Monday, December 4, 2017


It snowed this morning, the first snow of the season. I saw the snow forecast on my phone last night and was worried that we'd get totally dumped on, which would be sad for me because we don't have a snowblower at the moment. And the kids are always running late, which means they would be busy trying to get out the door and would not have time to help me shovel. Thankfully it wasn't very deep, just an inch. So I shoveled the driveway by myself at 6:30 before Joseph left. It's late start Monday, but the seminary had a morning side with Al Fox that he went to. Then it snowed another half an inch before the rest of the kids left at 8. So I got to shovel the whole thing again. Abi was nice and came out and helped me that time. So we're breaking out the snow boots and snow pants and gloves and hats and coats and scarves and etc etc! Where to store all the winter clothing, that is the dilema of the day. As we got the winter stuff out of storage, I found two little mittens that I got for Owen last year and we put them on little Daniel! And he thinks they are super fun! He's been walking around the house clapping and grabbing things and opening and closing his fist, super cute!!!
He makes us laugh! Oh it's fun having these little people in our life. I love it. He was busy toddling around and being goofy until the television turned him into a trance.
Ok, time to turn this tv off and go eat dinner. (We love you Daniel!)

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