Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Sibling Love

These two cuties fell asleep watching "Woody Buzz" today. Cuties.
Little Brothers. Nice when they're like this. Not so nice when they're yelling "Sha-dap!" at each other.
Owen taught that to Daniel, I'm guessing Owen learned it from one of his siblings, even though that's a "We don't say that word" word. Or they learned it from the Toy Story movie they were just watching again. From when Woody is yelling at Buzz. They shouldn't have put that dialogue in, tsk tsk Disney. Or when Nemo says "I hate you" to his dad. The kids can tell there's power in those phrases and seem to gravitate to them.

The little girls have been playing Elf Legos since Lily cashed in with so many sets on her birthday. when they need a break from Elves, they play princess.
And of course everyone is eating all the time.
Natalie likes Seaweed. She calls it "kiwi-eed" She also calls kiwi "kiwieed" as well as zucchini bread. For any of those three items, if she sees them in the kitchen, it's the same enthusiastic response - "Yay! Kiwi-eed!"
What else.... the deer at all of our summer roses on June 8th. I know because it was the day after I'd taken a picture of all of them. They were so pretty. Next day, all the flowers and buds were gone. Darn it. Oh well. It took them a month, but we had two roses blooming today and 7 buds on the way! I put some Irish soap in the wood chips which some wives tales say help keep the deer away. I also put some hair in the wood chips which was another tip to keep them away. I used Joseph's after his last hair cut, cause it was short and I figured would camouflage well. So we'll see if these roses get to fulfill the measure of their creation or not.
It's been a good day. Flowers are coming back, kitchen is clean, dinner was served and we sat down (teriyaki salad and sandwich wraps - my own creation) and I also blogged this! Yeah, I'm still catching up on April, but good to do one on the present date. We're looking forward to the 4th of July festivities tomorrow and also to getting an email from our missionary.

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