Friday, April 20, 2018

The Neighbors Yard

Hello and Happy Friday. First off, for your viewing pleasure, may I recommend you go watch Day 4 of the Take Back Your Morning challenge right here. I think this one is one of the most important lessons! I'm going to figure out a way to make my kids all listen to it, or maybe I'll just write it all down and give them my own version of it. Such good stuff! 

It's been a nice spring day. Corey recently told me that if I'm ever outside with Owen and can't find him, to go look in our neighbors yard. Corey learned this after he had been watching Owen in the front yard and Owen took off without looking back to go play on their playset and trampoline. This morning I was outside watching my little boys and sure enough, off went Owen. Daniel saw him leaving and called out for him, not sure if Daniel was telling Owen to wait for him or to come back. Owen kept walking. So I picked up Daniel and we followed after him. Owen was jumping on the trampoline - their backyard is right on the ridge, so there's a great view! 
Owen and Daniel, it looks almost like you're jumping on a trampoline high in the sky!
They are so cute. Daniel's doing a good job at holding his balance and staying on his own two feet while his big brother bounces around.

It was almost time for Sophi to come home from school. I heard the bus and ran down the street to call to her and let her know where I was. She got Natalie and the two of them joined us.
It was fun to push them on the swing, they were giggling and cheering at themselves, it was pure joy. The same kind of joy I felt building the snowman on Tuesday with Natalie.
I love these little people.
After the older kids got home from school, they enjoyed some springtime fun too - Wesley and Abi and some of their friends were playing some basketball speed games.
For a lot of the game, the little boys were riding their bikes right underneath the hoop.
Automatic point lost if you bonk one of the boys in the head!
Owen took off to the neighbor's yard again, this time stopping half way there at the new house being built. Owen helped himself into a little skid-steer. Wes went after him and then called to me "Mom! Can you come help me! Owen won't get out of the car!"
 Vroom, Vroom! He made car sounds, he loves cars. I thought he looked pretty cute.
Owen's moved past Toy Story. Now he likes to watch Pixar's Cars movie. He calls it "McQueen" or "Kachow!" Fun little kids. It's been a good Friday. Have a nice weekend.

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