Monday, November 3, 2014

My O.U.R. Rescue Master List

I first learned about Operation Underground Railroad from Stephanie Nielsen's blog in August 2014 - her husband helped on an operation in the Dominican Republic. Since then I've been looking for more information about who are the people involved and what they do. With everything I learn, I am more inspired at how totally awesome they are - these are TRUE HEROES. If you want to do something good today, learn and educate yourself on this terrible evil that is hurting children. Pray for the children who are trapped in this horrible life. Pray for the rescuers who find them. Or donate. Or even better, do all of the above. Follow O.U.R. on instagram for updates Anything helps.
This is a charity I want to give to forever, and I want to do everything I can to help this organization succeed. Right now that only consists of praying and donating, and buying my kids the dog tag necklaces. As I've wanted to share things I've read or watched with my family and friends, I keep having to go back and google and search to try the links. To make it easier on myself, here is my Master list of all things OUR ~ these things are organized by the most recent events and interviews at the top, so start from the bottom up if you're new to Operation Underground Railroad and what they are about. Will update this with more videos as they become available (...and if I find them)
March 2015 - article about Tim Ballard on LDS Living
2/17/15 - Tim on Mormon Channel
11/23/14 - Tim and Laurie Holden on HLN tv
11/22/14 - Elizabeth Smart talks about fighting trafficking on CBS
11/9/14 - Tim on Fox News Sunday
11/3/14 - Tim on the Meridith Vieira show, More here, scroll half way down.
10/28/14 - Blaze TV video of radio interview of Tim Ballard
10/27/14 - Blaze TV report on Operation Triple Take in Columbia. Here's the beauty queen that lured in the children from poor areas, promising them a chance at a future in modeling, but then sold them to traffickers. She was arrested.
10/27/14 - article on Columbia rescue by Mark Mabry
10/27/14 - Deseret News online article
10/22/14 - KSL tv in Utah
10/15/14 - CBS video and article - (video below)

9/2/14 - report of their Operation Voodoo Doll in Dominican Republic. Here is a blog post on the little boy Gardy who was kidnapped after church ~ as they searched for him, different clues lead hem to that illegitimate orphanage which thankfully is now no longer selling children. But keep praying for Gardy, he has been missing for 4 years and is 7 years old now.
5/12/14 - report on a Columbia mission
4/8/14 - First look at "The Abolitionists" This one is a MUST WATCH - start at 1:00
4/8/14 - Glenn Beck Radio, introducing Tim Ballard as CEO of Operation Underground Railroad

Another video about an operation in Dominican Republic:

For all the people wanting to help... Go to their website. Like their facebook page. Click on "Ways to help" or the "Store". I know this winter all my family will be wearing Operation Underground Railroad beanies. Every $ helps. The unfortunate reality is saving these innocent children costs money. I read somewhere that it estimates about $1500 - $2000 a child. So the best thing everyone can do is spread the word and get money coming in. DONATE DONATE DONATE....that is how we will save these victims and put the monsters behind bars.

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