Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Happy Morning

Last Monday, a little "Take Back Your Morning" challenge started in the EJC. I did really good last week but haven't done so great this week. Luckily, in the next week or so, Holly will be doing a facebook challenge of the same thing, so I'm going to try again then. As for now, even with my mornings a little off with it being spring break and all, the mornings are still nice. I've been on a walk outside a few times, yay, come on spring! It's also easy to have a good morning when I have this little face greeting me.
Everytime I go in there to wake him up, I tell myself to get it on video next time, cause he's just so cute. Today I remembered, and he did everything just about perfectly. Looking sleepy, rubbing his eyes, I sneak in, then he sees me, and smiles! "HI!"
And we exchange a few pleasantries back and forth. Today his smiles ended very quickly and her turned serious and began to cry "HELP!" for me to get him out. Here's the video from this morning 

Other days he'll hold up his bottle and call "BA!" (Daniel-speak for bottle) which is his way of requesting a prompt ricemilk refill.
So other than that sweet morning moment, I've spent most of the day in a funk. I think I'm recovering from a spring break that didn't have a plan of action and from all the extended family fun. Our house is usually pretty crazy, but 13 people crazy. It got stretched a bit further than that over the past 6 days (last Wed - Mon) I enjoyed having family here, especially cause it's usually a year or more between visits, but it did throw things even more outta whack. But things will be back to normal for a few more weeks until summer - spring break ended for the older kids and today it was back to reality. Joseph is almost a week post op from his wisdom teeth extraction, and the swelling has gone down enough that people might not even know he was under the knife. Unless, they notice that discolored skin on his neck.
Joseph noticed this slight yellow color as he shaved. Slight? Well, maybe not so slight, that looks pretty yellow buddy, and it goes up on both sides. That might be a give away.
He agreed, and thus I let him borrow some of my cover-up to try and make it a little less noticeable. Most of his friends already know, but still, a tad of ivory colored base could help make that yellow/green not be a distraction to people that you chit chat with today. I'm gonna go try to be productive now.

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