Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yogi Sophi

Joseph had to do some PE homework over the holiday weekend.  Two 30 minute workouts.  For the first one he and Corey went running.  For his other workout I put him through a "Killer 600" - 60 reps each of 10 different exercises.  After doing his first 20 burpees, he decided he'd do 20 reps of all the exercises first, then do that all 2 more times.  When Sophi saw him doing pushups, she waddled over to him and assumed the position, which made us all laugh. 
If anyone is exercising, she'll come join in by putting her head down to the floor. I think she does a pretty impressive downward dog for a 1 year old!
Sophi, I'm so impressed with you!  She seems pretty proud of herself too, those endorphins making her feel pretty good.
She's just a pair of eyes watching all of us all the time and taking notes.  Here's the other trick she learned and took care of after the workout - get those teeth clean, Dad:
Glad we have Sophi here looking out for us.

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