Friday, April 13, 2018

Which Tie?

Most of the pictures that I post here are taken with my phone. I do have a nice canon camera, and today I finally got pictures off of that card. There were 53 pictures there from Feb 28th which was when we were taking the "official photo" for Joseph to send in with his mission application. Corey teased me at the time for being to quick to help Joseph with it, and said that I was a little too eager to send him off. He pointed out that further evidence to prove his point was how quickly I set up his dentist and medical appointments. And now I'm helping him take pictures! Corey, it's Joseph that's driving this, he asked me to help. But yes, I'm eager and willing to be of service. We tried to find a place in the house with good lighting and a neutral background. We took a few in the front room but then and moved to the basement. After 20 pictures down there, Joseph found one that he liked - he said it had "the look", whatever that is. "The missionary glow" he said.
As Deb says in Napoleon Dynamite "That's the one." So we settled on a picture, yay, another thing checked off the list! But... when Corey saw the final winning photo, he started giving Joseph a hard time about the tie he wore for it. "You can't wear that tie! You need a red tie!" Joseph protested, Corey insisted, they went back and forth for a few minutes and Corey went and got a red tie. Joseph put it on, and we took more pictures with a red tie, per Corey's request
"You don't wanna mess this up! What, you wanna be sent to Russia or something!?!? Get it right or they won't get it right!" They looked through the new red tie photos...
Joseph didn't like them...
"I don't have the 'glow' dad!"
Joseph didn't like any of the red tie retakes, so we took some more. I found the whole exchange and debate about it pretty entertaining and worthy of documentation. Eventually Joseph decided he didn't care about his dad's opinion about the tie, and he uploaded "the one" and it was done, two hours later than it needed to be.
Yay, we can go to bed now. So that was one of the funny parts of Joseph's mission papers application process. Lesson learned: Glow > tie color.

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