Friday, March 16, 2012

Dear Mitt

We've donated to Mitt Romney's campaign, and so we're on the mailing list and get fliers in the mail asking for more donations. The kids get excited when they see that Corey has gotten another letter from Mitt Romney (they are excited cause they think their dad knows someone famous, or that someone famous knows their dad). Hyrum was rather proud when Corey gave him the card showing he was a Mitt Romney supporter. Hyrum keeps it in his wallet. Then last week a big envelope with a "Do not Bend" typed across it arrived in the mail. It was a signed photograph of Mitt Romney!!! (It totally wasn't signed and it wasn't on photo paper, so technically not a photograph either) BUT BOY was Hyrum excited when Corey gave that to him too.

Ethan, not one to be left out if there's something potentially exciting going on, wanted a picture too

He was so excited he wanted to send Mitt another donation, and he included a personal letter this time.

He wanted us to type it up so that it looked more professional, cause this is a big time letter we're talking about here, it's being sent to a guy that's on tv!

Ethan once again followed suit - (and Ethan always gives Hyrum such a hard time when he copy-cats him! Hypocrite.)

Later that night, I teased Corey that he should come clean and fess up that he doesn't know Mitt personally. Hyrum listened, but he didn't buy it

"Well, if you don't know him, how come he sends you mail, huh? If you don't know him, how does he know where you live? If you don't know him, how come he knows your name?" So Hyrum is still a bit of a believer that his dad's got connections. And maybe we do have one connection -we went to high school with Trent Christensen, who works for Mitt, he's Mitt's Regional Finance Director. Pretty cool, huh!

(I stole that off of Trent's facebook page - people teased him as to why he was making Mitt carry his luggage) Go Mitt Go Mitt! I have hope for America that whoever wins, I believe that this nation is in God's hands, he's aware of us, and that He is in control.

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  1. You really should have Corey do some photo shopping with him and mitt high fiving or something good like that.


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