Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sleepy Senior

I woke up Joseph early this morning and have been recovering from it all day. Luckily for Joseph, I didn't have to resent him for this sleeptime interruption because Owen took that blame for him by waking me up at 3:20. And he was WIDE awake. He began talking and playing with toys in our room and I was worried he'd wake up Daniel. I can lay on the couch and rest if it's just Owen, but not if Daniel is awake too, so I hurried out of bed and grabbed him and hushed him as I took him downstairs. I started my morning routine early - making oatmeal and loading the dishwasher and waited for 3:45 to come so I could offer my assistance to my sleep deprived and busier than anything high school senior. (Yes, I'm still waking them up, despite my I'm-not-doing-this-anymore vow on Sunday...) He had to be in American Fork at the Soundhouse at 4:45 for a recording for KSL television, which may I say I think is just wrong. Whoever is awake and watching television at 5 am, just stop. Joseph texted my mother though, who has told us she wakes up at 3 everyday. She turned on the tv and saw him. She felt like it was sad that she didn't get to hear more cause they would introduce the band to play a number right before cutting to commercials. Anyway, Joseph struggled for 15 minutes getting up. Owen helped me around 3:57 for the final wake up call. Poor Joseph. They are all really looking forward to the winter break.
Owen went and picked up a pair of socks and gave it to Joseph. "Thanks Owen..."
Come on Joe. 3:58. He got ready quickly and made it out the door in time.
I told him to call me if he got drowsy driving, which happens to me all the time. He texted that he made it down okay. He called me on his drive back home cause he was getting sleepy. I was trying to rest so I wasn't much help conversation wise, but I did my best and got him through 15 minutes of it. He came home and crashed for and hour and a half before their next performance at 10 o'clock at South Town for the FM 100 Christmas Concert Series.
He was finished around 12:30 made it to school for the end of the last period and then had more performances and things after school. He's a busy busy guy. I've joked that he is going to really enjoy going on a mission because of the rule to go to bed at 10:30, I'm sure that will feel amazing to him. Working yourself silly is probably a good way to prepare for a mission. And for motherhood. I'm probably sleep deprived. I do fine if I'm up and moving all day, which I usually am. But if I sit down and have to hold still, like in the temple or in the car or if I read to the girls... it's a fight to keep alert. In the car I can slap myself and call someone. Reading I can stop and get up and get a drink. I haven't figured out how to stay awake when I'm sitting through a temple session. Anyway, I today I spent most of the morning trying to and pretending I could catch a few zzz's. Didn't work out so well, I'm lucky that I don't have homework and test to study for like Joseph. Here is a picture of him on Monday night studying at the kitchen table. Just an average night for Joseph, doing homework in a tuxedo.
He said he would like to have changed, but the uncomfortable clothing helps him stay awake. Been there, but really glad I'm not there anymore. I'm going to try to go to bed early tonight.

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