Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Self Entertaining

The weather is so nice right now, hooray that spring is here. Daniel and Owen love going outside. Daniel created a good game today that kept him entertained. He was jumping on the trampoline with a toy car and would squeal and giggle as it bounced up after him. It was really fun to watch him. And when he wasn't jumping, he would push the car for it to drive away, only to have it roll right back to him!
Amazing! How does it do that?
Here's a video of his fun.

I love it. I'm loving spending time outside with these little boys. Pushing them on the swing or watching them jump, it's really fun. After he had enough cardio jumping, Daniel got in a little upper body resistance training as he worked on his pull up hangs -
Good idea, get some abdominal strength going too, nice!
I'm going to take credit for this. I think Daniel is doing these hangs cause he sees me working on my pull ups 10 times a day three days a week. I'm still in "letdown" mode, not so much pull ups. I can hold myself in the up position, last week and this week I've been working on holding a wide grip, I think I'm getting stronger. Little by little... isn't that right, Daniel?
One outside activity that the boys really like that I do NOT find fun, is when they let the guinea pigs loose. Luckily the guinea pigs just want to hide, and there are just  so they don't run away and it's not a chore to locate them, but I can't leave the four of them alone outside. Daniel was also mad at me today when I was repainting the bar stools. He really really wanted the black spray paint. Sorry buddy, it doesn't matter now much you freak out about it, this one is a non-negotiable. No spray paint for toddlers. He stopped freaking out when I gave him the spray bottle of water that I had brought out to wash the stools with. He is working on his fine motor skills too, he's just learning how to use his body every chance he gets.
He's pretty good with the spraybottle. He's got it down solid. He can hit most anything he wants if it's on the ground. Off to the playset with the waterbottle, to see what new targets he can find.
He also likes to twist the cap and take it off. Which kinda makes the spray bottle not spray, thus defeating the purpose of it's existence. So I have to keep a close eye on him here too, so I can find the little cap.
Cute little Daniel.
After a good afternoon of playing, Daniel came back inside and was cheering that he found his brother Owen "Owen!!" and they hugged and hugged. Sometimes they're so sweet. Happy for those times.

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