Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Forts and Blankets

So, it was a good day for cleaning yesterday, but then the kids had such a big clean palate to work with that they created this.
Yay, a fort! And they had to leave it up cause they wanted to sleep in it! Yay, the longing for order mother in me is slightly irritated that I'll be looking at this all day. And they want to sleep it in again tonight. Last night, Lily slept in the fort and woke up totally disoriented and came crashing into our room at 2 am - pounded on the light and ran back and forth across our room crying, just like the old days (explained in the paragraph after the third picture at this July 2016 post) Corey and I, both in a heart attack panic, jump out of bed to see what the emergency was, I hurry and turn off our light so Owen and Daniel don't wake up, I direct Lily to the bathroom and we try to prepare ourselves for sleep. Gosh, I'm glad those nightly interruptions are over.

One super cute picture - Corey didn't leave the house for some reason today and was getting stressed out with the noise and interruptions from the kids, so to save him, I left the house. With all the kids. Ugh. We went to the fish park, a new park that most of the kids hadn't been too. But it was around noon and crazy hot. We didn't last very long. I told the kids we could go buy ice cream, so they loaded up and we went to the store. We got to Fresh Market where they always have car carts available. Those are mandatory for me when running a grocery errand with kids. So, Owen sees the car on the cart, and throws Louie, his binky, and his blanket all on the floor in complete abandonmnet as he excitedly gets in the car. Gross! Don't throw your stuff on the floor! Is that anyway to treat these personal items that seem to be so essential to you?!?! Ugh, I pick them up and put them in the cart next to Daniel and we go in. I didn't notice Daniel move or do anything, but next I looked at him I totally laughed!
He doesn't use a binky or blanket, though he does have a stuffed teddy bear that he likes to sleep with. So seeing him with these just looks so out of place and so cute. He's got a hold of Louie too, you're such a good surrogate!
He seemed to have taken temporary custody of them in a fatherly matter-of-fact way, like it was his baby duty. Just holding on to them and keeping them warm until Owen called for them again. Like it was his turn to sit on the egg or something. It was so funny.
He is such a cute little guy. Corey and I also went out to eat tonight - some friends invited us to listen to jazz in the Rabbit Hole. Their son's guitar teacher is really good and was performing, Corey Christiansen? (Corey, my husband, correct me if that is wrong.)
It was fun, and a new experience! I don't know anything about music, so in my ignorance I'll just say that it was good. The food was really good too, I wouldn't mind going back it was fun. 

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