Friday, May 25, 2012

Kirby vs. Dyson

The Kirby man gave us a demo many years ago.  The Kirby vacuum knocked the socks off of our Hoover.  So we knew we'd need it but we couldn't afford it.  Then the Dyson was introduced in 2001 and I found my happy solution - a vacuum just as good as a Kirby for a lot less money.  I was happy.  I was a true Dyson fan for 10 years, but then... the Mr. Kirby guy knocked on the door again this past January.  He gave us a demo and my Dyson Animal proved to be in pretty sad shape, and not just cause it was hammered after 10 years and 8 kids.  Even if it was brand spankin' new it still wouldn't be able to compete with a Kirby.

Research I did that night (google) proved the salesman spoke the truth.  Here's a review of Dyson Vs. Kirby - Kirby won 8 out of the 10 tests, Dyson only winning the "coolness" factor and easier/lighter to use.  (I did feel pretty cool for the first 5 years of my Dyson). Thassit.

But once again, we couldn't afford it.  No way we could do $2000 bucks for a vacuum.  He said "Either way you'll be paying for it - in carpet cleaning costs over the years and carpet replacement, or you buy a Kirby and keep your carpets clean and looking new."  I agreed with that, but I knew I could do it for lots cheaper.  And I did! I found an Ultimate G Kirby on the ksl classifieds for just over $200, which was $300 less than what I was mentally budgeting to pay for another Dyson. Woohoo!
The Kirby is a better machine.   I still have my Dyson for the basement when I'm just doing a quick surface clean, and the difference in suction is so obvious as you push them over the carpet.  The Kirby is a great machine.  I've been very pleased with the Kirby and I think this one will hold up for a long time, but if I do decide I want a newer version, I'll just keep my eyes on the classifieds.  :) The only thing I'm going to have to get used to is making sure I have more of the vacuum bags on hand - soon to be put on my mental list.
So, I've been re-arrangin' the furniture between rooms and vacuuming a ton, cleaned the stairs last night, got out all the spots with the Advantage cleaner that I got from another door to door salesman yesterday.  I used that instead of the official Kirby shampoo, it worked great, another score for saving money.  The carpets all look like new, it's so nice! (Did you know that the Advantage cleaner stuff will even get out permanent marker! Don't try it yourself, just read this and take my word for it!)

I thought I'd show a very cool Kirby feature - it can go all the way under some of the beds in our house -

Not the bed in the master bedroom, but still, pretty snazzy!  I was excited.  (I'm such a mom to get excited about vacuuming).  I have kept the Dyson downstairs and vacuumed with it down there, and could really tell the difference in how much less suction it has, it's also so much lighter to push, I could tell that the Dyson is only a surface cleaner, the Kirby really gets out the dirt from the carpet.  Would love to let you borrow it and try it out if you want!Kirby vs. Dyson vacuum better review price dyson vacuum review kirby or dyson better
Lucky for me, I don't have to worry about looking good cause Corey's in Chile.  Until his return, I am able to slack off on and wear the same clothes for a few days, not put on make up, hair pulled back in a ponytail, feeling pretty!  Yes, I've been focusing solely on the house.  I shampooed the carpets last night with the Kirby, went pretty well, hooray for YouTube instructional videos!
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