Thursday, September 17, 2015

Life Changing Magic

It's been one week since something click in my brain and I've been in the zone with diet. Mostly that is documented on my boring log of stats for myself on my exercise blog, but I did want to mention and cheer myself on that I've lost 7 pounds the past week (well, 6.8 - go me!) mostly accomplished I believe by eating SANEly and unclogging my sink. I'm going to keep at it and reach my goal. Looks like I read that SANE book two years ago, but glad that what it taught has stuck with me and that I'm finally applying it. And top that off with other life changing magic has been going on here in our home since then cause last Friday I also started reading a book called "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo and that has given me a place to put my metal and physical activity (in case I do get tempted to hang around the kitchen too long), I've got so much to do to get this house tidied up! 
There is a lot I could share about this book, but I'm not going to - you're just going have to read it. I heard about Kondo's method from this video a couple of months ago, and finally went to go check it out at the library here, but found out there were 130+ holds on it before me, so I figured if it was that good, I better just buy it. (That sticker on it needs to be updated - it's now more than 3 million copies sold). I love most all that I've read. Some of it seems kinda silly, like caring about how things in my house feel (like her talking to her purse and telling it "good job!" after a work day) but who knows, if it helps me be aware of all the things that I take for granted, it might be good. And as I do sheepishly try it out, I do admit it makes me feel lighter and happier. And I also thought no way am I going to carefully fold socks... but then I thought we just try it with Abi and look at this - her drawer is still tidy and organized 4 days later! 
There are her socks on the left and we've even folder her underwear ~ thank you very much! I guess we're really doing this. And again, still folded after 4 days!
Abi's skirts and pants above. And Melodie here below. But truth be told, this is just how Mel's clothes have always looked, like since she was in first grade. She's a natural, always had her shirts hanging up color coded and everything. Has been putting us to shame for years...
Something funny - recently Corey was talking with our German friend Lisa about her relationship with her parents, he asked her if she'd ever heard of "the Parents Curse". She said no. The Parent Curse is when a parent says to their child "I hope you have a child just like you!" It was pronounced upon Corey as a child and has come to fruition in Ethan, which we've told him (you're gonna turn out great Eth!). When Melodie heard about the Parents Curse, she said "That would be great!" She's excited to have children as perfect as her! And I admit she is pretty amazing. Ok, to continue with our drawer makeovers - here is Lily's that she and I did together two days ago - Still looking awesome for this 6 year old!
Sophi came and took two things out of her drawer this morning and when Lily saw her, she was so worried that she had pulled out everything, which has been a common occurrence. Lily was relieved that it was just those two things and that her drawer was still tidy. It's cool - they're, like, taking pride in their stuff and all, they're taking care of their things! Small miracles! No wonder the clothes around here are always a mess, heck, I didn't know that even I didn't know how to properly fold clothes until I read this. Now it really is fun! We're gonna tackle the boys room this weekend, (oh boy!)  I've got one friend who is borrowing this book after I'm done, but if you don't want to buy it or don't want to wait 131 in line for the library copy, message me and I'll put you on my waiting list. It's good stuff! 
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