Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A.P. Pictionary

On Sunday we played a game of Pictionary with the kids.
Although we got to call it "Advanced Placement Pictionary", and you can too when you play, if it involves atleast 4 small children in the room, and two of them are constantly interrupting your thoughts, one of them is sitting on your lap at all times, and another small child climbing on the table trying to steal the dice.

Corey'd say in a little bit of frustration "Sophi, we're kinda in the middle of a game. are you apparently."
(as in she's in the middle of our game, sitting on our game board...)

Still it was a good game of skill, intrigue, and competition.  Everyone wants to be on Mel's team, and I admit she is dangerous.  "She even rolls good!" her teammate Corey gloated as she rolled another 6, our team kept rolling 1s and 2s.  Just not fair.  Joe would roll a 2, Corey'd tease "Two. ...too bad for you!!!  Haha!!"  (Everyone is a bit competitive and talks smack)  Mel and I both had to draw a "mermaid" and get our teams to guess it, Mel won and Corey had to rub it in... "...she didn't even get to the shells!"  Yup, I admit it, she's good.

It was Corey, Hyrum and Mel against Me, Joe, and Ethan.  Ethan kept making me laugh by asking me in all seriousness everytime it was my turn to draw: "Is it an idiom?"  Hyrum was a very detailed artist.  It was cute.
We also let Wes and Abi draw pictures and everyone got to try and guess it.  They did pretty good.  Wesley was super detailed and would carefully sketch his piece.  We didn't put a time limit on their drawings, which was good cause they averaged 3 minutes.

Joe's a little competitive, so our poor performance was getting under his skin and he seemed close to tears during parts of the game.  But miraculously near the end, we were on a winning streak and were guessing pictures left and right AND rolling high numbers.  When we were both on the last space of the board it meant next play would decide our winner.  Hyrum and Joe are on their marks, get set, and GO!  Who will win?
Joseph pulled out a great doodle of a face with his eyes scribbled out - "BLIND!"  The underdogs came back from behind for the win!!!
And Hyrum had to go to his room for some time alone.  Our true objective was achieved: "Teaching the kids how to handle tough times and trials when the consequences are small."  He recovered after a mere 45 minutes, and we learn once again that, despite disappointments, life goes on... 
(Chin up, Hyrum!)  Although we didn't follow him around trying to comfort him or pester him to be happy, we gave him time to grieve his loss, it's part of the healing process.  And everyone's ready for a rematch this weekend.  :)

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