfully, the car behind us was far enough back or alert enough that they didn't rear end us, although they did look at us when they passed us on the freeway. It took a good 15 min for Eth's car to stop racing. He forgot about the fries for a little bit. Sorry, people, he's a student driver.

After we got home, we unloaded the perishable food and then we went to the park. The kids wanted to go earlier, but it has been so hot. Nicer once the sun starts setting. The sprinklers were on, which gave us a nice mist to cool us down, but Daniel didn't like it, and Owen thought the sound of the sprinkler hitting the chain link fence was super scary...
Owen! Run and hide from the big scary noise!
Daniel liked the slide. The both liked the teeter totter.
 My legs got tired after just a few jumps. Hooray, Abi came to help me out
Pretty fun.
We played at the big park while Lily and Sophi showed Natalie where the little park is that she'll be going to with her kindergarten class. I'm gonna miss my Natalie when she starts school. Just two little boys at home, what will I do with my time? Lol.

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