Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Coming Soon

We went and had a family photo shoot tonight. The kids looked great. My only complaint from the picture prep was that Natalie refused to wear a bow in her hair. Other than that everything went very smoothly (and took most all day!) Baths, hair curling, finding the socks and shoes I had gathered, clothes, ties, don't get food on it! Once you are dressed there is no eating until after we're done!

We met up with my friend Rochelle on time (Point Digital Photography) and headed to the Temple Quarry Trail for pictures. Corey took some pictures on his phone, I'll get them from him. I didn't bring a camera, I was in charge of Owen and his Puffs and the car keys and that was about all I could handle. Will post the pictures soon.

In other news, I was very happy this past week to find a memory card with Brazil pictures that I lost last year - and found out that I lost it shortly after Owen was born (since newborn picture of him were the last photos on it) It was in a cluttered drawer in my bedroom. Hooray for the Life changing Magic of Tidying up for helping me locate it! I didn't think I'd find the card, but wasn't too sad about it, because I had uploaded the majority of important photos to the blog here. But I was glad to find it and see the hidden treasures on it. Like the little face hiding in this photo~
That was from our last day in Brazil last year before heading home. Natalie, you are so cute, and how have you grown up so much?
You and your baby, I love it. These days she's in love with my little ponies, particularly "Pinkie Pie". She can also quote whole scenes of Rapunzel that make us all laugh "What do you want with my hair? To cut it, sell it?" "Wait, wait, you don't want my hair? Hm!" "No can do" and a new part "That is my deal." I love Natalie so much. I've been wondering how she got so cute. I think maybe you have to get to the 9th edition for them to be this adorable (no offence to Joseph and the earlier editions of Corey Wride's kid, you guys are pretty good too)
But there is just something about this toddler that makes my heart full of joy and thankfulness, I love you Natalie. And another cute thing about my little girls ~ Sophi is quite a talker too. He particularly likes to ask us "WhyWhyWhy?" (making sure to get a good chunk of "why"s in her questioning sentence before giving us a moment to answer the first "why". Today as we walked home from a study group at the church, we waved to the cars driving by, and Sophi asked me "Why does everybody love me?" and before I knew what she was really thinking about she asked again "Why does all the people love me and be happy to me, why?" I was able to figure it out~ All the people that we waved to in cars that passed by or people that walked by with their dogs - when you gave my Sophi a smile she new you loved her. And she'd like to know why you are so happy at her. I told her it's cause she's such a cute and sweet little girl, That is why. Love you Soph.
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