Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Missing Blender and Motherhood

My blender is lost. I still have hopes we will find it, but don't have any idea where it could be. I do know that there is a box of kitchen stuff out there somewhere that was stolen from storage or misplaced by myself or accidentally donated or did I loan it out to someone and don't remember? The blender is missing, which is the big one I'm sad about, and the rest of the stuff I've discovered is missing is replaceable - a toaster, a set of white Sterlite bowls (realized that was missing when I made a salad on Sunday), my measuring cups, big metal mixing spoons and spatulas. The storage unit where all our stuff we kept was looked through a second and third time, not there. I'm going to check at my neighbor's where she's still storing all my scrapbooks, but I don't think I put it there. Sigh.

What else is going on here? Not much. Monday my goal was to have the side room all cleared out and all boxes unpacked. Did that. Now my goal is to sort through and donate lots of the girl clothes that are in piles upstairs. Didn't do that yet. I did make dinner again tonight, and planned it out several hours before hand, thank you! Yay! I recently listened to this episode of Mormon Channel. I just love Julie Beck. In my blog surfing I also came across these two talks by Sister Beck - One from BYU's Women's Conference last year, and the other from a Seminary and Institute broadcast in 2009. It's kinda hit me lately, or maybe while we were still in Chile and were soon to come home, I thought about what I want my family life and schedule and home to be like. Then after we got home I was visiting with my parent's and read this article, "What's Your Calling In Life", at their house, along with a copy of a newspaper article that was on their fridge about loving your home and housework (Not this article, but close - basically along these lines, and I'm going to order this book!) Reminded me of this that Stephanie Nielsen said. When I read that from Nienie I just sighed cause that's exactly how I feel, on the days that I let myself focus on the house and kids and don't let myself get so busy with the non-essentials.

So all those things have been stewing around in my head lately, and I'm thinking that I have finally discovered my mission: My mission is motherhood! Obviously, I've already been doing it for a while, but always been thinking it was a temporary thing I had to do right now, mostly mundane work to be endured with joyful moments sprinkled here and there, but now, it's like a lightbulb has gone on, or is being screwed in and tinkered with, and it's making my mind and life clear and happy - you know what? I like being a mother and I like to clean my house! Sure it's sometimes a big mess, but that's usually cause I've pushed it aside as a non-essential, but it's not! These are is the things that really makes me in such a good mood - The days that I get up, exercise, and clean the house are wonderful days that I feel really great and in a good and patient mood. I want to be a homemaker! I don't know, it's kinda been a revelation to me for some reason. And it might be kinda hard to be a homemaker when you're renting or traveling and spending months at a time on international soil, but I was so much less distracted there that I think I did a pretty good job there. Like I said, when I was in Chile and thinking about coming back and what our life and schedule would be like, I was worried about being sucked in to the busy-ness of it all. A friend from the US in Costa Rica said it all better than I could on her blog - so there's another link - 8 links! Thus are my jumbled thoughts these past few weeks, hoping to get them processed in my head and working in my life soon!

And hope I find my blender!!!

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  1. I loved reading this post today Tiffanie! Not very often do we hear women say they love being at home, taking care of kids, cleaning the house and cooking meals. I LOVE doing these things most times, but in today's society this is not always cool. Even in the military community where we move every 18-24 months and I can't find work, and I like to school my boys when the public schools are substandard and I like to make healthy meals for my family, and, and, and...... I'm still looked at with that sideways glance of un-acceptance. I truly, honestly feel and believe the work I do at home, with my kids, for myself (those much needed workouts and runs) and for my family is incredibly important. Not just to me, but hopefully for our community and possibly the world. Thank you!


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