Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Dance Party

Today my sister and her kids headed back home to Indiana. Yesterday, for the last day of cousin bonding, we had a dance party at our house. Daniel was the king of the dance floor and the center of attention for the entire afternoon, which he did not mind at all!
"Yeah, I'm cute! Everyone loves me!"
"Look at how adorable I am!!! I smile! I laugh! You all love me!"
We got him partially dressed before they all started dancing the in front room. I'll upload a video of the kids doing the cupid shuffle - it was on a polo video so I need Joseph to record it for me to upload it. After the line dancing was over, Daniel was ready to be the center of attention again - everyone laughing at how he grooved to the music.
He really does have natural rhythm. "Shake it off" is his most solid dance routine. He does pretty well with most of the songs on Ethan's playlist, except for when Ethan plays the Baraby song (aka "Put on your Sunday clothes") - that one totally throws him off, he doesn't know what to do, but that just made everyone laugh and love him even more.

We tried to do a cousin group photo, not everyone came, but it'll have to do.
Owen was one of the missing kids. Owen's favorite was cousin Graigry.
Corey really appreciated Graigry being a second father to Owen over the weekend.
It had only been two years since they came out last, but it's been a decade since we've been out there. I think it's out turn to take the trip. It was so fun to have them here and to catch up.

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