Friday, November 30, 2012

Killers for Date Night

Excited to go to a concert tonight with Corey.  I've been to only one "rock" concert in my life - REO Speedwagon in 1996.  Corey was in the MTC getting ready to go to Chile for his mission, that's how I can remember the year.  I wasn't impressed with the concert and haven't felt the desire to go to another concert since, although we just didn't do concerts in my family growing up (my older sister did go New kids on the block!  woo!)  - although I do still like REO's song "In My Dreams" as my little bro introduced me to that song at the same time in 1996, the time that Corey'd left on his mission, so it was a good teenaged lovesick song for my anxious heart as I wondered over the real possiblity of not seeing him for 3 1/2 years, which is how it did in fact turn out - (2 years for his mission, then I left for a mission of 18 months before he came back, makes for a good courtship story!)

Anyway, so we'll see how this goes tonight, I think it should be fun. BattSo, hope the venue and the crowd are both good, don't know what the UCCU center is like.  I'm sure it will be hard to compete with Europe's crowds, still I but hope we're more like the crowd in the vid below...:
and not like the crowd watching them here in this Jimmy Kimmel video.

Found out a little while ago that the Killers performed in Chile while we were there in April 2011at Lollapalooza, too bad I didn't know about them yet, doh.

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