Monday, May 2, 2016

Eating Scriptures

Here is the sequence of events:
1) Owen woke up and had a messy diaper.
2) I change his diaper and his clothes.
3) I search for a shirt that I like from my bag that I took to church yesterday.
4) I get my scriptures out of my bag to more easily find the shirt
5) I get Owen dressed and leave him on the floor by my bag and... my... scriptures...
6) Owen eats and rips up my scriptures.
I hurried and took them away to assess the damage, then gave them to him again so we could take a picture. Can't have something important destroyed without documenting it's demise... He loved it, and was waving his arms cause this is just so fun! Such crinkly noises! This is the third Quad that children have ruined. Joseph was the first - as a baby he nibbled on a few pages...
That pic there is taken from one of the ol' scrapbook volumes from when I used to scrapbook. That was Corey's scriptures, just a few pages were ruined - June 7, 2000
Then 6 month old Abi ruined a Book of Mormon that I left on the bed in Feb 2008 - I read while I nursed her to sleep. I left it there on the bed, and when she was done with her nap, she woke up and had a snack.
Lily in 2011 was not a baby eating paper, just a 2 year old doing what 2 year olds do. I was upset that time, cause those were my scriptures that I got when I was 13 that had seminary and institute notes and that I took on my mission an everything. I usually don't use those to read anymore, they are just preserved with old journals on the shelf now. And today Owen joins the rank of children who enjoy feasting on the word.
Just a few chapters from the New Testament, so again, most of the scriptures are still usable, but sigh. Owen ate footnotes and ripped off the sides of pages from 1st Corinthians through 2nd Timothy, and also felt that both epistles to the Thessalonians should be entirely removed. Sorry Paul. And thus is the life of a mother. And thus is also why I buy most things 2nd hand - from clothes to furniture to scriptures. I found this quad at the thrift store. I'll start checking for another one maybe, but until I find one I'll keep using this, and add it to my collection of quads that I can use part of. I'll buy a brand new one someday when all the babies and toddlers are grown. Although by then maybe I'll have grandchildren that will come ruin them? I'll just have to keep my perfect pair up high and my already children-ized scriptures on the table. 
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