Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Family Outing

Well, it's summer, and the lazy days are getting the better of us. Not entirely, but I'm having a hard time enforcing rules, like no TV until all chores are done. Wesley, have you practiced? 
He had. Well ok, but then the problem is that if he watches a movie, people that haven't finished their tasks start creeping in and soon everyone is sitting around watching movies they've already seen too many times. But I do admit, Wes, that it is cute to see Daniel having you sit on his lap.
I wasn't enforcing things much yesterday cause after I got off the computer I was busy figuring out outfits and doing hair. Everyone was ready just about on time, Mel was the slowpoke, she had a flute practice for a musical number on Sunday - she left for that at 4 and she still didn't know what she was going to wear. But she got home at 5, figured it out, and we were heading to the car at 5:30, on our way at 5:45. We got there a little late, like 7 minutes. But it was good and I hope it was a successful photo shoot. We took about half of the pics near the BYU Museum of Art, then headed across the parking lot to a fun little park where the kids got a little distracted by the ducks at he pond. Cute little baby ducks! They were super cute. After picture, the kids rolled down the hill and got their white tights dirty. Owen was chewing out Hyrum over something.
Well, what should we do now? They kids were troopers. We did the pictures at BYU so that we could wisk Ethan away from his Music camp and then let him return with as little time away as possible. 
So Eth missed out on the family dinner at Brick Oven, but he was able to make it back for the dance. Daniel's got his teddy bear. We waited for a table for 12.
We placed a big order. I can't remember the last time we all went out to eat at any restaurant besides the Chuck A Rama Buffet place. The kids struggled a little bit waiting to be served. We told them this is a step up from Chuck a Rama, this is more like a real restaurant. We just always go to Chuck a Rama cause it's easy. This was harder for us, this was the game "Dining out with kids -Level 2". I'm not sure we passed the level, but it was a good first go. When the lady delivered our 16 in pizza, it wasn't set right on the iron thing holding it up and the whole thing slid off of the pizza pan. We told them no worries, it was fine. Two pieces got the cheese messed up but it was still fine, but they said they'd go make us a new pizza. Corey again told them we're easy to please, don't worry about it, then instead they offered cookies for our table.
So that turned out to be a nice win cause those are some seriously good cookies (I make an exception from vegan morals now and then for chocolate or desserts, I'm a choco-vegan) Daniel enjoying pizza and garlic bread. Sophi ordered macaroni too
Hyrum got the pasta bar. Mel and I had soup and salad. The Tuscan Bean soup was very good! Everyone eating. Some of the kids were disappointed we weren't doing Chuck a Rama, but after eating they decided it was good, almost better. Sometimes it's better just to do something new or different for a change.
Some fun family conversation during the meal. Corey's comments always make me laugh.
We were there near the end of the work day, and one of the last groups to leave. Mel watched Natalie and Sophi walk on top of the parking curb stops. They're cute. When they were walking out I knew they wouldn't be able to resist.
Cute kids. That was a fun and memorable family outing, and just in time. We have a few days for a few more. Let's go have fun.

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