Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Here are a few snapshots of recent non-news stuff. Sophi's sisters dressed her up as a doctor. It was pretty cute. Sophi has a doctor kit and walks around helping those in need. And they wasted a ton of bandaids, one of my parenting pet peeves. I did pretty good at remaining calm and let them play their game.
Mel napping with Owen after school, love!
Owen snuggling with me! I feel like he doesn't like to snuggle and usually have him with his back on me as I rock him, but then I tried to have his tummy to mine and he fell right asleep and melted my heart.
Natalie pushing Owen in the her car ~ "Owen go in NataNee's car!"
Ethan climbed the trees in the back yard and apparently took my camera (without permission) with him and took this new perspective high view of the neighborhood.
Lily's drawing of Zebras. She had it up on a magnet board in her room. Each time I walked past it, all I could think was "Radioactive! Radioactive!" cause of the lasers apparently coming from the eyes of her cute little animals - like that on that Imagine Dragons video.
Sophi's drawing of a princess.  
That's all for today. :)
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