Monday, November 26, 2012

Hunting Boys

So Hyrum and Ethan were pretty much cracking me up as they mastered their bow and arrow skills over the long weekend by hunting game in the backyard. 
Pretty cute and fun, love their creativity.  Ethan wants a bow for Christmas.  Hyrum made this bow but Ethan made most of the arrows.  On day two of hunting, Ethan informed Hyrum that he will not be sharing the bow he gets for Christmas with him which made Hyrum cry and then it wasn't so fun when they were playing bows and arrows cause it was resulting in more than a few fights.
The other little people spent this weekend doing all the things that little people do - playing legos, dressing up in character,
and of course let's not forget a certain child's favorite activity... drawing on the carpet.
Luckily it was crayon instead of permanent marker, was a little easier.  Still felt like screaming.  Good news is she only has to do this one more time before my camel's back is broken and all drawing instruments take a one way trip to the dump.

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