Friday, June 29, 2018

New Bedroom Arrangements

We've been working on the bedrooms since Tuesday night. Wednesday was a big mess, yesterday was bad too, but today we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The rooms are almost done, now I just have to sort through all the left over and unwanted clutter and then take a run to drop things off at the thrift store. Or have Mel do it, she's my only spare driver until Eth gets his license.

So, a year ago the room arrangements were: Joseph and Ethan together, Hyrum and Wes together, and all the girls in the big room together. A few months ago, Ethan and Hyrum were both on a major teenager attitude kick, and while most of us suffered from it, Wesley had the worst of it, so we moved Joseph in with Wes and put Hyrum and Ethan together. That worked until they got sick of each other and Hyrum moved out, making a little sleeping area for himself in the basement. Around that time Lily had moved herself into the basement too, and then Natalie. But it can't be a bedroom area down there - no closet or place to keep clothes, so the striving for order person in me didn't like it. But I told Lily and Hyrum they could stay until after Joseph left and we rearranged rooms. We moved Joseph back in with Ethan and were going to try moving Owen in with Wes, but Owen never went for that. Instead of having Wes have a room to himself, I moved the little girls in there so they can begin to practice being tidy without older siblings doing all the work.
Lily has the top bunk bed. She decorated that wall all by herself with all her end of school papers and posters. Natalie is on the full size bottom bunk, and Sophi wanted the toddler bed. Works for me. So, Hyrum was downstairs, little girls took over their room, Wes needed a place, so he thought he's get a move on into the soon to be boys room early, and he's been on the loft bed for a while with Mel and Abi sharing the bunk in the girls room. But now we finally moved all the girls out, Mel and Abi have their own room - Mel on top, Abi on bottom - and we're leaving the couch in there cause it was a major pain moving it in and it will be hard getting it out too, so executive vote says it's staying.
Plus Mel always did her homework on the front room couches anyway - I said it can be her new study area since she doesn't use a desk. We moved the ikea thing into Mel and Abi's room and the girl dresser in with the little girls, which will be good, cause they were a little crowded in the small closet in there. Ethan and the boys have worked hard on their room and it looks awesome. 
Eth is on the loft bed with a nice desk set up beneath it, Wes on the top bunk, Hyrum on bottom, Hyrum's desk by the window, and Wes has one on the other side by the closet that you can't see from this angle. Anyway, it looks really good! My room still needs work, since that was the "move things out into here" space. I've got a filing cabinet to move downstairs and we'll probably move the piano into the study downstairs, it's been in the girls room since Abi and Mel are the only ones taking piano lessons right now. So, that's that, the rooms are done. Yay. Little by little we'll try to get on top of things here again.

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