Friday, May 27, 2016

Family Chore Board

Corey showed us tonight a board that is going to be key to the upcoming successful summer we are about to have. Corey had Melodie make it. Just a little something they whipped out. 
Now I don't want to put all my "we're organized and working together" family hopes and dreams into one system, but this one might just be the one. With it's four columns: 
  • Ideas
  • To do
  • In Progress (that was written in permanent marker, but I might try to get that small p off and put a capital P so it doesn't look like one word) and lastly...
  • DONE - only Corey and I are allowed to move post its from "in progress" to "done." 
He also told the kids to makes summer goals. Let's take a look at what they are going to do this summer! 
Can you read all those items? Pretty ambitious. I had a bit of a brain freeze. At first I said I'd like to lose 30 pounds by Christmas, but Corey said I can't write that, cause this is for summer only. So I'm only gonna clean the basement maybe. I can get away with that though cause I'm the Mom. Owen doesn't have any goals either. Poor kid - he and Natalie don't even have rows on the board. 
Don't worry O, Joseph will be outta here in two years and then we'll bump everyone up to make a spot for you guys.
Joseph was being super cute with Owen, see that little smile on O? Not sure what Joseph was doing, but cute smile on Owen behind that binky.
Then Joseph practiced the balancing game with Owen which he liked.
We are a happy family! And I think I'm gonna love this chore board.
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